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02-24-16 -- James Corbett - Andreas Antonopolous - Cody Wilson - Vlad Tiulchenko Yuryevich MP3/VIDEO

James Corbett (The Corbett Report) on The Big Short, GOP POTUS - Andreas Antonopoulos (Coder, Entrepreneur, Commentator, Speaker, Writer) comes on his Wired Money Presentation ('Bitcoin is Punk-Rock, You Can't Control It') - Cody Wilson (Defense Dist
Media Type: Audio • Time: 266 Minutes and 0 Secs
Guests: James Corbett
Media Type: Audio • Time: 63 Minutes and 12 Secs
Topics: Bitcoin
Media Type: Audio • Time: 73 Minutes and 16 Secs

Hour 1 - 3

Media Type: Audio • Time: 266 Minutes and 0 Secs
Guests: James Corbett

Hour 1 -- James Corbett (The Corbett Report) provides World News Update GOP POTUS; The Big Short; pesticides/GMO's/toxic environments; Russia/Syria;

Hour 2 -- Andreas Antonopoulos (Coder, Entrepreneur, Commentator, Speaker, Writer) comes on his Wired Money Presentation ('Bitcoin is Punk-Rock, You Can't Control It')

Hour 3 -- Cody Wilson (Defense Distributed; Ghost Gunner) will provide an update on his lawsuit against the state department

Hour 4 (podcast) -- Vlad Tiulchenko Yuryevich on Liberty Camps in the Ukraine (MP3 AUDIO LINK HERE)

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February 24th, 2016

Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock

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Hour 1

2016-02-24 Hour 1 James Corbett from Ernest Hancock on Vimeo.

James Corbett

The Corbett Report

Webpage: CorbettReport.Com

James comes on the show to discuss U.S./World  politics/foreign policy, World News Update, and also the coming economic meltdown with no accountability at the top 


James's previous interviews on the Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock Radio Show:




And Now For The 100 Trillion Dollar Bankster Climate Swindle…

• 02/24/2016 •

carbontaxby James Corbett
February 23, 2016

Quick: what's the first thing you remember about the climate conference in Paris last December?

The weather astrologers' absurd resolution to control the amount of temperature rise the world will experience over the next century?

Politicians grandstanding on the freshly-dead victims of their latest false flag to proclaim that their global warming nonsense was a "powerful rebuke" to theirproxy terror army in Syria?

The predictable (but no less retch-inducing) hypocrisy of the jetset glitterati descending on Paris in their private jets and limousine fleets to dine onbanquet lunches from Micheline-starred chefs before lecturing humanity on how we'll all have to tighten our belts for the new climate austerity?

Of course that's what you remember. Because that's what you're expected to remember. As long as you never peek under the hood, never lift the lid to check what's inside the COP21 documents, they're perfectly happy for the usual drivel about saving the planet to be printed in the mainstream press. They're perfectly happy for the progressive press to print the usual nonsenselamenting the fact that there isn't a strong enough global government to save us from the weather demons. They're even happy for the dissenters to debunk the flawed science and point out the hypocrisies and lambaste the silly political statements because all of these things miss the heart of the issue.

The heart of the issue (for those who need it elaborated) is this: the future of $90 trillion of energy infrastructure investments and the $1 trillion green bond market and the multi-trillion dollar carbon trading market and the $391 billion (and growing) climate finance industry hangs in the balance.

Of course it does. What else explains the convergence of interest in the organizations, structures and mechanisms for global governance that the magical global thermostat narrative affords?

It's why Enron and Goldman Sachs pioneered the emissions trading swindles (that–surprise, surprise!–are a complete and total fraud from top to bottom).

rothschildnbcIt's why General Electric, DuPont, Johnson & Johnson, Pepsi, Siemens, AIG and a host of other Fortune 500/CFR companies joined BP, ConocoPhillips, GM and a host of other oiligarch companies as founding members of the US Climate Action Partnership whose "Blueprint for Legislative Action" became the backbone of the Wall Street-backed Waxman-Markey bill of 2009.

It's why the Rockefellers and Rothschilds are at the forefront of the climate hysteria.

It's why over 400 global institutional investors worth over $25 trillion have decided to cash in on the bonanza with their "Investment Platform for Climate Actions."

Heck, it's why EDF, Engie, Air France, Renault, BNP Paribas and a host of other oiligarch companies footed 20% of the bill for the Paris conference itself (and why the French government bent over backwards to point out their "green" credentials).

Take just one structural element of the climate swindle: the Green Climate Fund. Never heard of it? Hardly surprising. It's just the facility through which the UN is expected to be clearing $100 billion in climate funding per year by the end of the decade. That's right: $100 billion per year. Every year.

The Fund was established at the 2010 edition of the UN Climate Conference (COP16) in Mexico in order "to support concrete mitigation actions by developing countries that are implemented in a transparent way," which is UN Newspeak for "create a bottomless trough of pork for corrupt kleptocrats, bureaucrats, kakistocrats and tyrants to siphon off before funneling some loose change into some makework projects." And it brags that it represents "a new and equitable form of global governance to respond to the global challenge of climate change" which you hardly need the globalist decoder to figure out. The Fund is headquartered in the Songdo Business District of Incheon, South Korea, because the Korean Secretary-General of the UN and the Korean President of the World Bank probably just threw darts at a map (since, as we all know, blatant political nepotism never happens at those institutions).

GreedyCFEven the Fund's biggest supporters arecriticizing the "transparent way" it is handling its first disbursement. The Fund claims it consulted indigenous communities before approving $6.2 million for a Peruvian wetlands resilience programme, but there is no verification that this ever took place. Worse, details of the projects it has decided to fund so far have not been publicly released, only proposal documents (and in two cases, only a summary).

But for those who still believe this money is being handled by angels with nothing but the best interests of humanity in mind, note this passage from the Nature article on the Fund's shadiness:

"For some, another contentious issue is that the GCF is flowing its money mainly through international organizations, such as multilateral or private banks such as the World Bank and Deutsche Bank — rather than sending it directly to institutions in developing countries where the projects are taking place."

For some? You mean, for people with their head screwed on straight?

Oh, and the kicker? The Fund's Executive Director just happens to be an ex-Citibank investment banker. Who woulda thunk it?

Yes, the global climate swindle is well under way, brought to you by the same trustworthy folks in the banking industry and in the Fortune 500 / CFR / globalist jetset who have been steering us into the happy economic, political and environmental conditions that we enjoy today…

…oh, wait…

climatebankersIf there's any bright spot in all of this it's that so far the Fund has only managed to raise just over $10 billion in pledges from the developed countries. And even that is an inflated number which includes the $3 billion which Obama made a big show of pledging in 2014 but so far hasn't actually delivered. It's a long way to go to get to that $100 billion/year mark they're hoping to reach by 2020.

Don't feel too sorry for the globalists, though. Their game is a war of attrition, and as long as people continue to buy into the narrative that all of this money is going to help the poor and downtrodden (by way of the UN and the World Bank and their corporate crony Wall Street financial institutions) then it's only a matter of time before this thin edge of climate cronyism turns into the full wedge of global kleptocracy.



The Film, Literature and the New World Order podcast returns to its regular schedule after a brief hiatus with a conversation with Tim Kelly of the Our Interesting Times podcast about the 1962 film adaptation of Richard Condon's 1959 novel The Manchurian Candidate. We discuss the details of the MK-ULTRA mind control program of the CIA that were still classified at the time of the movie and why/how these details were being put before the public in fictional form at that time.


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Hour 2

Media Type: Audio • Time: 63 Minutes and 12 Secs
Topics: Bitcoin

Hour 2 -- Andreas Antonopoulos (Coder, Entrepreneur, Commentator, Speaker, Writer) comes on his Wired Money Presentation ('Bitcoin is Punk-Rock, You Can't Control It')


Hour 2

2016-02-24 Hour 2 Andreas Antonopoulos from Ernest Hancock on Vimeo.

Andreas Antonopoulos

Coder, Entrepreneur, Commentator, Speaker, Writer, Andreas comes on the show to talk about Bitcoin and how it cannot be controlled...

Webpage: Antonopoulos.Com

Andreas comes on the show to discuss his Wired Money Presentation ('Bitcoin is Punk-Rock, You Can't Control It')

Andreas M. Antonopoulos: 'Bitcoin is punk-rock, you can't control it'


Head over to the WIRED Money 2015 hub for more coverage of the thought leaders and innovators speaking at this year's summit.

"Bitcoin is not smooth jazz," says Andreas M Antonopoulos, an entrepreneur, author and cryptocurrency expert. "Bitcoin is punk rock."

That means you can't control it, centralise it, turn its disruptive elements into something palatable for an executive board room... or rename it 'blockchain' to make it more palatable for mass adoption.

"Bitcoin is not just a minor incremental change, it's not a payments network. Bitcoin is one of the most fundamental transformations on the basis of money," he said.

So why is it still so misunderstood? Antonopoulos told the audience at WIRED Money 2015 part of the reason is that its implications are changing all the time. His 300-page book 'Mastering Bitcoin' has to be updated every three months to avoid becoming totally obsolete, he said.

"You want disruption, here you go: radical disruption... Bitcoin is not smooth jazz, Bitcoin is punk rock: deal with it."

~Andreas M. Antonopoulos

Speaking in the 'Beyond Bitcoin - unleashing the potential of the blockchain' session, alongside Peter Smith from Blockchain and Brian Forde of MIT's Media Lab, Antonopoulos said that most people don't even understand money, let alone its next evolution.

"We've seen four major transformations in the underlying form of money," Antonopoulos explained. They are the transition to precision metals, the switch to paper money and, in 2008, the creation of Bitcoin. "It is the most abstract form of money we have ever created," he said. "It is the least physical form of money in history."

View gallery

View gallery

View gallery


Money, not currency; the distinction is crucial.

"Bitcoin is not a currency," he said. It is a "network-centric model for recording ownership and trust". Bitcoin is the "internet of money and currency is just the first act".

"It changes many of the fundamental aspects of money," Antonopoulos said. "The experience of trying to explain Bitcoin changes over time [...] the current trend is to try to make Bitcoin more acceptable and marketable, to whitewash the currency into a more vague 'disruptive' technology and re-brand it. But that won't work; at its core, Bitcoin is "open, decentralised [...] completely without borders".

CLICK HERE for the rest of the article

Hour 3

Media Type: Audio • Time: 73 Minutes and 16 Secs

Hour 3 -- Cody Wilson (Defense Distributed; Ghost Gunner) will provide an update on his lawsuit against the state department


Hour 4 (podcast) -- Vlad Tiulchenko Yuryevich (Local Coordinator for the European Students for Liberty for the Ukraine) on Liberty Camps in the Ukraine


Hour 3

2016-02-24 Hour 3 Cody Wilson from Ernest Hancock on Vimeo.

Cody Wilson

Defense Distributed; Ghost Gunner






Proposed Law Blocks Export Of America's Least Threatening Gun

It would also outlaw hosting design files for 3D printed weapons

Designed by Defense Distributed, the 3D printed Liberator pistol is both a revolutionary concept and a profoundly mediocre gun. The Liberator is the world's first successful 3D printed gun, capable of firing a single bullet, with only a modest risk of exploding in the hand of the shooter. Shortly after it's creation, the State Department moved to block the group sharing the file online. Now, a proposed rule change to the International Traffic in Arms Regulations could keep all files for 3D printed guns offline.

The change in question is to the definition of "technical data," and it is, unsurprisingly, quite a technical paragraph. From the proposed rules:

Paragraph (a)(1) also sets forth a broader range of examples of formats that ''technical data'' may take, such as diagrams, models, formulae, tables, engineering designs and specifications, computer-aided design files, manuals or documentation, or electronic media, that may constitute ''technical data.'' Additionally, the revised definition includes certain conforming changes intended to reflect the revised and newly added defined terms





Cody's previous interviews on the Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock Radio Show:


Hour 4 

2016-02-24 Hour 4 VVlad Tiulchenko Yuryevich from Ernest Hancock on Vimeo.

Special Podcast

Vlad Tiulchenko Yuryevich

In Studio

Vlad comes in studio to provide an update on Liberty Camps in the Ukraine



Vlad Tiulchenko – from Sviatogorsk (eastern Ukraine), camp organizer

Vladislav is the primary organizer of this Liberty Camp, motivated by his participation at three camps last year, where he improved his English and learned libertarian ideas. Recently, Vladislav became the Local Coordinator for European Students for Liberty, and became active in creating a libertarian society in Ukraine. Vladislav studies Mass Communications and PR. His main hobbies are collecting and investing in antiques, and sports such as swimming, yoga, martial arts and table tennis.



European Students For Liberty has a large team of dedicated students that take on the role of Local Coordinator. These on-ground representatives are charged with the responsibilities of
(1) connecting pro-liberty students and student groups with SFL resources,
(2) helping build new pro-liberty student groups and
(3) finding new pro-liberty students and student groups to add into ESFL's network.

Vlad's previous interviews on the Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock Radio Show:


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