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09-28-16 -- James Corbett - Karen Kwiatkowski (Gregg Tivnan in Studio) (MP3s & VIDEO LOADED)

James Corbett (The Corbett Report) provides World News Update; topics range from the political circus, climate change swindle, federal reserve - Karen Kwiatkowski (Retired U.S. Air Force Lieutenant Colonel) recaps the debate; thoughts on James Woolse
Media Type: Audio • Time: 156 Minutes and Secs
Guests: Ernest Hancock
Media Type: Audio • Time: 52 Minutes and 03 Secs
Guests: James Corbett
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Media Type: Audio • Time: 156 Minutes and Secs
Guests: Ernest Hancock


Hour 1 --  Freedom's Phoenix Headline News

Hour 2 --  James Corbett (The Corbett Report) provides World News Update; topics range from the political circus, GMO's, Media Bias

Hour 3 --  Karen Kwiatkowski (Retired U.S. Air Force Lieutenant Colonel) recaps the debate; thoughts on James Woolsey

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September 28th, 2016

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2016-09-28 Hour 1 FP Headline News from Ernest Hancock on Vimeo.

Hour 1

Ernest Hancock

Freedom's Phoenix Headline News

Hour 2

Media Type: Audio • Time: 52 Minutes and 03 Secs
Guests: James Corbett

Hour 2 --  James Corbett (The Corbett Report) provides World News Update; topics range from the political circus, GMO's, Media Bias


2016-09-28 Hour 2 James Corbett from Ernest Hancock on Vimeo.

Hour 2

James Corbett

The Corbett Report

Webpage: CorbettReport.Com

James Corbett (The Corbett Report) provides World News Update; topics range from the political circus, MSM liars, technocracy, etc...

James's previous interviews on the Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock Radio Show:


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Who Wants To Be A Carbon Trillionaire?

• 09/26/20 •

Eat your heart out, Al Gore. Being a carbon billionaire is so passé now that we're in the age of the $100 trillion climate swindle. So the real question is who (or at least which corporate front) will be the first carbon trillionaire? Will it be a carbon eugenics promoting Rockefeller or a global government promoting Rothschild, or a carbon divesting Saudi government, or one of the shady hedge funds that are spearheading weather derivatives and other Enron-developed financial instruments to try to cash in on the carbon fraud?

Whatever the answer, one thing is for certain: you won't see this question asked (let alone answered) in the establishment gatekeeping press. Instead you will see endless iterations of the accusation that anyone who disbelieves in the woo woo pseudoscience of climate catastrophism is funded by the very Big Oil oiligarchs who stand to benefit from the debunked climate scare.

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The REAL Cost of the War of Terror

• 09/22/2016 •

We all know by now that the real terrorists (the politicians in the suits and ties and the banksters that pull their strings) are waging their war of terror on multiple fronts for multiple reasons.

Domestically, it rallies the population around the flag, keeping the flock in check. At the same time it justifies the build up of the police state control grid to catch the thought criminals who resist.

It also writes a blank check for the illegal wars of aggression abroad. Simply place your terrorist boogeyman in the square of the chessboard you're looking to occupy and — hey presto! — you've got yourself an excuse to invade. (Even if you "accidentally" end up supporting them, right Uncle Sam?)

But of course the politicians, their string pullers and their fellow travelers benefit from the war of terror in a more straightforward sense. They get to use the terror scares that they themselves create to drum up billions upon billions in the name of fighting the boogeymen.

We've all heard of the $640 toilet seat and other ridiculous examples of Pentagon "overspending," but these stories tend to trivialize the abuses by the military-defense contractors whose entire industry is built on providing overpriced solutions to made up problems. After all, the Pentagon itself just admitted it could cut $2 billion from its budget by shutting down some of the needless bases and defense facilities that have been built around the globe in the name of the American empire.

But $2 billion is chump change.

In the 15 years since 9/11, $1 trillion has been spent building up the police state in the American "homeland" itself.

Meanwhile, the Defense Department has been spending over $600 billion per year maintaining the American military in the post-9/11 era. $4 to $6 trillion of that was spent on the Iraq and Afghanistan wars alone, the most expensive wars in US history.

Combined defense spending, including Homeland Security, DoD, State Department, defense related debt interest and other defense costs, has reached the highest levels in modern history over the past decade. From a Cold War era high in the 1980s of $3500 for every man, woman and child in the United States to a 1990s low of $2500, that figure has since breached $4000. Just look at the chart; it isn't hard to see exactly when the trend reversed and the good times began to flow for the military-industrial contractors: It was 9/11, the birthday of the war of terror and the new era of homeland security.

There are other numbers we could throw in here:

The billions upon billions in military aid sent to the co-perpetrators of the war of terror, including the $38 billion that has been promised Israel over the next 10 years.

The $1.5 trillion joke known as the F-35 fighter jet.

The $6.5 trillion of "year-end adjustments" in the ongoing, never-ending saga of the Pentagon's missing trillions.

But we have to be careful not to fall into the psychopaths' trap. The real costs of the war of terror cannot be measured in dollars and cents. They are not tallied in a ledger. They are not about money at all.

The real cost is paid in blood. The blood of a million dead Iraqis. The blood of the hundreds of thousands murdered men, women and children in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The blood that is being shed right now in Syria, in Libya, in Yemen, and in all of the countries that have crossed through the crosshairs of the NATO, American and Israeli terrorists.

It's measured in the devastation of towns and cities that once bustled with life. In the families torn apart by drone bombings. In the havoc of the hundreds of thousands forced to flee their homes, leave their families and their homeland and their former life behind as everything they knew is torn to shreds.

It's measured in the blood of the servicemen and women themselves. Lied to, propagandized and indoctrinated their entire lives, given a ticket out of grinding poverty by the military, shot up with experimental vaccines and shoved into the meat grinder for tour of duty after tour of duty. And then, upon returning home, left to rot in rundown hospitals and ignored by the glad-handing politicians and their military-industrial cronies as a suicide epidemic gradually thins their ranks.

This is the true cost of the war of terror, and it is incalculable. And none of it, absolutely none of it, will come to an end until the public stops believing the false narrative of the war of terror and the lies that have brought it about.

Much like Santa Claus and the Easter bunny, the real terrorists can only survive if you believe in them.

Hour 3

Media Type: Audio • Time: 64 Minutes and 24 Secs

Hour 3 --  Karen Kwiatkowski (Retired U.S. Air Force Lieutenant Colonel) recaps the debate; thoughts on James Woolsey


2016-09-28 Hour 3 Karen Kwiatkowski from Ernest Hancock on Vimeo.

Hour 3

Karen Kwiatkoswki

Retired Lt Colonel

Karen Kwiatkowski (Retired Air Force Lt. Colonel, Former Pentagon Officer, Professor)

Karen's Webpages: 



Karen's previous interviews on the Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock Radio Show:



Something Wicked This Way Comes


September 17, 2016

Watching the unveiling of the next political era in the United States has been satisfying on many levels. It is especially nice to see large numbers of deplorables standing up for their bad selves, and watching the political class recoil and faint.

When it was a "close" race, which is to say, a hackable one, delivering the expected status quo government, it was interesting to watch and assess.  A close race (post-Republican primaries) through a mainstream media lens is one where Hillary is the predicted winner, but things close up a bit as we approach election day, and she is still the winner.  After all, she has all that government experience.  It's what plants crave, as the common wisdom of our time holds.

But this week, everything changed.

A dark carnival is upon us, and it isn't the electioneering play of two soulless political parties and their outrageous candidates.

The smartest men in Washington have already decided on a horse, and it's Trump.   A rational person might observe that the neoconservative agenda is not well served by Trump's outspoken condemnation of their foreign policy, their failed wars, their global interventionism, their kingmaking and regime changing, their insistence on liberal statism at home and reactionary empire abroad.  I have seen no militaristic liberal (a kinder and particularly accurate label suggested by a friend) who has ever advocated a real audit of the Pentagon, as Trump has done.  Likewise, none have been found guilty of advocating big walls and immigration restrictions in America, as Trump has done.

Why are the most advertised Gold and Silver coins NOT the best way to invest?

So why was pernicious propagandising PNAC'er Jim Woolsey allowed under the tent of the Trump national security team?

The Trump team is working hard to reach out to establishment Republican politicians and their supporters, and also those militaristic liberals, many of whom trace their political awakenings back to Senator Scoop Jackson, infamous military welfare queen and warmonger.

Scoop's long dead.  At least when he lived, the country had the excuse of a long Cold War, with death and destruction raining down at any moment, courtesy of a Soviet communist monster fully willing and able to bring it.  Liberal statist agitation for war was quite appealing to people who were picked on as children and fantasised about how things ought to be if you just had the power of a large government to make it so, and some real life toy soldiers.

Today, the world is different, America is different, its population far more deplorable, and 15 years of liberal militarism has consumed trillions of productive wealth, added an equal amount of unpayable public debt, re-ignited the heroin trade, and broken most of the countries on the neocon hit list.  Now the Republican candidate for the first time in a hundred years sounds like he actually likes the idea of an American republic.  A republican candidate who expects other countries to pay their own way, and who refuses to have her serve as the world's policewoman.  It's what the majority of Americans want to hear, and they are hearing it from Trump.  He, and they have rejected the neocon agenda and gameplan, and they are also rejecting the bill that is still coming due for the disastrous insanity put into play during the last two administrations.

That is, up until the tragic and terrifying appointment of Woolsey as a security advisor.

Long-time neocon watchers have written extensively on the anti-constitutional nature and murderous results of a neoconservative foreign policy.  This information is not effectively suppressed, and millions have access to it.  Yet one's jaw drops as one sees that the Politico article on Woolsey's appointment was authored by their health care guru.

For now, we may surmise several things.

1) The neoconservative money is now on Trump.

2) The band is getting back together, calls are being made, texts sent, and meetings arranged.  Cabinet positions and appointments have been promised and are expected, and rumor has Woolsey as Director of National Intelligence.  Curiously, very few of the 2001 team that created such powerful and blatantly false propaganda for war and destruction seem to have died in the intervening 15 years.

3) Fear-mongering for increased defense budgets, projects, departments, surveillance, and adventures is being revived, updated and adapted for the current era to include global warming, and also reaching back to the old comfort zones of fearing Russia and China.  And by golly, we simply must get that wily wabbit ISIS once and for all (wink, wink).

It is a time for us, and we are millions, to be aware that the subversive and deadly bureaucratic federal government we enjoy in this country is not going away.  This gang of thieves, faced with growing public condemnation, doubles down on gains it can make while paying lip service to the livestock it milks and slaughters.

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R. James Woolsey Jr.

From Wikipedia

Robert James Woolsey Jr. (born September 21, 1941) is a national security and energy specialist and former Director of Central Intelligence who headed the Central Intelligence Agency from February 5, 1993 until January 10, 1995. A lawyer by training and trade, he held a variety of government positions in the 1970s and 1980s, including as Under Secretary of the Navy from 1977 to 1979, and was involved in treaty negotiations with the Soviet Union for five years in the 1980s. His career also included time as a professional lawyer, venture capitalist and investor in the private sector.

Early life

Woolsey was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the son of Clyde (Kirby) and Robert James Woolsey, Sr.[1] He graduated from Tulsa's Tulsa Central High School. In 1963, he received his BA from Stanford University (Phi Beta Kappa), and in 1965 his MA from Oxford University, where he was a Rhodes Scholar, and an LLB from Yale Law School in 1968.

Woolsey was founder and president of Yale Citizens for Eugene McCarthy for President from 1967 to 1968. He was prominently active in the anti-Vietnam War movement.[2]


Woolsey has held important positions in both Democratic and Republican administrations. His influence has been felt during the administrations of Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, and Bill Clinton. He has also worked at the Shea & Gardner law firm, as Associate (1973–77) and partner (1979–89, 1991–93).

Woolsey has served in the U.S. government as:

Advisor (during military service) on the U.S. Delegation to the Strategic Arms Limitation Talks (SALT 1), Helsinki and Vienna, 1969–1970

General Counsel to the U.S. Senate Committee on Armed Services, 1970–73

Under Secretary of the Navy, 1977–1979

Delegate at Large to the U.S.-Soviet Strategic Arms Reduction Talks (START) and Nuclear and Space Arms Talks (NST), Geneva, 1983–1986

Ambassador to the Negotiation on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE), Vienna, 1989–1991

Director of CIA, 1993–1995

CIA Director

James Woolsey with Reginald Victor Jones and Jeanne de Clarens (field officer, source of scientific intelligence, captured by Nazis) in 1993.

Relationship with Bill Clinton

As Director of the CIA, Woolsey was notable for having had limited access to President Bill Clinton. According to journalist Richard Miniter:

Never once in his two-year tenure did CIA director James Woolsey ever have a one-on-one meeting with Clinton. Even semi-private meetings were rare. They only happened twice. Woolsey told me: "It wasn't that I had a bad relationship with the president. It just didn't exist."[3]

Another quote about his relationship with Clinton, according to Paula Kaufman of Insight on the News:

Remember the guy who in 1994 crashed his plane onto the White House lawn? That was me trying to get an appointment to see President Clinton.[4]

David Halberstam notes in War in a Time of Peace (p. 191) that Clinton chose Woolsey for CIA director because the Clinton campaign had courted neoconservatives leading up to the 1992 election, promising to be tougher on Taiwan, Bosnia, and human rights in China, and it was decided that they ought to give at least one neoconservative a job in the administration.

Aldrich Ames

Woolsey was CIA director when Aldrich Ames was arrested for treason and spying against the United States. The CIA was criticized for not focusing on Ames sooner, given the obvious increase in Ames' standard of living;[5] and there was a "huge uproar" in Congress when Woolsey decided that no one in the CIA would be dismissed or demoted at the agency. Woolsey declared: "Some have clamored for heads to roll in order that we could say that heads have rolled...Sorry, that's not my way." Woolsey abruptly resigned on Dec 28, 1994.[6]

Later career

Woolsey is the chairman of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies. He is Chairman of the Advisory Board at the Opportunities Development Group (ODG). ODG did not file a federal tax return in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012.[7][8] He is currently a member of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP) Board of Advisors, Advisor of the Institute for the Analysis of Global Security, co-founder of the United States Energy Security Council, Founding Member of the Set America Free Coalition, and a Senior Vice President at Booz Allen Hamilton for Global Strategic Security (since July 15, 2002).[9] He is a Patron of the Henry Jackson Society, a British think tank. Woolsey has had long-standing contact with Central and Eastern Europe and is a Member of the Board of Advisors of the Global Panel Foundation based in Berlin, Copenhagen, Prague, Sydney, and Toronto. He was formerly chairman of the Freedom House board of trustees. He is a member of the International Advisory Board of NGO Monitor.[10]

Woolsey is a member of the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) and was one of the signatories to the January 26, 1998 letter sent to President Clinton that called for the removal of Saddam Hussein.[11] That same year he served on the Rumsfeld Commission, which investigated the threat of ballistic missiles for the U.S. Congress.[12]

In 2008, Woolsey joined VantagePoint Venture Partners as a venture partner.[13]

John McCain hired Woolsey as an advisor on energy and climate change issues for his 2008 U.S. Presidential election campaign.[14]

In April 2011, Lux Capital announced that Woolsey would become a venture partner in the firm.[15]

In July 2011, Woolsey, in cooperation with Robert McFarlane, co-founded the United States Energy Security Council. Woolsey currently sits on the Board of Advisors for the Fuel Freedom Foundation.[16]

He received an honorary doctorate from the Institute of World Politics in Washington, DC in 2011.

Woolsey has been a Board Member and Vice-Chairman of The Jamestown Foundation,[17] and sits on the advisory board for nonprofit America Abroad Media.[18]

He currently serves as Chancellor at The Institute of World Politics[19] and the independent non-executive director of Imperial Pacific.[20] He is an adviser to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump[21] and Trump's Democratic opponent is Hillary Clinton, the wife of former President Bill Clinton, Woolsey's former boss.


Woolsey has been known primarily as a neoconservative Democrathawkish on foreign policy issues but liberal on economic and social issues.[22][23] He endorsed Senator John McCain for president and served as one of McCain's foreign policy advisors.[24] He has called himself a "Scoop Jackson Democrat" and a "Joe Lieberman Democrat", with "social democratic" domestic views. He regards the label "neoconservative" as a "silly term".[2]


Woolsey was a keynote speaker at the EELPJ symposium on wind energy and biofuels in Houston, Texas on February 23, 2007, during which he outlined the national security arguments in favor of moving away from fossil fuels.[25] In a July 2007 interview with The Futurist magazine he argued that U.S. dependence on Middle Eastern oil ranks "very high" as a national security concern.[26]

Woolsey is featured in Thomas Friedman's Discovery Channel documentary Addicted to Oil,[27] and in the documentary film Who Killed the Electric Car? (2006), addressing solutions to oil dependency through the development of the plug-in hybrid electric vehicle and use of biomass fuels such as cellulosic ethanol. He is a founding member of the Set America Free Coalition, dedicated to freeing the United States from oil dependence. He is on the board of directors for the electric vehicle advocacy group Plug In America and is an advisor to The Institute for the Analysis of Global Security, a think tank focused on energy security.

Woolsey serves on the Board of Director's for Silicon Valley solar energy start-up Siva Power, which claims it can manufacture the lowest-cost solar panels in the world.[28]

Woolsey wrote the foreword to 50 Simple Steps to Save the Earth from Global Warming.[29]

Woolsey is known for clearly articulating the national security argument in support of moving away from fossil fuels and towards distributed generation. He has advocated for measures to fight global warming.[2]


Within hours of the September 11 attacks, Woolsey appeared on television suggesting Iraqi complicity.[30] In September 2002, as Congress was deliberating authorizing President Bush to use force against Iraq, Woolsey told the Wall Street Journal that he believed that Iraq was also connected to the 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building and the bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993.[31]

In 2005, Steve Clemons, a senior fellow at the New America Foundation think tank, accused Woolsey of both profiting from and promoting the Iraq War.[32] Melvin A. Goodman, senior fellow at the Center for International Policy and former CIA division chief, told the Washington Post that "Woolsey was a disaster as CIA director in the 1990s and is now running around this country calling for a World War IV to deal with the Islamic problem".[33][34]

During a January 14, 2009, interview by Peter Robinson on Uncommon Knowledge, Woolsey described the CIA's intelligence about alleged Iraqi chemical and biological weapons as a "failure" before the 2003 invasion of Iraq. He criticized the Bush administration for lumping together many different materials with different capabilities under the broad category of weapons of mass destruction. He also stated that the Iraqis engaged in "red on red deception" in which Generals were led to falsely believe that their rival Generals had weapons, and he described the American intelligence failure as a reasonable mistake rather than an act of incompetence.[2]

Along with six other former directors, Woolsey was one of the signatories to the September 18, 2009, letter sent to President Obama urging him to exercise authority to reverse Attorney General Eric Holder's August 24 decision to reopen the criminal investigation of CIA interrogations.[35]


In 2010, Woolsey supported the Oklahoma ban on Sharia law, recording a message aired for thousands of Oklahomans.[36] Woolsey, along with co-authors such as former deputy undersecretary of defense for intelligence Lt. Gen. William G. Boykin and neoconservative activist Frank Gaffney, released a book entitled Shariah: The Threat to America, published by the Center for Security Policy.[37] The book "describes what its authors call a 'stealth jihad' that must be thwarted before it's too late", and argues: "Most mosques in the United States already have been radicalized, that most Muslim social organizations are fronts for violent jihadists and that Muslims who practice sharia law seek to impose it in this country".[37] According to the Washington Post, "Government terrorism experts call the views expressed in the center's book inaccurate and counterproductive".[37]

Woolsey was supportive of former CIA Director Leon Panetta, whom he has compared to Kennedy-era CIA head John McCone.[2]

Woolsey believes that Edward Snowden's disclosure of classified intelligence methods has done grave damage to the security of western nations. During an interview with Fox News on December 17, 2013, discussing the idea of granting Snowden amnesty, Woolsey stated, "I think giving him amnesty is idiotic. … He should be prosecuted for treason. If convicted by a jury of his peers, he should be hanged by his neck until he is dead".[38] In a CNN interview, Woolsey said "the blood of a lot of these French young people is on [Snowden's] hands."[39]

In a letter to the editor of The Wall Street Journal, published on July 5, 2012, Woolsey wrote that he now supports release of Jonathan Pollard, citing the passage of time: "When I recommended against clemency, Pollard had been in prison less than a decade. Today he has been incarcerated for over a quarter of a century under his life sentence." He pointed out that of the more than 50 recently convicted Soviet and Chinese spies, only two received life sentences, and two-thirds were sentenced to less time than Pollard has served so far. He further stated that "Pollard has cooperated fully with the U.S. government, pledged not to profit from his crime (e.g., from book sales), and has many times expressed remorse for what he did." Woolsey expressed his belief that Pollard is still imprisoned only because he is Jewish. He said, "anti-Semitism played a role in the continued detention of Pollard." "For those hung up for some reason on the fact that he's an American Jew, pretend he's a Greek- or Korean- or Filipino-American and free him," Woolsey, who is not Jewish, said in his letter to the Wall Street Journal.[40][41][42]

Woolsey was interviewed in Boris Malagurski's documentary film The Weight of Chains 2 (2014), in which he said that the "United States and the CIA made mistakes and make mistakes all the time".[43]

Personal life

Woolsey is divorced from his first wife Suzanne and has remarried. He has three grandchildren with his first wife. He lives near Annapolis, Maryland.

Woolsey is an advisor at the Gatestone Institute.[44]

Woolsey is a descendant of George (Joris) Woolsey, one of the earliest settlers of New Amsterdam, and Thomas Cornell.[45][46]

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