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12-02-16 -- Stephen Lendman - Scott Horton (VIDEO & MP3s LOADED)

Stephen Lendman (Progressive businessman, writer) on 'Fake News', Russina, Syia, Turkey, Trump, and much more - (Scott Horton Radio) provides a world news update
Media Type: Audio • Time: 153 Minutes and 0 Secs
Guests: Stephen Lendman
Media Type: Audio • Time: 58 Minutes and 21 Secs
Guests: Scott Horton
Media Type: Audio • Time: 40 Minutes and 22 Secs
Guests: Ernest Hancock

Hour 1 - 3

Media Type: Audio • Time: 153 Minutes and 0 Secs
Guests: Stephen Lendman

Hour 1 --  Stephen Lendman (Progressive businessman, writer) on 'Fake News', Russina, Syia, Turkey, Trump, and much more

Hour 2 -- Scott Horton (Scott Horton Radio) provides a world news update

Hour 3 - Freedom's Phoenix Headline News

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December 2nd, 2016

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Hour 1

2016-12-02 Hour 1 Stephen Lendman from Ernest Hancock on Vimeo.


Stephen Lendman



Stephen's previous interviews on the Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock Radio Show:





A New Era of Peace Under Trump?

Stein's Recount Scam Imploding

Russia Aims to Liberate Aleppo Entirely by Yearend

Russia's Foreign Policy Compared to America's

NYT Editors Ignore US Responsibility for "A World of Trouble"

Security Council Meeting on Syria

Veterans in Solidarity with DAPL Protestors

Fidel's Ashes Begin Journey to Final Resting Place

(See expanded articles below)

A New Era of Peace Under Trump?

Dec 2, 2016

On December 1, Trump began a thank you tour of states aiding his electoral triumph, stopping first in Cincinnati - pledging a "new era of peace," saying:

"On defense, we will begin a major national effort to rebuild our badly depleted military. We have no choice. The world is a tinder box." 

"We want a strong military that ideally we don't have to use. Although, we will destroy ISIS.

We will pursue a new foreign policy that finally learns from the mistakes of the past." 

"We will stop looking to topple regimes and overthrow governments. Six trillion dollars (wasted) in the Middle East. Our goal is stability, not chaos." 

"We want to rebuild our country. We will partner with any nation that is willing to join us in the effort to defeat ISIS and radical Islamic terrorism." 

"In our dealings with other countries, we will seek shared interests wherever possible and pursue a new era of peace, understanding, and good will."

Stein's Recount Scam Imploding

Dec 2, 2016

Her largely Soros funded ill-conceived scheme to undermine Trump's triumph for Hillary is heading toward failure as expected.

Days earlier, a Wisconsin judge ruled against her hand recount request. She alleged state voting machines may have been hacked, despite no evidence suggesting it.

Her lawsuit to force a hand recount fell flat. Wisconsin Elections Commission administrator Mike Haas said state voting machines are federally certified and field tested for accuracy.

On December 1, Pennsylvania Judge Bernard A. Moore dismissed recount petitions of voters in 78 precincts because no evidence suggests they're warranted.

According to the Montgomery County Times Herald, elections board solicitor Nicole Forzato said "Montgomery County takes great, great pride in being concerned about its infrastructure for IT generally, and they have gone through a vigorous process to make sure our technology general, including voter services technology and the voting machines are safe and secure to use."

Russia Aims to Liberate Aleppo Entirely by Yearend

Dec, 2016

"We are hoping for this. Yes, indeed," said Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov. We need to force these (US-backed) terrorists out the same way as they need to be forced out of Mosul and Raqqa. It's a common task."

Eastern Aleppo is being liberated one neighborhood at a time, thousands of trapped residents held as human hostages already freed, numbers growing daily - hundreds of US-backed terrorists surrendering or retreating.

In the last 72 hours, Syrian and allied forces routed terrorists in 16 districts, capturing northern  parts of eastern Aleppo. According to a Syrian military source, government and allied troops began an offensive to liberate southern portions of the city.

They control over half of eastern Aleppo territory, US-supported terrorists clearly on the back foot, losing to government and allied forces decisively.

Russia's Foreign Policy Compared to America's

Dec 1, 2016

Both countries have polar opposite agendas. Obama isn't remotely close to Putin in stature, integrity and high-mindedness.

On December 1, Putin approved Russia's new concept of foreign policy. It calls for "enhancing international security, stability at the strategic and regional levels."

It urges strict "implementation of the Russia-US Treaty for the Further Reduction and Limitation of Strategic Offensive Arms of April 8, 2010."

It reiterates "readiness to discuss issues of further phased reduction of nuclear potentials based on the growing topicality of giving this process a multilateral character with due account of factors influencing strategic stability."

It supports establishing a zone free from nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction, especially in the Middle East.

NYT Editors Ignore US Responsibility for "A World of Trouble"

Dec 1, 2016

Suggesting "concerns about his ability to manage the international challenges he will face in office" continues relentless Trump bashing.

"A World of Trouble" awaits him, said Times editors - mostly of Washington's making, they failed to explain. Trump's geopolitical agenda remains to be seen.

"An early test may be North Korea," Times editors claimed. It's sought normalized relations with Washington and other Western countries for decades. Instead it's used as an imperial punching bag, its security threatened - relations with America unlikely to change under Trump or other duopoly power leader.

Times editors: "American forces are engaged in major battles to liberate Mosul in Iraq and Raqqa in Syria from the Islamic State and are fighting extremists elsewhere."

Fact: Washington supports ISIS and other terrorist groups. No US battles are confronting them anywhere.

Times editors: Trump "talked of abandoning American support for rebels trying to oust President Bashar al-Assad and joining the alliance between Mr. Assad and Russia, Mr. Assad's partner in bombing Syrian civilians."

Fact: Trump indicated willingness to partner with Russia in combating terrorism in Syria.

Security Council Meeting on Syria

Dec 1, 2016

At France's request, representing America's imperial project, its own and Britain's, Security Council members met on Wednesday in "emergency" session on Syria.

It had nothing to do with resolving the "humanitarian catastrophe" as French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault explained why it was convened - everything to do with supporting terrorists in eastern Aleppo, being smashed by Syrian and allied forces, likely routed entirely in the coming weeks.

According to Russia's Defense Ministry, over 18,000 eastern Aleppo residents, held captive for years by US-supported terrorists, escaped to government controlled areas in the past week - 647 fighters surrendering to Syrian forces, thousands more to Kurdish YPG elements.

America, Britain and France want Aleppo's liberation halted, endless aggression on Syria continued, Assad ousted, pro-Western puppet rule replacing him.

Briefing SC members by video link from Geneva, pro-Western UN envoy to Syria Steffan de Mistura explained the dire conditions in Aleppo without placing blame where it belongs.

Resolving things requires liberating the city and surrounding areas entirely, smashing terrorists decisively - most important having Washington and its rogue allies stop supporting these elements once and for all.

Veterans in Solidarity with DAPL Protestors

Dec 1, 2016

From December 4 - 7, perhaps longer, over 2,000 veterans, an initiative called Veterans Stand for Standing Rock, intend serving as nonviolent human shields for Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) protestors - Sioux Tribe members and supporters calling themselves water protectors.

Participating veterans resolved to defend them from "assault an intimidation at the hands of the militarized police force," they said.

On Monday, North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple ordered immediate evacuation of the Oceti Sacowan camp - on the pretext of "anticipated harsh weather conditions."

Protesters remain steadfast. Dalrymple threatened fines and blocked access to essential services, then backed off from the threat.

Sioux Tribe members claim land rights under the 1851 Fort Laramie Treaty. Washington stole it along with other Native American land nationwide.

Since last spring, protestors and supporters demonstrated nonviolently against environmentally destructive pipeline construction, discussed in previous articles.

Fidel's Ashes Begin Journey to Final Resting Place

Dec 1, 2016

Since his death last Friday evening, I've written daily articles honoring his legacy. America and other Western societies never had leadership remotely approaching his stature - an anti-imperial social and political revolutionary giant.

After two days of emotional tributes in Havana, a "caravan of freedom" began a four-day journey to his final resting place in Santiago, where his revolution began.

Hundreds of thousands massed in Havana's Plaza de la Revolucion Tuesday evening to pay him tribute. On Wednesday, his glass-covered flag-draped coffin surrounded by white flowers left Havana, arriving in Santiago on Saturday.

Cubans massed along its route, chanting "I am Fidel" and "Viva Fidel." Overnight before departure, thousands "lit the night with their phones," said one report.

En route, Fidel's caravan stopped symbolically in Santa Clara where Che Guevara's ashes are interred. Fidel once said at times he dreamed of having conversations with him after his 1967 capture and execution in Bolivia.


Hour 2

Media Type: Audio • Time: 58 Minutes and 21 Secs
Guests: Scott Horton

Hour 2 -- Scott Horton (Scott Horton Radio) provides a world news update


Hour 2

2016-12-02 Hour 2 Scott Horton from Ernest Hancock on Vimeo.

Scott Horton


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TOPICS: Scott Horton (Scott Horton Radio) provides a world news update...


Scott's previous interviews on the Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock Radio Show:



Hour 3

Media Type: Audio • Time: 40 Minutes and 22 Secs
Guests: Ernest Hancock

Hour 3 -- Freedom's Phoenix Headline News


Hour 3

2016-12-02 Hour 3 FP Headline News from Ernest Hancock on Vimeo.

Ernest Hancock

Freedom's Phoenix Headline News



How Holograms Work

If you tear a hologram in half, you can still see the whole image in each piece. The same is true with smaller and smaller pieces.

If you tear a hologram in half, you can still see the whole image in each piece. The same is true with smaller and smaller pieces (ABOVE)

If you want to see a hologram, you don't have to look much farther than your wallet. Th­ere are holograms on most driver's licenses, ID cards and credit cards. If you're not old enough to drive or use credit, you can still find holograms around your home. They're part of CDDVD and software packaging, as well as just about everything sold as "official merchandise."

Unfortunately, these holograms -- which exist to make forgery more difficult -- aren't very impressive. You can see changes in colors and shapes when you move them back and forth, but they usually just look like sparkly pictures or smears of color. Even the mass-produced holograms that feature movie and comic book heroes can look more like green photographs than amazing 3-D images.

It doesn't take very many tools to make a hologram. You can make one with:

A laser: Red lasers, usually helium-neon (HeNe) lasers, are common in holography. Some home holography experiments rely on the diodes from red laser pointers, but the light from a laser pointer tends to be less coherent and less stable, which can make it hard to get a good image. Some types of holograms use lasers that produce different colors of light as well. Depending on the type of laser you're using, you may also need a shutter to control the exposure.

Lenses: Holography is often referred to as "lensless photography," but holography does require lenses. However, a camera's lens focuses light, while the lenses used in holography cause the beam to spread out.

A beam splitter: This is a device that uses mirrors and prisms to split one beam of light into two beams.

Mirrors: These direct the beams of light to the correct locations. Along with the lenses and beam splitter, the mirrors have to be absolutely clean. Dirt and smudges can degrade the final image.

Holographic film: Holographic film can record light at a very high resolution, which is necessary for creating a hologram. It's a layer of light-sensitive compounds on a transparent surface, like photographic film. The difference between holographic and photographic film is that holographic film has to be able to record very small changes in light that take place over microscopic distances. In other words, it needs to have a very fine grain. In some cases, holograms that use a red laser rely on emulsions that respond most strongly to red light.

There are lots of different ways to arrange these tools -- we'll stick to a basic transmission hologram setup for now.

You can create your own holography table using inner tubes and sand to dampen vibration.

Getting a good image requires a suitable work space. In some ways, the requirements for this space are more stringent than the requirements for your equipment. The darker the room is, the better. A good option for adding a little light to the room without affecting the finished hologram is a safelight, like the ones used in darkrooms. Since darkroom safelights are often red and holography often uses red light, there are green and blue-green safelights made specifically for holography.

Holography also requires a working surface that can keep the equipment absolutely still -- it can't vibrate when you walk across the room or when cars drive by outside. Holography labs and professional studios often use specially designed tables that have honeycomb-shaped support layers resting on pneumatic legs. These are under the table's top surface, and they dampen vibration. You can make your own holography table by placing inflated inner tubes on a low table, then placing a box full of a thick layer of sand on top of it. The sand and the inner tubes will play the role of the professional table's honeycombs and pneumatic supports. If you don't have enough space for such a large table, you can improvise using cups of sand or sugar to hold each piece of equipment, but these won't be as steady as a larger setup.

2 Comments in Response to

Comment by Dennis Treybil
Entered on:

Trump not a reader? Ok. Mattis is: 2A quote "If you want peace, have an eye toward war."

Comment by Dennis Treybil
Entered on:

Early in the 2nd hour, somebody said "appease" or "appeasement". Appeasement appears nowhere in the SoD's job description. While I wholeheartedly oppose "regime-change-inspired" wars, if you go to war, follow Custer's advice and win the damn thing and get the hell out! None of this pussyfootin' around, perpetual war thing.

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