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12-30-16 -- Adam Kokesh - Derrick Slopey - James Baker, Glen -- (VIDEO & MP3s LOADED)

Adam Kokesh (Activist; Author; The Freedom Line) comes on to talk about his new Patreon account and funding avenues - Derrick Slopey (Freedom's Phoenix Webmaster) on the future of technology, decentralized internet - James Baker and Glen (Freedom/Lib
Media Type: Audio • Time: 184 Minutes and 0 Secs
Guests: Adam Kokesh
Media Type: Audio • Time: 60 Minutes and 40 Secs
Guests: Derrick Slopey
Media Type: Audio • Time: 80 Minutes and 40 Secs

Hour 1 - 3

Media Type: Audio • Time: 184 Minutes and 0 Secs
Guests: Adam Kokesh

Hour 1 --  Adam Kokesh (Activist; Author; The Freedom Line) comes on to talk about his new Patreon account and funding avenues

Hour 2 -- Derrick Slopey (Freedom's Phoenix Webmaster) on the future of technology, decentralized internet

Hour 3 - James Baker and Glen (Freedom/Liberty Is For Everyone) come in studio to talk about their activism and educating people about liberty

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December 30th, 2016

Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock

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Hour 1

2016-12-30 Hour 1 Adam Kokesh from Ernest Hancock on Vimeo.

Adam Kokesh



I've been a passionate, dedicated, and committed activist for the past ten years. Since my start with Iraq Veterans Against the War, I've learned from making nearly every possible mistake in the activism playbook, and had many humbling experiences along the way, including over three dozen arrests, resulting in about five months total jail time including two months in solitary. I've had a radio show, a TV show, and done two national tours for the book I started writing in jail, FREEDOM! which now has over two million downloads, 45,000 copies in print, and resulted in countless converts. Despite having taken the last two years off to focus on the book, my YouTube channel has about 55 million views, over 215,000 subscribers, and I still get approached on the street by people who tell me that they just had their lives turned around by a weekend of binge watching! None of this would have been possible without people like you who share my enthusiasm for the message and have shown faith in my ability as a messenger with your financial support, so I can't express enough gratitude! The more support we have, the better our production will be, the more people we will be able to wake up, and the sooner we will see the end of the violence of governments. This work saves lives! I have consistently delivered competitive and compelling media on little to no budget, and I only plan to increase the quality with your help. I will continue to provide the best investment possible for achieving a free society. My message is not about personal expression, or angst, or click-bait - it's about freeing minds!

For too long, we have relied on social media networks, including YouTube, which are owned by people who ... don't appreciate the message of freedom! We know that we get throttled, and on YouTube, independent media outlets get financially squeezed. For the last two years, I've stayed away from regular media production, just making videos when I felt like it because the social media landscape has been so discouraging. However, I get regular requests to get back into regular production, so here I am, reaching out for your support.

When we meet our goals here, I'll be relaunching The FREEDOM! Show as a one hour M-F podcast that will be broadcast as audio on every channel possible and live-streamed to Facebook. From each episode, we'll produce 3 high quality videos. I will also be doing a "man-on-the-street" video every weekday. (In two weekends of recording, I can generate enough material for a month.) Our goal is to raise a budget of $3000/month in order to hire one full time production assistant, one part time editorial assistant, and cover the overhead costs of travel and production. (I'll still be working for free, as I'm content to live very modestly at Freedom Ranch.) We'll be able to post our videos to every outlet possible, (at least Facebook, LiveLeak, and Vimeo in addition to YouTube) so we're not dependent on a single platform. I'm confident that with your support, not only can I put freedom front and center in my life, but we can make it central to the conversation about how we move humanity forward. Thanks for all your support of my past accomplishments, and your continued support of my work as a messenger of freedom!

Peace and love,


[All contributions are tax deductible as the go through our 501(c)3, The FREEDOM! Fund. You can make a one-time contribution and get more info here.]

Hour 2

Media Type: Audio • Time: 60 Minutes and 40 Secs
Guests: Derrick Slopey

Hour 2 -- Derrick Slopey (Freedom's Phoenix Webmaster) on the future of technology, decentralized internet


Hour 2

2016-12-30 Hour 2 Derrick Slopey from Ernest Hancock on Vimeo.

Derrick Slopey

Derrick drove across the country (from Maine to Arizona) to attend the Jackalope Freedom Festival, and stops by the studio on his way to the event. He will be talking about all the tech stuff he will be doing there, as he drove his converted ambulance (aka Botany Bay) which is a mobile tech shop on wheels, and will allow him to experiment with some things there...


Hour 3

Media Type: Audio • Time: 80 Minutes and 40 Secs

Hour 3 - James Baker and Glen (Freedom/Liberty Is For Everyone) come in studio to talk about their activism and educating people about liberty


Hour 3

2016-12-30 Hour 3 Glen, James Barker from Ernest Hancock on Vimeo.

James Baker and Glen

Liberty / Freedom Is For Everyone

Open Carry - Filming Police - Liberty Activism - Freedom Media LibertyIsForEveryone (L.I.F.E.) is an organization committed to spreading liberty through auditing of public services and educating people on how they can be more free.


James V Baker is the cofounder and president of Liberty Is For Everyone, a freedom activist association famous for the public open carry of rifles for protest as well as public service audits. Liberty Is For Everyone claims the distinction of not only being the most prolific independent police auditors in Michigan, but also has the #1 most viewed YouTube channel regarding the open carry of firearms for self-defense. James V Baker is an expert in immunity to police intimidation, having been drawn upon and detained by corrupt police too many times to count. He became active as a liberty activist and independent police auditor in 2012, encountering over 300 individual police officers investigating him for lawful activity since then, including multiple SWAT teams, helicopters, and a distinguishing investigation from the FBI for domestic terrorism. James V Baker travels across the country for police auditing, as well as public visible protests that alert residents that their freedoms are disappearing. A Voluntaryist, he believes that all human interaction should be voluntary, which logically necessitates the abolition of government.

Apart from his work with the Liberty Is For Everyone YouTube channel, online blog, and as a contributor to the CopBlock network, James holds a bachelor's degree in Music that he uses in his side work as a piano teacher in Detroit.


I'm 30 years old, born and raised in metro Detroit, obsessed with guns and the right to own them since I could stand, I became a libertarian in 2004. In 2007 I became first person in Michigan to start carrying handguns openly as part of the modern national movement spawned by and ever since have helped fight against a steady stream of police/judge/city/county abuse and lying press.

I helped found the organization Michigan Open Carry (MOC) in 2009, wrote the open carry handbook (a 200 page legal and practical guide) from 2009-2010. I began having trouble with MOC's democratically elected leaders and the collectivist way the did things in 2012 which lead me on a quest for knowledge and enlightenment about the nature of power structures in government and other organizations and other liberty issues which lead me to Adam Kokesh, who's videos pulled my head out of statism/authoritarian collectivism fully in 2013, and I have been an anarcho capitalist ever since. The culmination of my falling out with MOC was me getting kicked out for calling them out, which I wrote about in epilogue of the second edition of my book.

Fresh out of activist opportunities and with about 7 years of experience and better knowledge than I had in my early 20's about social dynamics and how they can destroy activist efforts and eager to put that new knowledge to the test, early in 2014 I began working with James Baker, and my long time friend and fellow activist Michael Stanley. Together the 3 of us as well as a good number of other libertarian/anarchist/a few conservative people began doing often weekly walks with long guns and video cameras and some other activism all over Michigan, as well as some in Virginia, Indiana, Wisconsin, which continues to this day and, and our efforts have for a couple years now been the biggest open carry related youtube channel. ( is the channel name) Our primary goal is spreading the message of freedom but we all too often get caught up contesting illegal by their own terms government abuse, which is considerably more rampant in Michigan than Arizona. Some of what we're best known for is our videos of fighting against the corrupt Detroit police who to this day love maliciously felony charging law abiding open carriers, while their chief, an NRA favorite by the way, pretends it isn't happening. In late 2014 this caused us to go from being a bunch of like minded individuals to calling ourselves a name for little more reason than so the press could make sense of us, first "hells saints" since that was James's youtube channel, and then "liberty is for everyone" since it sounded better and didn't scare off people who thought we were satanic worshipers or biker gang members or something (we're not). Late 2015 we met Peter, and have done bits of collaboration with him since.

I also have a book that will be coming out next year after it is done being edited called "Freedom Fighter's playbook" which details all of the most important lessons I've learned through my time doing these things, as well as my research of history. Like my Michigan specific book, it will be available to download for free.  






LibertyIsForEveryone is a network of people and organizations dedicated to helping restore and perpetuate individual freedoms as they are defined by the Non-Aggression Principle.

See what the LIFE Network is up to today...

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