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03-03-17 -- Vince Edwards Interview from Jail on his Private Property Rights Case

Vince Edwards interview from jail on the corruption he has witnessed on his own case

Hour One

Media Type: Audio • Time: 42 Minutes and 00 Secs
Guests: Vince Edwards

Hour 1 - Vince Edwards interview from jail on the corruption he has witnessed on his own case 

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March 3rd, 2016

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Hour 1

Vince Edwards

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Vince is the author of:I'm Leaving Civilization, Wanna Come With Me? (Click Here for PDF)


Vince manages to call in from the jail where he has been held since last fall. Listed below are some documents pertaining to his case...

Ernest Hancock reads a letter from Vince Edwards on the Declare Your Independecne with Ernest Hancock Radio Show on January 24th, 2017. Also, see exhibits (below) for his case - CLICK ON LINKS FOR PDF's...

January 6, 2017

Dear Patriots

Vince Edwards reporting from deep behind enemy lines, a hostage of the current Costilla County  Sheriff, Amos Medina.  Under sheriff, Andrew Espinoza, currently on "administrative Leave" for poaching and not soon to return, heard my 3-minute public comment in September 2015 at a county planning board meeting and decided I should be arrested for my speech. Two witnesses overheard him plotting to arrest me for "disturbing the meeting". He didn't get the chance then because I was warned, and ceased attending future meetings as a result. I also brought up the possibility of running for sheriff!

March of 2016 after a few rants about suing public officials for trespassing on social media, code enforcement trespassed on my private property. That produced a phone call to Trinidad Martinez, Land Use Administrator which was very embarrassing. I posted to and was then threatened with arrest before my first day in court!

March 29th, my legal skills were revealed and thus Trinidad felt a felony charge was needed to help

back me off my promise to fight "all the way to the Supreme Court." The felony charge was based on speech: C. R. S. 18-8-306 "Intent to Influence a Public Servant." The Charge contained no fact, filed April 21st. 

Later on May 24th, a Bill of Particulars stated I "may" have threatened Trinidad with a Facebook post!

Transcripts now reveal this man thinks that "public servants" as immune to civil recourse. Imagine  that?? Sounds like 1984? Anyway, I've been jailed over 4 months now with NO probable cause stated or proven, so I have to defend myself with pencil, paper and no internet access! I'm banned from social media! My current crime is saying "don't come in or I'll shoot!" even though I was unarmed!

I missed court on 9/28 and my punishment for that so far is that everything I own has been stolen and I'm still in jail on a ridiculous $17,500 bond for missing one court hearing out of 10! No warrants were seen in discovery until finally two days ago, one was delivered to me in court! Is this the future? It may be unless I can finish the job of bringing these tyrannical conspirators to justice, stay tuned!

Vince Edwards

Letter from Vince Edwards - Read On Air

Letter from Vince Edwards - To Whom it May Concern

Letter from Vince Edwards - To the ACLU of Colorado








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