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01-09-18 -- Glenn Jacobs - Ali Kazemian (3D Printed Concrete) (MP3s & Video)

Glenn Jacobs is a freedom activist running for Knox County Mayor (Tennessee); Glenn provides and update on his campaign, and provides predictions for 2018 - Ali Kazemian (Research & Development Engineer at Contour Crafting Corporation) on 3D Printed
Media Type: Audio • Time: 141 Minutes and 0 Secs
Guests: Glenn Jacobs
Media Type: Audio • Time: 41 Minutes and 08 Secs
Media Type: Audio • Time: 54 Minutes and 29 Secs
Guests: Ali Kazemian

Hour 1 - 3

Media Type: Audio • Time: 141 Minutes and 0 Secs
Guests: Glenn Jacobs

Hour 1 - Glenn Jacobs is a freedom activist running for Knox County Mayor (Tennessee); Glenn provides and update on his campaign, and provides predictions for 2018

Hour 2 - Freedom's Phoenix Headline News

Hour 3 - Ali Kazemian (Research & Development Engineer at Contour Crafting Corporation) on 3D Printed Concrete and it's applications

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Janaury 9th, 2018

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Hour 1

Glenn Jacobs

Glenn is running for Mayor of Knox County Tennessee

For T-Shirts and Bumper Stickers:

Our address is:

Glenn Jacobs for Knox County Mayor

PO Box 23348

Knoxville, TN 37933

As mayor, Glenn will focus his efforts on delivering results for the citizens of Knox County. The areas below will be a major focus to help make Knox County what President Reagan referred to as "the shining city upon a hill."

1. Committed to keeping taxes low

2. Renewed focus on quality of education

3. Continue to attract new jobs to the area

4. Improve our roads and infrastructure

5. Full and absolute transparency

6. Work to create safer communities

7. A fresh outlook on limited government


Glenn's Story...

The American Dream is alive and well. I'm living proof. Where else but America could a farm boy from rural Missouri achieve success in, of all things, the world of professional wrestling?

When I was a kid, I always dreamed of being a professional athlete. But growing up, I thought that was all it would ever be… a dream. My dad spent twenty-one years in the military, and served in both Korea and Vietnam. Dad's military service took him all over the world. In fact, I was born on a U.S. Air Force base in Spain! My mom was a homemaker and the glue that kept our family together. My sister was the academic genius who would become a rocket scientist. That's not a joke. She worked at NASA. My brother was the guy who could fix anything that had moving parts. And I was the family athlete. At least that's what I wanted to be.

For most of my youth, I was awkward and gangly. During high school, my body finally caught up with me and I excelled in basketball, eventually earning an athletic scholarship to Truman State University where I played both basketball and football. It looked like I had a real shot to play in the NFL, but a knee injury shattered that dream.

But as so often happens in life, that injury turned out to be one of the best things that ever happened to me. After graduating with a degree in English, I took a job at a group home for folks with special needs, but I also dabbled in professional wrestling. Eventually, I decided to pursue wrestling as a serious career. The first few years were pretty rough. I would drive 200 or 300 hundred miles and usually not even earn enough to pay for gas. More often than not, I'd sleep on a colleague's couch. When I did get a hotel room, I'd split it with two or three other guys to save money.

But despite all the bumps, bruises, and unprofitable road trips, I knew that I had what it took to excel in my profession. All I needed was a break. I got that break when I signed with WWE. The rest is history. I have performed in all 50 states and over 40 countries. Millions of people have watched me perform live. Millions more have watched on TV. I have been honored to work with some of the greatest entertainers on the planet. Who would have thought that all this could happen to a guy like me? Well, it could only happen in America.

In 1995, my travels took me to East Tennessee. I had already fallen in love with the area when a friend introduced me to the most remarkable woman, my wife Crystal. She was a single mom, raising two daughters while working three jobs AND putting herself through graduate school. Crystal is the most genuine and caring person that I have ever met. She also has a core of tempered steel and is the strongest person I know.

My daughters, Devan and Arista, are the pride of my life. Both of them are nurses who have recently earned their BSN degrees. Devan is studying to be a Physician's Assistant. Arista is working on her MBA in health care administration. I've also learned that the best thing about growing older is grandkids. I have two—a granddaughter and a grandson.

Living here has given me the opportunity to do some truly rewarding things. I am honored to serve on the advisory council at East Tennessee Children's Hospital as well as the board of the Halls/Powell Boys and Girls Club. My business, Jacobs Insurance Associates, is the local champion of the Kindness Revolution, a national anti-bullying initiative. My wife, Crystal, and I founded Kane's Crusaders, a non-profit organization with the mission of bringing joy to the chronically ill teenagers of East Tennessee.

Because I travel so much with WWE, we could live pretty much anywhere in the country that we wanted, but my family and I live here because we love it here. Most of all, we love the people. Folks here are kind and friendly, and possess a quality that is lacking in many other places… loads of common sense.

We understand that hard work, ability, and the willingness to succeed should be rewarded and encouraged. We understand that people should enjoy the fruits of their labor, not see their efforts wiped out by high taxes. We understand that the free enterprise system—the greatest wealth producing machine the world has ever known—shouldn't be crippled by over-regulation, but it should be unleashed so that the American Dream is available to everyone.

I am a product of that Dream. My life is blessed beyond measure because my parents and their parents before them made sure that I could have the opportunity to build the life that I enjoy. I believe that we have the same responsibility to our children and our grandchildren. That starts with us and it starts right here in Knox County.

President Reagan used to depict America as the Shining City on the Hill, an example to the rest of the world of what freedom looks like. I believe that we can make Knox County an example to America of what happens when all of us work together to make our communities stronger, our schools better, and our economy more powerful.

Together, we can light the way to a very bright future.


Glenn's previous interviews on the Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock Radio Show:

Hour 2

Media Type: Audio • Time: 41 Minutes and 08 Secs

Hour 2 - Freedom's Phoenix Headline News


Hour 2

Ernest Hancock

Freedom's Phoenix Headline News

Hour 3

Media Type: Audio • Time: 54 Minutes and 29 Secs
Guests: Ali Kazemian

Hour 3 - Ali Kazemian (Research & Development Engineer at Contour Crafting Corporation) on 3D Printed Concrete and it's applications


Hour 3

Ali Kazemian

Ali Kazemian is a research & development engineer at Contour Crafting Corporation, and also a PhD student at University of Southern California (USC). Ali received his bachelor's (2010) and master's (2012) in civil engineering with honors from Tehran Polytechnic, Iran. He earned a second master's degree, in Computer Science, from USC (2017). His research focuses on automated construction through concrete 3D printing (Contour Crafting) and real-time quality monitoring of this process. His past research works have resulted in publication of a book, 11 journal papers, and many conference papers. He is a voting member of ACI 552 TG (additive manufacturing), a member of RILEM technical committee on digital fabrication with cement-based materials.



About Contour Crafting...

Videos of Contour Crafting Technology:




Applications of the CC Corp technology may include various types of building constructions including housing, commercial and government buildings.  Another application domain is infrastructure construction which could include foundations, slabs, bridges, pylons, etc. And finally extraterrestrial construction, that is, building on Moon and Mars for planetary exploration, exploitation, habitation and colonization is another major field of use of CC Corp technology in which the company technologies have excelled to receive high recognition by various space programs in various countries.

Building Construction

Learn More


Learn More

Space Applications

Learn More

Contour Crafting Prototype Machines and Full Size Curved Wall Construction:

Automated Reinforcement, Plumbing and Electrical Network Installation:

Photos of Contour Crafting Technology...

Full Size Wall Built with CC Technology

Prototype Martian/Lunar Project Built with CC Technology

More Applications...

Detached Houses

Multi-Story Buildings

Multi-Unit Large Structures

Building Automated Construction

Contour Crafting can significantly reduce the cost of commercial construction. Projections indicate costs will be around one fifth as much as conventional construction. Contour Crafting promises to eliminate waste of construction materials. Contour Crafting construction projects will be extremely accelerated; for example a 2000 square foot house can be constructed in less than 24 hours. This rapid construction time minimizes the financing costs of construction projects that typically take six months or longer to complete. While the costs of manual labor will be significantly reduced, physical power will be exchanged for brain power in the construction industry. For the first time women and the elderly will be able to take part in the construction industry. Construction could become a consumer market, wherein a house or other structure could be designed and built by the family that will occupy it. Reduced costs, and automated building will make construction accessible to anyone. Imagine a Contour Crafting machine for lease at your local Home Depot.

CC Corp's revolutionary technologies use modern robotics to build custom designed houses in a few hours. At the present time, the technology would be most useful for low-income housing and emergency reconstruction by disaster and relief agencies working in places devastated by earthquakes, floods, wars, and other natural disasters.  Following are some of the major advantages of constructing CC Corp technologies:

**Fact: It currently takes 6 to 9 months to construct an average house in the US.

      **Imagine custom designed houses completed in one day.

**Fact: Nearly 30 million S. households face one or more of the following housing problems: cost burdens, overcrowding, and space inadequacy. Worldwide, while large cities in developing countries have been growing at rates nearing 5% per year, slums and squatter settlements have been growing nearly twice as fast.

      **Imagine dignified but affordable housing constructed for low income populations.

**Fact: Currently it may take several months or years before disaster (earthquake, flood, war, etc.) victims are placed in permanent shelters.

      **Imagine comfortable and livable emergency shelters (not tents) constructed rapidly for long term usage by disaster victims.

**Fact: Construction accounts for a significant amount of various harmful emissions and construction activities generate an exorbitant amount of waste. Construction of a typical single-family home generates a waste stream of about 3 to 7 tons. In terms of resource consumption, more than 40% of all raw materials used globally are consumed in the construction industry.

      **Imagine construction without waste and without noise, dust and emission pollution.

**Fact: Labor injuries and fatalities happen frequently at construction sites. 400,000 workers get seriously injured or killed in construction annually in the US alone, a country in which stringent safety codes are regulated.

      **Imagine no accidents and injuries on construction sites – no related litigations.

**Fact: Any departure from standard designs (e.g., use of curvilinear features instead of straight walls) significantly increases the cost of conventional construction.

      **Imagine new architectural designs giving new appearances to our homes, neighborhoods and cities.

Implementation of this technology in the United States may be initially complicated by prevailing policies that regulate labor, zoning, and land costs. Nevertheless, the availability of this new technology has the potential to change the building industry in the United States. For Californians, it can the solution to homelessness, and an emergency solution when the "big one" comes. The impact of the Contour Crafting technology will be significant, given the current US construction-related expenditures which total $300 billion in the public sector and $700 billion in the for-profit sector, annually.

The following table summarizes the economic impact of construction automation by Contour Crafting in the developed countries. In the developing countries the proportion of the cost of labor is lower while that of material cost is higher. Regardless, as demonstrated by the success of other advanced construction equipment (as those used for road construction) even in the least developed countries major construction projects use advanced construction technologies because of higher productivity, higher safety, and less construction logistics and project management complexities that modern technologies offer.

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