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07-20-18 -- Lyn Ulbricht - Greg Doud -- (VIDEO'S & MP3s LOADED)

Lyn Ulbricht (mother of Silk Road Ross Ulbricht) talks about the petition addressed to the President asking for clemency to free Ross - Greg Doud (Prepper; Activist) on building/construction techniques, prepping/self-sustainability, communications, e
Media Type: Audio • Time: 243 Minutes and 0 Secs
Guests: Ernest Hancock
Media Type: Audio • Time: 50 Minutes and 00 Secs
Guests: Lynn Ulbrecht
Media Type: Audio • Time: 152 Minutes and 0 Secs
Guests: Greg Doud

Hour 1 - 3

Media Type: Audio • Time: 243 Minutes and 0 Secs
Guests: Ernest Hancock

Hour 1 - Headline News; Ernest discusses the Ross Ulbricht case and ties it into the Thomas Costanzo (aka Morpheus) case, where no real crime was committed, but rather the government had to silence any attempt by liberty-loving individuals to educate others on their respective ways to live free. Ernest reads his letter written to the Judge in support of Morpheus. Also, Ernest talks about Terry Bressi's recent lawsuit again the Border Patrol in AZ (details in article posted below)...

Hour 2 - Lyn Ulbricht (mother of Silk Road Ross Ulbricht) talks about the petition addressed to the President asking for clemency to free Ross

Hour 3+BONUS - Greg Doud (Prepper; Activist) on building/construction techniques, prepping/self-sustainability, communications, etc...

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Freedom's Phoenix
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July 20th, 2018

Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock

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Hour 1

Ernest Hancock

Freedom's Phoenix Headline News


1. Ernest's Letter to Judge in the Morpheus Case

May 23rd 2018

To: Honarable Judge G. Murray Snow
From: Ernest Hancock
Re: Thomas Costanzo Sentencing

I hope to share a narrative of my experiences with Thomas so that you have a much better understanding of why Thomas is thought highly of by his friends and associates.

In February 2003 I began my talk show career on KXAM radio in Scottsdale following the sale of our family restaurant. A regular listener and caller, 'Morpheus from Anthem', soon became a friend due to his philosophy of peace and voluntary relationships.

In February of 2007 Thomas was one of about a dozen people that were the first to produce and distribute the Ron Paul Revolution signs here in Phoenix from a downtown workshop that sparked a worldwide "LOV3olution". He was drawn to the effort by his search for truth and peaceful interactions with all he came into contact with. He is well known in the liberty community for his hard work ethic and his support of a society without force or the threat of force.

For over 2 years Thomas worked for our website as the Sales Manager and helped develop the Sales Desk from scratch that has become an intricate part of our website. I was happy to have Thomas represent our interests to advertisers and he has been a good friend to our family, 4 children and 11 grandchildren.

The depiction of Thomas as a facilitator of illegal activity with nefarious characters is incorrect. Every interaction Thomas has had with anyone, including government agents at all levels, has been one of education. My knowledge and experience of each of Thomas' interactions with anyone has been an opportunity to explain his advocacy of liberty. If I had to describe Thomas in the briefest of terms it would be, Peaceful. But he is very willing to stand up for himself with humor and conviction.

I remember when Bitcoin was presented to the liberty community and how Thomas reacted. The features of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology supported Thomas' desire to make a living without violating another's rights or participating in a system that funded war. 'Bitcoins Not Bombs' was a main part of Thomas' rhetoric and he wished to participate in a system of voluntary interactions between individuals where he was appreciated for the service he provided. Oh, and Thomas, like many of us, is adverse to paperwork. Cryptocurrencies provided an easy entry to an ecosystem that didn't violate Thomas' sense peaceful and voluntary interactions.

The prosecution's depiction of Thomas facilitating illegal transactions is misleading. Thomas is a sober and clear headed individual that avoided the drug culture (including alcohol, from personal experience) and the damage caused. He is a well-known advocate for a clean life that includes healthy nutrition for both the mind and body.

Thomas lives by example and can be evaluated a great deal by the quality friends he has and the good he has done his community and society in general. He lives a modest life and used public transportation often in an effort to avoid the costs and requirements of traditional transportation. Thomas lives his convictions and is a quality example to all that know him. A man of peace and industriousness.

The conviction of Thomas may accurately depict his violation of a law but this conviction, and other interactions with government does not define Thomas accurately. Since I have known Thomas I have never experienced or even heard about Thomas ever making another uncomfortable in any way. He is always a welcome guest to any event and everyone is glad he arrived.

Any community is better with Thomas as a part of it. Any escalation of emotions or violent tendencies in Thomas' presence are quickly diverted into productive and peaceful efforts. Thomas is not a threat to anyone and has proven himself to be a calming force in an ocean of uncertainty and frustration.

I was in the courtroom when the prosecution read the 'rap sheet' of Thomas' interactions with Law Enforcement of the past and I remembered many of the instances. All I could remember was that Thomas doesn't like paperwork or asking permission or seeking approval from anything other than his desire to be a good neighbor and friend. Thomas' aversion of intimidation by others isn't so much a personal thing as it is an opportunity to advocate for respectful interactions with his fellow human beings.

Thomas has been rapidly improving himself ever since I've known him and continues to do so… it's part of who he is. He always has new information to share and always with the goal of individual self-improvement and a better world.

I am unable to conclude this message without sharing the thought that humanity is better served with Thomas among us than separated from us.

Thomas isn't known as a law breaker, he is looked upon as an avoider of what he considers unjust laws, and has gone to great effort and personal sacrifice to be an example to others of what can be accomplished by simply living a simple life serving others and avoiding the bad elements in our society. But sometimes we are all put in a situation when saying the wrong thing at the wrong time can have dire consequences, but this is not the measure of what kind of man Thomas is. I am certain that Thomas holds no grudge and will be mindful of what he has learned through this legal process.

I encourage his release,… not just for Thomas' benefit, but for all of us. We all need more peaceful, pleasant and justice minded people like him among us.

In Peace,

Ernest Hancock
602 717 5900
4886 W Port Au Prince Lane
Phoenix, Az 85306

2. Arizona's Checkpoint wars

A recent lawsuit filed by a University of Arizona engineer is the latest round in the long-running battle some Arizona residents have been waging against Customs and Border Protection (CBP) checkpoints.

Just before the July 4 holiday, long-time U of A engineer and scientist Terry Bressi filed a revised complaint against the Pima County Sheriff's Department (PCSD), which in April 2017 detained Bressi for hours at the CBP SR 86 checkpoint, located roughly halfway between Tuscon and the Kitt Peak National Observatory where Bressi works. Bressi is well known to both CBP and PCSD, both having stopped and detained him on multiple occasions since 2002—despite the fact that Bressi is known to both organizations as a U.S. citizen with no history of smuggling or other criminal activity.

Why the stops and harassment? Because Bressi has dared to challenge the legality and legitimacy of domestic internal checkpoints.

His first checkpoint-related lawsuit was filed in 2002 against the Tono O'Odham tribal police and CBP for a stop that turned into a multi-hour detention without probable cause. The tribal police eventually settled the case for $210,000.

Bressi's victory came despite the efforts of the CBP union to get him fired from his U of A job. But the PCSD and CBP have continued targeting Bressi for stops and de facto illegal, roadside detentions, the latest incident occurring in April 2017 and triggering his current lawsuit.

What makes Bressi's lawsuit unique is that it highlights how CBP allows local and state law enforcement organizations receiving federal funds under the Operation Stonegarden program to collocate with CBP personnel at the checkpoints for generalized crime control operations—despite CBP's claims that the grants are to enhance "border security" operations.

The State Route 86 (SR 86) checkpoint operated by CBP where Bressi was detained and arrested is nearly 50 miles from the international border, and CBP routinely touts the drug busts that are made at or near the checkpoint.

CLICK HERE for the rest of the story

Terry Bressi's Webpage:

Hour 2

Media Type: Audio • Time: 50 Minutes and 00 Secs
Guests: Lynn Ulbrecht

Hour 2 - Lyn Ulbricht (mother of Silk Road Ross Ulbricht) talks about the petition addressed to the President asking for clemency to free Ross


Hour 2

Lyn Ulbricht

Lyn comes on the show to promote the petition addressed to the President asking for clemency to free Ross (Details below)...




Lyn's previous interviews on the Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock Radio Show:

About Free Ross...

The Ross Ulbricht Legal Defense effort is a group of family, friends and supporters who are working to free Ross Ulbricht from a barbaric, double life sentence for all non-violent charges. Our mission is to have Ross be a free man again and give him the chance to make a contribution to his community and society.

Our aim is not only to help Ross, however. By living through this ordeal, and getting to know other families and inmates in the prison, we have learned that Ross is not unique in how he was investigated, tried or sentenced. We have seen firsthand how our constitutional protections are too often being eroded. We hope that by shining a light on the plight of multiple thousands of people in our criminal justice system, and sounding a warning about our diminishing freedoms, we can help move the US toward being a more just and free nation.



Your Signature Needed to Free Ross


On June 28 we received the devastating news that the Supreme Court denied Ross's appealNow we need your help, and your signature.

We have launched a petition addressed to the President asking for clemency, to free Ross. Within three days we have already received over 6,000 signatures. We need yours, too!

The Supreme Court initially held Ross's appeal pending another Fourth Amendment case (Carpenter v. U.S.), so when it granted Carpenter we were very hopeful. With Carpenter, the Court ruled that the government now needs a warrant to seize cell phone records to track us. However, it did not address the even bigger question in Ross's case: whether the government needs a warrant to seize and surveil our internet browsing habits and history.

The denial is a personal blow, but also a blow to the Fourth Amendment and privacy rights. We had hoped that not only would Ross receive relief, but that the government would finally have to obtain a warrant before spying on our internet habits. Now our browsing history, and all the relevant and personal information it contains, continues to be open season for the government to delve into and use at will?without oversight, probable cause or disclosure.

The Court also declined to rule on another question: does a judge violate the Sixth Amendment's right to a jury trial when she bases an excessive sentence on uncharged crimes that were never proven or ruled on by a jury? With Ross's denial, it remains that judges do not need a jury's conviction to condemn someone to prison based on uncharged allegations. They can just do it.

Ross's options for direct appeal are at an end. Now we are seeking mercy from the President.

Please sign and share the petition far and wide!

Thank you!

The Ulbricht family

Hour 3

Media Type: Audio • Time: 152 Minutes and 0 Secs
Guests: Greg Doud

Hour 3+BONUS - Greg Doud (Prepper; Activist) on building/construction techniques, prepping/self-sustainability, communications, etc...


Hour 3


Greg Doud

Greg Doud, is a Mechanical Engineer currently working as a Project Manager involved with the installation of radio communication mass notification systems. After graduating during the economic downturn in 2009, Greg began working in the Reliability and Failure Analysis Lab at UAH which focused on materials and electronic systems testing. During this time, he was able to learn about many new technologies, materials, test methods, and manufacturing techniques. He has held from a young age an insatiable curiosity about the nature of the universe and a fascination with harnessing current technology for the benefit of humankind. Currently..... Greg has focused his spare time to build a knowledgebase and marketplace for resilient self sufficiency in modern society through his blog @makinstuff and website Greg is working to build a prototype Surthrival Mark 1 Homestead Kit on a trailer to house, Aquaponics for rapid food production, Caterpillar greenhouse for season extension, Aircrete for shelter production, Atmospheric water harvesting for reliable water supply, Solar power with genset for microgrid, and HAM radio for communications. Greg specializes in permaculture methods for urban farming, homesteading, aquaponics, personal growth, and home grown engineering.   


Here are some articles and the website I'm working on that highlight what I do.               

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