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08-14-18 -- Allison Bricker - Dr. Phranq Tamburri, NMD = Trump Report (MP3s & VIDEO's LOADED)

Allison Bricker (President and Founder of LibertyTalk.FM; Program Director of Liberty Talk Radio; political junkie, ) on Free Speech in Crisis - Dr. Phranq Tamburri, NMD = Trump Report - In Studio
Media Type: Audio • Time: 304 Minutes and 0 Secs
Guests: Ernest Hancock
Media Type: Audio • Time: 59 Minutes and 47 Secs
Guests: Allison Bricker
Media Type: Audio • Time: 198 Minutes and 0 Secs
Guests: Phranq Tamburri
Topics: Trump Report

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Media Type: Audio • Time: 304 Minutes and 0 Secs
Guests: Ernest Hancock

Hour 1 - Freedom's Phoenix Headline News

Hour 2 - Allison Bricker (President and Founder of LibertyTalk.FM; Program Director of Liberty Talk Radio; political junkie, ) on Free Speech in Crisis

Hour 3 - Dr. Phranq Tamburri, NMD = Trump Report - In Studio. Phranq talks about the deep state, censorship (Alex Jones), etc....

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Ernest Hancock

Freedom's Phoenix News...

Hour 2

Media Type: Audio • Time: 59 Minutes and 47 Secs
Guests: Allison Bricker

Hour 2 - Allison Bricker (President and Founder of LibertyTalk.FM; Program Director of Liberty Talk Radio; political junkie, ) on Free Speech in Crisis


Hour 2

Allison Bricker

Allison Bricker is a lifelong political junkie, having worked on political campaigns at the local, statewide, and national levels. She feels the U.S. Constitution is the best and most eloquently written attempt by mankind designed to restrain a government.However, even in its beautiful simplicity, the document, as witnessed by the current reality of American life whereby the central government decrees authority to assassinate & indefinitely detain without evidence or trial, torture, endlessly spy, and molest those who travel, succinctly illustrates the document is an abysmal failure.Thus, when not interviewing the best and brightest voices in the Liberty Movement, she regularly cheer-leads and advocates for individuals to peacefully withdraw consent and creatively circumvent, nullify, or interpose against the sociopaths in Washington, to wit she regularly refers to as "The District of Criminals."

Talk show host, news personality, political junkie, program director of Liberty Talk Radio



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Free Speech in Crisis but Not from Censorship of Alex Jones by Silicon Valley

by |

Free Speech in Crisis but Not from Censorship of Alex Jones by Silicon Valley

Inversion, whereby the desired outcome is the diametric opposite of the publicly stated goal or action is a favorite tactic of those who ascribe to the murderous philosophy of Marxism, itself now cloaked by a more palatable politically correct euphemism, Post-Modernism. Despite this rebranding of the Twentieth-Century's most abstrusely blood-soaked doctrine, the motivation remains the same: the centralization and control over every aspect of human life from cradle to grave unto an "equally" poor, genderless, disarmed, and starving stable of obedient Tax Cows, ergo a Totalitarian Tolerance dictated and enforced by the STATE.

The seemingly coordinated effort last week by Apple, Facebook, Spotify, Google/YouTube, to ban Alex Jones from their platforms, after his having a presence for years, reeks of a real-time example of this most favored of Marxist maneuvers. As such, the Big Tech oligarchs are going all-in, raising the stakes hoping to capitalize on a two-pronged Hegelian strategy to victory.  Whereby not only does Silicon Valley's deplatforming, at least in theory, check Alex Jones' influence & ability to push-back against the progressive propagandists salivating to see a Blue Wave overtake Congress from Republicans in the mid-term elections; by sending InfoWars to the Digital Gulag, such has primed the outrage meter by appealing to an individual's general sense of fairness and/or those holding perfunctory support of the First Amendment.

However, the cheap-shot censoring levied by social media technocrats is not the primary hazard, as the market is already responding: spiking the site's organic traffic and pushing InfoWars mobile apps that remain accessible at the time of writing this editorial to new levels of popularity. No dear friends of Liberty, the true danger to Free Speech lies firmly in the authoritarian snake-oil salesman fomenting an inverse reaction that advances the true agenda to wholly undermine the principle of speech free from government oversight and thus institutionalize new-media communication under the direction of a petty bureaucratic politburo staffed by lobbyists & executives of legacy media, aka the FCC/FTC/FEC.

Never Let a Crisis Go To Waste

Most unfortunate, yet precisely as statists pine, many alternative media content producers and even Alex Jones himself are demanding the Trump Administration step in and force Big Tech to unban Infowars unto a so-called "Internet Bill of Rights." Indeed, the cold cool shackles of censorship will be fastened whilst being couched in an innocuous sounding, but nonetheless direct imposition of placing a state decreed muzzle upon free & open dialog.

Inversion: The PATRIOT Act is to Patriotism as a backdoor STATE enforced Net Neutrality is to a Free & Open Internet.

We have seen & heard this ruse play out many times previous:New Communist Doublespeak Encyclopedia AntiFa Revised Edition Abridged for your protection George Bush abandon free market 2008

Moreover, the Marxist presupposition of "public airwaves" an utterly absurd notion that was used during the cancerous Progressive Era to usher in licensure of legacy broadcast media, resulted only in raising barriers to entry, restricting competition and wholly homogenizing a consolidated Pro-STATE message repetitiously drumming the public into many decades of lock-step obedience. It is no accident that five legacy corporations aided by regulatory roadblocks control nearly all of what is read, seen, and heard, as such was by design:

"Centralization of the means of communication and transportation in the hands of the state."

Plank Six, Communist Manifesto 1848

Well-read students of history concentrating on the time following America's successful secession from Great Britain, know that the intent behind the enumeration of a free press within the First Amendment to the Bill of Rights, was to prohibit the STATE from squelching the only form of mass communication available during the Founding Era. It is with minimal effort one would undertake by examining the events and writings of the day to conclude had radio, television, and even the internet been available, such would fall under the umbrella of being mass communication free from interference by sycophantic minions slithering the halls of Political Class institutions.

Nevertheless, the Marxists successfully implemented an end around the First Amendment and the principle of unbound discourse via the creation of broadcast licensure seizing upon the tragic sinking of the Titanic, claiming the crisis was caused by competition among too many broadcasters.

"The baker doesn't have to bake your cake, and YouTube doesn't have to host your videos."

Now however, we are hearing calls that in order to "save free speech" such must encompass the wholesale destruction of the remaining vestiges of private property. Proponents of implementing an internet "Fairness Doctrine" rationalize the obvious oblivion of private property by pointing out that social media oligarchs receive corporate welfare from the STATE, and technically they are correct. Google, Facebook et al do receive monies stemming from lucrative government contracts. However, when was the last time more government solved a problem of prior state intervention? Did more debt via quantitative easing solve the toxic assets amassed throughout the creation of the housing bubble? The answer to the former as well as many more examples too numerous to list is no.

Assuming you will have lifetime unfettered access to a third-party's private property is a bad business decision, not censorship.

Advocating for the government to step in and burn down private property rights to coerce free speech from obvious radical left technocrats is yet another example of the STATE executing a Hegelian Dialectic, i.e. create the problem, wait for the reaction, implement the state-centric solution.

Not surprising however is that the "solution" already waiting in the wings similar to the manner of how the PATRIOT Act or the Affordable Care Act were implemented, is seven levels of hell worse than the albeit arbitrary, politically-motivated stifling of Alex Jones on a handful of social media platforms.

Thus, whereas the radical-left have failed on several occasions to poison free speech unto claims of Hate Speech through the courts, another notion as farcical as "public airwaves," now the authoritarians look to capitalize on the outrage in response to the capricious purge of InfoWars from Big Tech's psychologically manipulative social media platforms.

On July 30, 2018, the website Axios published in full a leaked Senate Democratic memo, authored by former Big Tech investor & executive, turned pompous Democratic Senator Mark Warner of Virginia who sits as Vice-Chairman on the Senate Intelligence Committee, systematically outlining the implementation of a Chinese-style social-credit-score takeover of the internet by the United States Government. Among a bevy of authoritarian nocturnal emissions therein, is the requirement to "authenticate" user access via what is tantamount to requiring a driver's license to access the information super-highway (sic). Another suggests that platforms confirm and capture a user's physical location.

As such let us step-back and view the potentiality:

1. Legacy media colludes with Silicon Valley Tech to deplatform Alex Jones on the same day.

2. Wait for the outrage to clamor for government to intervene

3. Democrats retake House in mid-terms

4. Slide through a communist styled takeover of the internet with the help of Republicans now in the minority.

5. Republicans have their new "ObamaCare/Tea-Party-Pledge" of empty promises to utilize as campaign issue in 2020.

6. Wash, rinse, repeat

America: The last, best hope at Preserving Individual Liberty

Such are the stakes at play, let us not fool ourselves otherwise. America is the only place on the globe with a deep ingrained historical tradition of two keystones standing in the way of a totalitarian seizure of the country. No other Western Nations, not the United Kingdom, not Australia or Canada, hold or elevate the concept of free speech and the private ownership of firearms.

The rest of the Western World long ago surrendered both their conscience and ability to self-defense unto the cancer known as Political Correctness, enacting Hate Speech laws and turning the totality of each nation into a "Gun Free Zone" save for the government goons armed with government guns.

Free Speech & Guns – Kryptonite to Marxist Authoritarian SJWs

Marxists must destroy free speech first in order to then gain monopoly on firearms so as to usher in their compassionate communist dystopia. Without the subversion of both in toto, their philosophy is as impotent as it is murderous.

If the result of this fracas over deplatforming is STATE intervention to "uphold" free speech, the follow-up will no doubt be the disarmament of Americans, and thus the death of the American experiment and heritage of self-government.

The Solution to this Crisis Resides Within Us, not the District of Criminals.

The pathway to solving this crisis unto free speech in the digital age is simple: use the available alternatives or buckle down and build a better-mousetrap. We as individuals have the power to vote with our mouse and make use of the several alternatives such as, Bitchute, DTube, MeWe. In addition, a mass exodus from leftist social media platforms will hit them in their bottom-line as advertisers lose eyeballs.

Further, the complaint that the alternative social media platforms do not have the reach as those well-established is not a justifiable rationale to dismantle the First Amendment. Simply contrast the reach of MySpace in 2008 as opposed to today.

The stakes are clear, begging the state to intervene will be the death knell in the subjugation of Individual Liberty for years to come and shall denote the rise of a technocratic dark ages.

Let us instead choose Liberty.*

*h/t Frédéric Bastiat's The LAW

Hour 3

Media Type: Audio • Time: 198 Minutes and 0 Secs
Guests: Phranq Tamburri
Topics: Trump Report

Hour 3 - Dr. Phranq Tamburri, NMD = Trump Report - In Studio. Phranq talks about the deep state, censorship (Alex Jones), etc....


Hour 3

Dr. Phranq Tamburri, NMD

The Trump Report

In Studio






Phranq's previous interviews on the Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock Radio Show:


Dr. Phranq Tamburri is a naturopathic physician specializing in men's health with a sub-specialty in prostate cancer. In tandem to these fields, Dr. Tamburri treats male hormone deficiency, low energy, and sexual performance. Although naturopathic medicine is a specialty in itself, Dr. Tamburri has garnered recognition as an expert in the field of prostate cancer assessment, diagnosis, and treatment; each of the preceding from a balanced natural and allopathic perspective. His training in this area has been varied and wide in scope. As Chief Resident from his Alma Mater, he trained under Mayo trained urologist Bernard Gburek, M.D. at Scottsdale North Hospital while at the same time apprenticed under CMO and Physician of the Year Thomas Kruzel, N.D. who specialized in natural urology. Dr. Tamburri later was director of the Men's Health Clinic at his local teaching clinic. Currently he is long term professor of Clinical Urology at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and also sits as a member of the AZNMA and is the only naturopathic physician on the AZ State Funded SW Prostate Cancer Awareness Council. Dr. Tamburri has been published in this area along with multiple lectures to fellow physicians at yearly professional conventions. Recently he has been asked to serve as expert witness for the State of Arizona Board of Medical Examiners with regard to the management of natural prostate cancer assessment and treatment.

Dr. Tamburri, on his limited down time, loves to study Early American and World History in both didactics and in travels. He has taught inline skating for many years, hikes often with fellow doctors, and recently began pursuit as a poi practitioner!

Prostate Cancer Risk Assessment

Dr. Tamburri's NP Packet

Urological Questionnaire

Prostate Packet

Dr. Phranq Tamburri November 2008 NDNR article

Dr. Phranq Tamburri September 2007 NDNR article


References on the show...

1. Authoritarian Sociopathy

August 23rd, 2013   Submitted by Davi Barker


Many anarchists and libertarians eagerly study the psychology of tyrants in an effort to know their enemy in the battlefield of politics. Getting into the minds of our enemy is regarded as a strategy, a means to our political ends… which is an end to political means. However, I would suggest that the mind of our enemy is the battlefield itself, and politics is merely one of many strategies. We cannot fight the State with votes, or with cameras, or even with rifles, because factually the State only exists in the mind.

Our common definition for the State is a "monopoly on violence." This was originally coined by German political philosopher Max Weber, affirmed by Austrian economist Murray Rothbard in his book Anatomy of the State, and even echoed by authoritarian sociopath Barack Obama while campaigning in 2007. This definition is seldom disputed, even by the agents of the State. However, as surely as a pickpocket can knife you in the ribs, the State does not factually enjoy a monopoly on violence. The missing component is an often overlooked, but all important adjective: legitimate. The State is a monopoly on legitimate violence, and legitimacy is the only thing distinguishing a tax collector from a pickpocket, a police officer from a vigilante, or a soldier from a paid murderer. Legitimacy is an illusion in the mind without which the State does not even exist.

This illusion not only exists in the minds of the authoritarians, it exists in the minds of every subject who accepts their oppression. And every place that this illusion finds safe harbor is a trench in the field of battle. If we want to attack the State, we must attack the mind of the Statists. For that reason, the psychology of obedience and authority is not merely a tool in the activists utility belt, it is a topographical map of the battle field itself. So let's take a look.

Power and Obedience

We've all heard of the Milgram Experiment and the Stanford Prison Experiment. I've written about them before. So as not to waste your time, I'll summarize very briefly.

In the Milgram Experiment participants were divided into "teachers" and "learners" and placed in separate rooms. "Teachers" were instructed to read questions to the "learners" and if they answered incorrectly to administer an elecro-shock of ever increasing voltage. The "teachers" were unaware that electro-shocks were fake. After a few volts the "learner" began to object, to complain of a heart condition, and ultimately go silent. If the "teacher" asked to stop he was told by the experimenter," "the experiment requires that you continue." 65% administered the experiment's maximum massive 450-volt shock. The vast majority were willing to administer a lethal jolt of electricity to a complete stranger based upon nothing but the verbal prodding of an authority figure.

In the Stanford Prison Experiment participants were screened for mental health and randomly assigned as "prisoner" or "guard" to live in a two week long prison simulation. Guards were given uniforms, mirrored glasses, and wooden batons. Prisoners were dressed in smocks and addressed only by their prison numbers. Guards were instructed only to keep a fixed schedule, and that they could not physically harm prisoners. The experiment was halted after only six days because guards began to display cruel, even sadistic behavior including spraying prisoners with fire extinguishers, depriving them of bedding or restroom privileges, forcing them to go nude and locking them in "solitary confinement" in a dark closet. After an initial revolt, and a brief hunger strike, prisoners developed submissive attitudes, accepting physical abuse, and readily following orders inflict punishments on each other. They even engaged in horizontal discipline to keep each other in line. Both prisoners and guards fully internalized their fictional identities.

Ethical concerns raised by these experiments has made it almost impossible to study the authoritarian sociopathy in any meaningful way. Still, there have been some more recent studies that flesh out the findings of these classic experiments. Because of the new ethical guidelines the more recent experiments are not as dramatic, but the implications of their results are no less startling.

Power and Deception

Dana Carney is a professor at Columbia University. She conducted an experiment to discover if "leaders" and "subordinates" experience the same physiological stress while lying. She found that power not only makes lying easier, but pleasurable.

Participants filled out a personality test that identified them as "leaders" or "subordinates." In reality the selection was random, but the fake test created an air of legitimacy to their assignment. Leaders were placed in a large executive office and given an hour of busy work. Subordinates were placed in a small windowless cubical and given an hour of busy work. Then they engaged in a 10 minute mock negotiation over pay.

Afterwards half the participants were given $100 and told they could keep it if they lied and convinced the lead experimenter that they didn't have it. The experimenter did not know who had the money.

For most people lying elicits negative emotions, cognitive impairment, physiological stress, and nonverbal behavioral cues, which can all be measured. Video of the interviews was reviewed to identify behavioral cues. Saliva samples were tested for increases in the stress hormone cortisol. Tests of reaction time were conducted on the computer to demonstrate cognitive impairment. And a mood survey assessed participants' emotional states during the experiment.

By every measure "subordinates" exhibited all the indicators of deception, but liars in the "leader" class exhibited the exact opposite. By every measure "leaders" were indistinguishable from truth-tellers. In fact, they enjoyed reduced stress levels, increased cognitive function and reported positive emotions. Only "subordinates" reported feeling bad about lying.

Professor Carney concludes, "Power will lead to increases in intensity and frequency of lying."

Lying comes easier, and is inherently more pleasurable, to those in power, even fake authority. In other words, power rewards dishonesty with pleasure.

Power and Compassion

Psychologist Gerben A. Van Kleef from the University of Amsterdam conducted an experiment to identify how power influences emotional reactions to the suffering of others. Participants filled out a questionnaire about their own sense of power in their actual lives and were identified as "high-power" and "lower-power" individuals. Then they were randomly paired off to take turns sharing personal stories of great pain, or emotional suffering.

During the exchange the stress levels of both participants was measured by electrocardiogram (ECG) machines, and afterward they filled out a second questionnaire describing their own emotional experience, and what they perceived of their partner's emotional experienced.

You guessed it. Increased stress in the story teller correlated with increased stress in listener for low-power subjects, but not for high-power subjects. In other words, low-power individuals experienced the suffering of others, but high-power individuals experienced greater detachment. After the experiment high-power listeners self-reported being unmotivated to empathize with their partner. In other words, they saw the emotions of others, but they just didn't care. After the experiment, researchers inquired about whether participants would like to stay in touch with their partners. As you might expect, the low-power subjects liked the idea, but the high-power subjects didn't.

Power and Hypocrisy

It has become almost a cliche that the most outspoken anti-gay politicians are in fact closet homosexuals themselves, and the champions of "traditional family values" are engaged in extramarital affairs. Nothing is more common than the fiscal conservative who demands ridiculous luxuries at the taxpayer's expense, or the anti-war progressive who takes campaign donations from the military industrial complex. Well, now it seems there's some science behind the hypocrisy of those in power.

Joris Lammers, from Tilburg University, and Adam Galinsky of Kellogg School of Management conducted a battery of five experiments to test how power influences a person's moral standards, specifically whether they were likely to behave immorally while espousing intolerance for the behavior of others. In each of five experiments the results were about what you'd expect. Powerful people judge others more harshly but cheat more themselves. But in the last experiment they distinguished between legitimate power and illegitimate power and got the opposite results.

In the first experiment subjects were randomly assigned to as "high-power" or "low-power." To induce these feelings "high-power" subjects were asked to recall an experience where they felt powerful, and "low-power" subjects were asked to recall an experience where they felt powerless. They were asked to rate how immoral they considered cheating, and then they were given an opportunity to cheat at dice. The high-power subjects considered cheating a higher moral infraction than low-power subjects, but were also more likely to cheat themselves.

In the second experiment participants conducted a mock-government. Half were randomly assigned as "high-power" roles which gave orders to the half randomly given "low-power" roles. Then each group was asked about minor traffic violations, such as speeding, or rolling through stop signs. As expected, high-power subjects were more likely to to bend the rules themselves, but less likely to afford other drivers the same leniency.

In the third experiment participants were divided as in the first experiment, by recalling a personal experience. Each group was asked about their feelings about minor common tax evasions, such as not declaring freelance income. As expected, high-power subjects were more willing to bend the rules themselves, but less likely to afford others the same leniency.

In the fourth experiment participants were asked to complete a series of word puzzles. Half the participants were randomly given puzzles containing high-power words, and the other half were given puzzles containing low power words. Then all participants were asked what they'd do if they found an abandoned bike on the side of the road. As in all experiments, even with such an insignificant power disparity, those in the high-power group were more likely to say they would keep the bike, but also that others had an obligation to seek out the rightful owner, or turn the bike over to the police.

The fifth and final experiment yielded, by far, the most interesting results. The feeling of power was induced the same as the first and third experiment, where participants describe their own experience of power in their life, with one important distinction. This time the "high-power" class was divided in two. One group was asked to describe an experience of legitimate power, and the other was asked to describe an experience of illegitimate power.

The legitimate high-power group showed the same hypocrisy as in the previous four experiments. But those who viewed their power as illegitimate actually gave the opposite results. Researchers dubbed it "hypercrisy." They were harsher about their own transgressions, and more lenient toward others. This discovery could be the silver bullet we've been looking for. The researchers speculate that the vicious cycle of power and hypocrisy could be broken by attacking the legitimacy of power, rather than the power itself. As they write in their conclusion:

"A question that lies at the heart of the social sciences is how this status-quo (power inequality) is defended and how the powerless come to accept their disadvantaged position. The typical answer is that the state and its rules, regulations, and monopoly on violence coerce the powerless to do so. But this cannot be the whole answer… Our last experiment found that the spiral of inequality can be broken, if the illegitimacy of the power-distribution is revealed. One way to undermine the legitimacy of authority is open revolt, but a more subtle way in which the powerless might curb self enrichment by the powerful is by tainting their reputation, for example by gossiping. If the powerful sense that their unrestrained self enrichment leads to gossiping, derision, and the undermining of their reputation as conscientious leaders, then they may be inspired to bring their behavior back to their espoused standards. If they fail to do so, they may quickly lose their authority, reputation, and— eventually—their power."

Those in power are more likely to lie, cheat and steal while also being harsher in their judgments of others for doing these things. They feel less compassion for the suffering of others, and are even capable of the torture and murder of innocent people. What's perhaps most disturbing is that we have seen that the problem is not that sociopaths are drawn to positions of authority, but that positions of authority draw out the sociopath in everyone. But this final experiment offers some hope that authoritarian sociopathy can not only be stopped, but driven into reverse, not by violence or revolution, but simply by undermining their legitimacy. But how?

Reclaiming Lost Ground

Those who attack the legitimacy of the authority by trumpeting the results of the Stanford Prison Experiment and the Milgram Experiment have likely never heard of these  other experiments because they're just less dramatic. Without the shock value the research just doesn't impact the culture. Changes to the ethical guidelines have essentially neutered research on authoritarian sociopathy. It has been relegated to the water cooler banter of academics.

If the illegitimate ethical guidelines of legacy institutions hamstring meaningful research on authoritarian sociopathy then it is time for us to cast off such restrictions, and devise our own guidelines consistent with our own ethics. If court professors will not spread their findings beyond their classrooms and peer reviewed journals then it is time to conduct our own renegade psychological experiments, to show the world beyond doubt that power corrupts absolutely.

2. Frank Capra's Meet John Doe ( 1941) Full Movie

Starring: Gary Cooper, Barbara Stanwyck - Directed by: Frank Capra-

Some people compare this movie to It's a Wonderful Life.

Infuriated at being told to write one final column after being laid off from her newspaper job, Ann Mitchell (Barbara Stanwyck) prints a letter from a fictional unemployed "John Doe" threatening suicide on Christmas Eve in protest of society's ills. When the letter causes a sensation among readers, and the paper's competition suspects a fraud and starts to investigate, editor Henry Connell (James Gleason) is persuaded to rehire Mitchell, who schemes to boost the newspaper's sales by exploiting the fictional John Doe. From a number of derelicts who show up at the paper claiming to have written the original letter, Mitchell and Connell hire John Willoughby (Gary Cooper), a former baseball player and tramp in need of money to repair his injured arm (by Bonesetter Jones), to play the role of John Doe. Mitchell starts to pen a series of articles in Doe's name, elaborating on the original letter's ideas of society's disregard for people in need.

3. Narcissist, Psychopath, or Sociopath: How To Spot The Differences

08-09-2018 • YouTube.Com - MedCircle

What is the difference between a sociopath, a psychopath, and a narcissist? Here to tell us is leading psychologist and author of "Should I Stay or Should I Go: Surviving a Narcissistic Relationship" Dr. Ramani Durvasula.

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