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02-20-20 -- Christina Tobin - Tim Picciott (MP3's/VIDEO's)

Christina Tobin (Free And Equal) on the upcoming 2020 election cycle - Tim Picciott (Wealth Manager @ Innovative Advisory Group) gives The Economic Report Anarchapulco Recap
Media Type: Audio • Time: 163 Minutes and 0 Secs
Guests: Christina Tobin, ,
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Media Type: Audio • Time: 104 Minutes and 0 Secs
Guests: Tim Picciott, ,
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Guests: Tim Picciott, ,
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Hour 1 - 3

Media Type: Audio • Time: 163 Minutes and 0 Secs
Guests: Christina Tobin, ,
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Hour 1 - 3 Video

Hour 1 - Christina Tobin (Free And Equal) on the upcoming 2020 election cycle

Hour 2-3 - Tim Picciott (Wealth Manager @ Innovative Advisory Group) gives The Economic Report; Anarchapulco 2020 recap

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Christina Tobin

Founder and Chair of Free and Equal Elections Foundation and President and CEO of Free and Equal, Inc.




'All elections shall be Free & Equal' 

More Voices, More Choices


Founder & Chair

Christina Tobin loves to fight the good fight… for US voters. She's making a career of helping honest, earnest candidates to run for political office.

In the course of her work, she decided to mainstream her efforts. In order to shift power back to individual voter, Tobin founded The Free & Equal Elections Foundation, a non-partisan, 501(c)3 non-profit organization, dedicated to creating open and transparent elections in 2008. Free and Equal is the platform that's helping thousands of citizens work together, who want to clean up politics for once and for all.

A bit of background about Tobin. In the 2004 presidential election, Tobin defended 29,000 signatures in Illinois for Ralph Nader when he ran as an independent, while still in college. Through this, she'd had a strong taste of politics. She wondered if there wasn't a better way.

In the same year, she successfully defended 39,000 signatures for Rich Whitney, the Green Party candidate for Illinois governor. In 2008, Tobin served as Ralph Nader's national ballot access coordinator, helping to collect more than 500,000 signatures to put Ralph Nader on the District of Columbia and 45 state ballots. She also organized the first alternatively-televised Presidential debate.

In 2010, Tobin organized a series of debates for Illinois gubernatorial candidates. Increasing visibility of alternative candidates by providing debate forums is part of Tobin's larger strategy to inspire passionate activists and young people, who do not have major money sources, to run for public office. By 2011, Tobin served as Vice President of Taxpayers United of America. Her work exposed big pension payouts in Illinois and 12 other states.

For the 2012 Presidential Election cycle, Tobin moderated a Presidential debate with media personality Larry King, broadcasting around the world by RT TV, Al-Jazeera and C-SPAN. The debates provided a venue for four U.S. presidential candidates from the Constitution, Green, Justice, and Libertarian parties to address topics that the mainstream debates left out. It became a Top 10 Trend on Twitter. (Tobin holds the record for moderating the most state and national election debates in the United States).

Currently, Tobin is organizing a follow-up to Free and Equal's successful 2014 United We Stand Festival. The UWS Fests will feature celebrities, leaders and speakers, musical performers, artists and intellectuals who are socially and politically engaged.

Tobin's dream has always been, to bring more voices and more choices to the U.S. political arena.


21 Presidential Candidates Will Tee Off March 4 In Nationally Streamed Open Presidential Debate
More Voices and Choices to Join Presidential Conversation
With Cross-Partisan Debate  

CHICAGO, IL, February 18, 2020 -- 21 presidential candidates will take part in a unique cross-partisan debate March 4 in Chicago, organized by the Free & Equal Elections Foundation

Spanning both major parties and most national minor parties, these 21 candidates will demonstrate that Americans across the political spectrum can come together for vigorous yet respectful debate that can change the tenor of the nation's disastrous political discourse.

At a time when a staggering two out of three Americans think we need to make it easier for third party and independent candidates to run for office, this Open Presidential Debate will help voters and would-be voters learn about more of their options during this pivotal election. At the same time, 9 in 10 voters think it's important that the candidate they vote for this year will actively work toward unifying the country and making it less divisive. 

Republican contenders Robert Ardini and Zoltan Istvan will join Democrats Mosie Boyd and Mark Stewart, Libertarian Party candidates Ken Armstrong, Souraya Faas, Erik Gerhardt, Jo Jorgensen, Adam Kokesh, Sam Robb, Vermin Supreme, and Arvin Vohra, Constitution Party candidates Don Blankenship and Charles Kraut, Green Party candidates Howie Hawkins and Sedinam Moyowasifza-Curry, American Solidarity Party candidate Brian Carroll, Life and Liberty Party candidate J.R. Myers, Party for Socialism and Liberation candidate Gloria La Riva, Transhumanist Party candidate Ben Zion, and independent candidate Mark Charles for a first-of-its-kind cross-partisan presidential debate.

"When record numbers of Americans support opening up the US political system to more voices and choices, it's disappointing that the Republican and Democratic Parties work so hard to shut them out. We feel the time is right to create an inspiring cross-partisan dialogue that can address the important issues facing US voters," said Free & Equal founder Christina Tobin.

Co-hosted by Open the Debates, the debate is aiming to shift the political conversation toward constructive, respectful, and solution-oriented debate. The cumulative debate format will provide a balanced and informative dialogue among the candidates.

"We're building this event as a prototype for the kind of meaningful discourse and debate people are thirsting for, as well as a platform for the growing political reform movement and all U.S. citizens to weigh in at the presidential level. Instead of begging for better rules, better formats, and better topics, we're creating the alternative to make the Commission on Presidential Debates and media gatekeeper debates obsolete," said Open the Debates founder Eli Beckerman.

"By moving beyond false binary choices of liberal vs. conservative, Democrat vs. Republican, we can start to dig deeper into a more meaningful political debate," said Christina Tobin. "We're creating a new national dialogue." 

As former Democratic Congressman and past presidential contender Dennis Kucinich said, "Our country's politics needs a lot of changes but in order to get the openness that will lead to political reform we have to start looking at the very process of qualifying for debates." 

In addition to the March 4 debate, Free & Equal will release a Blockchain Election Assistant App this year to promote transparency and empower voters with information about all their ballot choices. Powered by Nexus, the app will provide access to very detailed candidate information, as well as educational videos and debate archives. Free & Equal and Open the Debates are also co-hosting an Open Presidential Debate during the general election.

Upon request, Communication Director Kristan Harris can provide an embedded code for debate livestream as well as press passes for the eve


Robert Ardini, Republican Party
Ken Armstrong, Libertarian Party
Don Blankenship, Constitution Party
Mosie Boyd, Democratic Party
Brian Carroll, American Solidarity Party
Mark Charles, Independent
Souraya Faas, Libertarian Party
Erik Gerhardt, Libertarian Party
Howie Hawkins, Green Party
Zoltan Istvan, Republican Party
Jo Jorgensen, Libertarian Party
Adam Kokesh, Libertarian Party
Charles Kraut, Constitution Party
Gloria La Riva, Party for Socialism & Liberation
Sedinam Moyowasifza-Curry, Green Party
J.R. Myers, Life and Liberty Party
Sam Robb, Libertarian Party
Mark Stewart, Democratic Party
Vermin Supreme, Libertarian Party
Arvin Vohra, Libertarian Party
Ben Zion, Transhumanist Party

About Free & Equal Elections Foundation
The Free & Equal Elections Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with a mission to open the electoral process through education and collaborative action. 

About Open the Debates
Open the Debates is a 501(c)3 project of Mediators Foundation working to open up the political debates of our nation to all ballot-qualified candidates, at every level of government.

Hour 2

Media Type: Audio • Time: 104 Minutes and 0 Secs
Guests: Tim Picciott, ,
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Hour 2 Video

Hour 2 - Tim Picciott (Wealth Manager @ Innovative Advisory Group) In Studio for The Economic Report; Anarchapulco 2020 recap


Hour 2

Tim Picciott

In Studio for The Economic Report...

Timothy Picciott CFP® CRPC® is the founder of Crypto Self Direct and Wealth Advisor with Innovative Advisory Group.

MR Picciott is a trailblazer in the field of Crypto wealth management strategies. Tim understands the challenges Bitcoin early adopters face, as they struggle to get their substantial cryptocurrency gains from the virtual world to the real world… without getting killed by taxes.

He works with Bitcoin and Crypto early adopters to provide advanced financial planning solutions to help them pay as little taxes as legally possible on their highly appreciated asset(s). He also advises crypto-enthusiasts as to how they can invest into "Crypto IRAs" using self-directed IRA's and 401(K)'s.

Tim's contrarian viewpoints and handle of Austrian Economics makes him an incredible asset for those who aren't looking for cookie-cutter financial advice. Tim has been helping his clients retire with the feeling of security for over a decade.

Webpages: Advisor Podcast - Crypto Wealth Edition (The Liberty Advisor), (The Liberty Advisor),

Tim's previous interviews on the Declare Your Independence

with Ernest Hancock Radio Show:

Latest Videos:

Jeff Berwick Fight With Quinn Eaker at Anarchapulco 2020

The entire fight video can be found at the end of Jeff's breakdown. I waited to post this of respect for Jeff, but Jeff knew enough people wanted to see this, that he told me to upload it.

We have several interviews with top speakers that will be uploaded when we get home.

Make sure to subscribe and to also check out our videos on World Alternative Media.

***Note I didnt want to be "that guy" who just stood there which is why the video cuts off during the ground and pound.

One ANARCHAPULCO speakers personal stories about Jessica k Hill

One person running Anarchapulco has done everything they can to treat people like crap. While no one single action is that egregious, this story is a microcosm of what its like to work with Jessica.

I wont tell others stories, but I could easily rattle off nearly 100 stories similar to this one and a ton that are 10x worse than mine.

I'm only posting this because a huge amount of people keep asked me to.

For every speaker like me saying this publicly, there's probably 50 who are staying silent or just bad mouthing her in private.

This is an amazing event and to see one person ruin it is very sad.

As a speaker, I wanted to do everything I could to remain on her good Grace's and to be easy to work with,  but one person can only take so much.

The only people who don't have anything bad to say are those who didn't have interactions with her.

PS I know her name isn't Hill.  I don't want this taken down for using her last name in the title. YouTube doesn't like her last name and for all I know she might try and have this removed anyways.

Hour 3

Guests: Tim Picciott, ,
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Hour 3 Video

Hour 3 - Tim Picciott (Wealth Manager @ Innovative Advisory Group) In Studio for The Economic Report; Anarchapulco 2020 recap


Hour 3

Tim Picciott

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