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03-23-21 -- Today's show will be a PODCAST - Jordan Page (Musician; Activist) - (MP4 loaded)

Jordan Page (Liberty Musician; Freedom Activist) provides an update on his music, 'Strings of Freedom' Online Guitar Course, "The Red Flag" is a new song that will be released later this year, etc...

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Podcast today with Jordan Page (Liberty Musician; Freedom Activist) provides an update on his music, 'Strings of Freedom' Online Guitar Course, "The Red Flag" is a new song that will be released later this year, etc...


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Jordan Page

Jordan Page is a national recording and touring artist who performs a mixture of rock and folk music that has captivated audiences all over the world.  He is known for headlining at major protests and rallies in support of freedom, peace, and limited government.  His lyrical poetry is as poignant as it is spiritual, and is matched only by his incredible guitar skills and melodic baritone.

As a political activist, Page has championed many freedom causes ranging from anti-war initiatives to gun rights to medical cannabis freedom to Bitcoin, and he is known as a leading voice of liberty in America. 

Jordan first arrived on the national scene through the Ron Paul movement and shared the stage with Congressman Ron Paul 20 times as his opener during his presidential campaigns in 08 and 12.  He has headlined at hundreds of rallies and events in support of peace and individual liberty since then and his iconic anthems Liberty, Message of Freedom, and Pendulum continue to inspire freedom-loving people to stand up against corruption and immoral wars.



Jordan's previous interviews on the Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock Radio Show HERE:



From Jordan: I wanted to send you a quick message to touch base with you and let you know what's going on with me.

I'm doing well and living free in the pacific northwest with my wife and kids. My farm grew 12 acres of CBD hemp last summer and am focusing on growing food this year.  I'm currently the acting CEO for two startups-a blockchain development group, and an environmental cleanup company focused on southeast Asia. Both are doing well and working to change the world. 

I released a single in 2020 called Hour of Change, you can find it here: 

My song "Liberty" became a top 10 national radio hit in 2020 as well, and that was pretty amazing, considering its 10 years old. It peaked at #6 and is in the teens now, but is being played in Canada and Europe as we speak. 

My new single "The Red Flag" will be released later this year and will be used by a number of pro-liberty groups to fight back against oppressive red flag laws and the pro-communist movement in America.

I got Zucked back at the end of October for accurately predicting the election and dropping some pretty hardcore truth bombs on Faceborg and was summarily shown the door. 

Now I can't even create a public music page, because I violate their community standards.

I expect Twitter and Youtube will be next and so am getting on some other platforms. I have recently acquired the right equipment to start live streaming and am currently developing new content to post online.  

I encourage you to connect with me on the following platforms.

Patreon:   <--- This is the one I'm going to use the most.





Something I am really excited about is my new online guitar course "Strings of Freedom w/Jordan Page." I'm launching it through Autonomy Unlimited ( Its an 8 week course for complete beginners as well as experienced players. I've taught over 3,000 people and have been playing guitar for nearly 30 years so its time I put it together in a course. I am opening enrollment in about a week. 

There will be 8 weekly live lectures with demonstrations and Q & A, and 8 weekly group guitar clinic sessions to help students with their challenges, as well as digital copies of the curriculum as PDF downloads. Students who sign up for the whole package get discounts on future courses and private lessons. I plan to do a songwriting course next. If you or someone you know wants to learn, just reply to this email and I'll send you details. I have all the gear now to create an amazing learning experience and I love to teach, so this is a really fun project for me.

I hope you are doing well in the twilight zone that is planet Earth in 2021.




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