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06-04-21 -- Cyle O'Donnell - Dale Brown -- (MP3's LOADED) (Dale Brown AFTERSHOW in an Hour)

Cyle O'Donnell (Producer; Director; Legally Insane Films) on his recent production 'Big Trouble in Little Quartzsite' - Dale Brown (Threat Management Center - Detroit) on instructing people how to protect themselves against violent predators.
Media Type: Audio • Time: 122 Minutes and 0 Secs
Guests: Cyle O'Donnell, ,
Media Type: Audio • Time: 41 Minutes and 19 Secs
Guests: Cyle O'Donnell, ,
Media Type: Audio • Time: 40 Minutes and 47 Secs
Guests: Dale Brown, ,

Hour 1 - 3

Media Type: Audio • Time: 122 Minutes and 0 Secs
Guests: Cyle O'Donnell, ,


Hour 1 - Cyle O'Donnell (Producer; Director; Legally Insane Films) on his recent production 'Big Trouble in Little Quartzsite'

Hour 2 - Ernest Hancock goes over the Freedom's Phoenix Headline News; Updates the LOVE Bus Liberty Tour

Hour 3 - Dale Brown (Threat Management Center - Detroit) on instructing people how to protect themselves against violent predators. 


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Hour 1

Cyle O'Donnell, B.S., B.A

Director, Legally Insane Films Producer, Moving Stills Media Professor, Journalism 7 Documentary Studies

Cyle O'Donnell is a professor of journalism and documentary studies, and has published a dozen books, created several podcast series, managed a digital magazine, showcased more than 65 albums of 180,000 images and released 30 films from 43 countries on five continents.


Millions in missing tax revenue, murder plots between politicians, a corrupt council using the chief to silence dissenters – the constitutional crisis that befell this tiny, American town was defeated by the only linchpin that once united us: diversity and open government. Quartzsite, Arizona, offers a cautionary tale of unchecked power, and the strength of the American Spirit that inspired a few dissenters, armed with the power of the press, to uproot decades of corruption.

This is a story that could heal a nation in turmoil.


When a town spends its first three decades trudging through corruption, embezzlement, false arrests and gag campaigns, and finally arrives at a place where order is kept and civil rights are affirmed, Quartzite's story is an anthem to the American way.

Just ten years after the conviction of its mayor on murder conspiracy charges, big money is coming up missing. A sergeant loyal to his oath, and a new mayor pushing for answers, fight independently but for the same goal – to uncover the truth. The residents who ask questions are falsely jailed, forcing the town onto the pages of Orwellian prophesy. The cops mutiny the chief and are fired for speaking out. Under armed guard, the council holds a closed-door meeting to oust the mayor, declare Martial Law, and turn over complete power to the police chief.

In the midst of chaos, the dissenter's voices finally reached America's media and attracted an armed march on Town Hall, made only more raucous by the Oath Keepers. And when the dust settles, the residents are left to pick up the pieces of an embattled town. But what happened to the money?

With a nation still wrenching in turmoil from corruption that climbs all the way to the top, this town's short but fiery history sets the stage for a modern day western as incendiary as the setting sun – its final, gleaming light soberingly exposing the dark underbelly of dirty politics, unchecked power and out of control policing.

Movie Poster, graphic created by Legally Insane Films, LLC.

Chief Will Ponce interviews with Legally Insane Films for the documentary, Big Trouble in Little Quartzsite, February 15, 2019

For the last two years, the crew from Legally Insane Films has followed this story, and the story of mayors, council members, attorneys, judges, cops, and others who say they've been targeted as well. We've gathered hundreds of court documents, audio and video surveillance, body-camera footage, archival news and radio bytes, piled through thousands of newspaper articles and interviewed nearly 70 witnesses across 11 Arizona towns. 

It's a big story that takes lots of turns and spans 30 years. Legally Insane Films, LLC., holds the story rights to what we hope will turn out to be a catalog of media that emerges from this long and detailed battle that has "more conspiracies than popcorn at the circus," as Dennis Wagner, reporter for the Arizona Republic, admitted during his interview. We're hard at work writing a book, and have already released the first eight episodes to the podcast (available below), and we hope to make a four- to six-part miniseries from the mass of content we couldn't squeeze into the feature!

Support us below, and help us get the funding to make these deeply relevant media come to life.

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Behind the scenes photo collage, graphic by Legally Insane Films, LLC.


While the nation grips their armchairs, suspended in a flurry of headlines exposing police brutality, the abuse of authority and systemic corruption that goes all the way to the top, Quartzsite has already seen it all. Since its roots in 1800's wild west politics, this tiny, desert town of only 3,500 residents showcases the entire life cycle of the same scandal currently rocking our nation. The beginning, middle and end of this tragedy comes to a close precisely as one might imagine for a community that's taken the gloves off and gone straight for the throat for decades. The microcosm of a rampage gone viral is no stranger to Quartzsite, but it is a story we desperately need to learn from.


Transmedia/Full HD/Feature/Six-Part Miniseries/Podcast Series


Set in Quartzsite, Az, with interviews in Salome, Bisbee, Flagstaff, Prescott, Parker (all Az), California, Utah and Wisconsin.

Selected Interviewees

Jennifer "Jade" Jones — dog groomer, Donald Trump songwriter, political activist, newspaper publisher
Shanana "Rain" Goldenbear — 4'10" tattoo-faced tabloid publisher and blue-haired chamber of commerce president
Michael Roth — 2020 La Paz County sheriff candidate and libertarian activist targeted and falsely jailed since 2007
Ed Foster — ex-mayor, nudist and successful federal litigant against a corrupt town council (now deceased)
John Gutekunst — squeaky-voiced newspaper reporter for the Parker Pioneer
Norm Simpson — current mayor, b-movie star impersonator, restaurant and RV park owner
Paul Winer — nudist bookstore owner and comedy cabaret performer (now deceased)
Russell Sias — LDS construction worker, 80-year-old activist and resident cop puncher (alleged, of course)
Will Ponce — current chief and once-mutineer against previous chief
Jeff Gilbert — contentious ex-chief and Kentucky transplant with alleged drug cartel connections
Alex Taft — tarot card reader and former town manager
Dennis Wagner — reporter for Arizona Republic and correspondent for the USA Today

Listen to the Big Trouble in Little Quartzsite Podcast

Hour 2

Media Type: Audio • Time: 41 Minutes and 19 Secs
Guests: Cyle O'Donnell, ,

Hour 2 - Ernest Hancock goes over the Freedom's Phoenix Headline News; Updates the LOVE Bus Liberty Tour


Hour 2

Ernest Hancock goes over the Headline News

Hour 3

Media Type: Audio • Time: 40 Minutes and 47 Secs
Guests: Dale Brown, ,

Hour 3 - Dale Brown (Threat Management Center - Detroit) on instructing people how to protect themselves against violent predators. 



Hour 3

Dale Brown

1993 - ECLECTIKAN Survival System

Commander Dale Brown founded the ECLECTIKAN Survival System. He created this system to instruct people how to protect themselves against violent predators.

1994 - Gang Violence Prevention Training

Dale began formally training families and small businesses how to defend themselves against the violent gangs of Detroit's East Side.

1995 - VIPERS Decrease Violent Crime by 90%

Dale developed strategies, tactics, and logistics to rid the his entire community of violent crimes. This program successfully, with the help of the Detroit Police Department, decreased all violent crimes by 90% and brought a total stop to home invasions and neighborhood murders.

The combined efforts of Dale Brown, the Detroit Police Department, and Brown's elite volunteer unit known as the Violence Intervention Protection Emergency Response System (VIPERS) has dramatically improved the quality and standard of life for the affected Detroit communities.

1997 - Survival Scouts Program

Brown founded the Survival Scouts Program which teaches youth urban survival skills and proper work ethic. Kids ages 4 to 17 are taught:


Gunfire Evasion

Basic First Aid

Conflict Avoidance

Personal Discipline

Threat Awareness

Problem Solving

2000 - Threat Management Center and Anti-Terrorism Bodyguard Academy

Dale founded The Threat Management Center and the Anti-Terrorism Bodyguard Academy, which currently provides education and facilitation to communities, individuals, education institutions, and corporations

2005 - Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) and Oakland County Prosecutors Office Award

The Detroit Threat Management Center founded the Community Emergency Response Team as a volunteer rescue unit in response to Hurricane Katrina. CERT worked with local law enforcement and deployed with the US. Army Airborne on the US. Navy Destroyer Tortuga into the flooded areas of New Orleans.

Dale Brown and the Detroit Threat Management Center were awarded for helping stalking and domestic violence victims by the Oakland County Prosecutors Office.

2007 - Channel 2 Fox News Interview and Report with Dale Brown

Channel 2 Fox News interviewed Dale Brown regarding stalking and domestic abuse issues.

2011 - The Detroit Threat Management Center Featured in Detroit Institute of Arts

The Detroit Threat Management Center was featured for promotion non-violent positive outcomes and helping ordinary Detroit citizens empower themselves against violent predators.

2012 - "Cops & Stops" Preventing Deadly Street Encounters

The Detroit Threat Management Center served on a panel with the Detroit branch of the NAACP to provide an interactive 2-hour sessions for youths for instruction against deadly street encounters. This was borne out of the Trayvon Martin murder for the purpose of demonstrating right and wrong ways to interact with law enforcement, armed citizens, and neighborhood watch members.

2013 - Channel 4 Interview for Classroom Faculty Training in Detroit Public Schools

The Detroit Threat Management Center was featured on Channel 4 for providing threat management training to faculty members of Detroit Public Schools.

2014 - ACLU Panel Discussing Tactics, Weapons and Technology

Commander Brown served on the ACLU panel at Wayne State University Law School to discuss police methodology, tactics, weapons, and technology from the perspective of public safety administration, civil libertarians, and citizens.

2015 - Carjacking Feature on Fox 2 News

Interview with Dale Brown giving advice on how to avoid carjackings and staying safe at a gas station pump.

2017 - Rock Newman Interview

Dale Brown gives an interview on the Rock Newman Show discussing public safety and the statistical accomplishments of TMC

2018 – CNN Chris Cuomo

CNN coverage story by Chris Cuomo on TMC dealing with domestic violence. The Threat Management Center's facility is featured showing live-action self-defense training.

2019 - HBO Vice News

VICE News coverage of Dale Brown and the Detroit Threat Management as a paradigm shift in public and corporate protection.

About Threat Management Center

We are a private corporation (NGO) that specializes in non-lethal methods of managing threat. Threat management provides education and facilitation for residential communities, individuals, small businesses, corporations and governments. Our tactics and strategies are designed to deter by projection, preemptively detect threat, and legally defend against any and all forms of threat, internal or external, of corporations and communities. We conduct Urban Survival Tactics training workshops and seminars for men, women, and children teaching them how to non-violently protect themselves.

We have mission specific training programs at public and private schools and universities. Our educational programs are derived from real world experience gained in actual situations. We have protected men, women, children, and law enforcement officers with our tactical training in Downtown Detroit for over 25 years.


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