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2021-06-24 -- Crosby Peck - Jordan Page - PODCAST from Porcfest 2021 (MP3)

Crosby Peck (Owner Roger's Campground) on Porcfest 2021, how it's grown over the years, etc... - Jordan Page (Liberty Musician; Freedom Activist) provides an update on his music, recent song, 'Hour of Change' topping charts...
Media Type: Audio • Time: 115 Minutes and 0 Secs
Guests: Crosby Peck, ,

Hour 1 - 3

Media Type: Audio • Time: 115 Minutes and 0 Secs
Guests: Crosby Peck, ,


1 - Ernest Hancock catches up with Crosby Peck (Owner Roger's Campground) to talk about Porcfest 2021, how it's grown over the years, changes (good and bad), how lockdowns/mandates affected (not affected) the campground, etc...

2 - Jordan Page (Liberty Musician; Freedom Activist) provides an update on his music, recent song, 'Hour of Change' topping charts...


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Crosby Peck - Owner of Roger's Campground

Crosby's previous interviews HERE


Located on 116 acres high in the New Hampshire's White Mountains, Roger's Campground and motel has been around since, Starting out as a hay farm, Roger's Campground has grown into what you see today! With over 500 sites ranging from grassy pull through with full hook ups for RV's to shady tent sites and a large rally field and gazebo for weddings and events. Seasonal sites are available for those who wish to enjoy the view all season long. Conveniences for our guests include a general store, laundry mat, arcade, pool, mini golf, multiple outdoor games, clean restrooms with hot showers, paved roads, and LP Sales.

Stay entertained!

From our arcade to outdoor pool and more, its easy to stay entertained at Roger's Campground and Motel. We have multiple outdoor games for the family including shuffle board, Tennis and horse shoes. We also have plenty to stay busy during a rainy day, from  puzzles to board games for free at the general store. We strive to make Roger's Campground and Motel your home away from home.

Hour 2

Guests: Jordan Page, ,

2 - Jordan Page (Liberty Musician; Freedom Activist) provides an update on his music, recent song, 'Hour of Change' topping charts...



Jordan Page

Jordan Page is a national recording and touring artist who performs a mixture of rock and folk music that has captivated audiences all over the world.  He is known for headlining at major protests and rallies in support of freedom, peace, and limited government.  His lyrical poetry is as poignant as it is spiritual, and is matched only by his incredible guitar skills and melodic baritone.

As a political activist, Page has championed many freedom causes ranging from anti-war initiatives to gun rights to medical cannabis freedom to Bitcoin, and he is known as a leading voice of liberty in America. 

Jordan first arrived on the national scene through the Ron Paul movement and shared the stage with Congressman Ron Paul 20 times as his opener during his presidential campaigns in 08 and 12.  He has headlined at hundreds of rallies and events in support of peace and individual liberty since then and his iconic anthems Liberty, Message of Freedom, and Pendulum continue to inspire freedom-loving people to stand up against corruption and immoral wars.


Webpages: (Strings of Freedom with Jordan Page, music course)

Jordan's previous interviews HERE

Show notes:

1. In 2020, Jordan's song 'Liberty' (from July 2010) ended up playing in hundreds of stations around the country (made it to #6 on the Americana chart)

2. In 2021, Jordan's most recent song, "Hour of Change" (2020) is playing in 30 countries around the world, and the song is now #15 (entering the charts at #25) on the Americana chart

3. In July 2021, Jordan will be on the cover of Record  World Magazine

4. At Porcfest 2021, Jordan will be playing at these events:

Fri June 25: Space 97/98 @ 7 pm. Bring a chair and come enjoy the music, and sing along!

Sat June 26: Bardo Farms Tent @ 7 pm

5. Jordan Page has been added to the request section on Cashbox Radio. 

We will also be featuring his song (Hour of Change) on New Single Saturday @ 4-5pmEST.

I will be sending along graphics soon for this show,

In the meantime you can log on request his song.



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