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2021-09-22 -- Mike Sylvia - Elliot 'Alu' Axelman - New Hampshire Secession

State Representative Mike Sylvia (New Hampshire) and Alu Axelman (Defiance Press; NH Independence) on New Hampshire Secession; Declaring Independence from D.C.
Media Type: Audio • Time: 79 Minutes and 41 Secs
Topics: New Hampshire Secession, New Hampshire Independence

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Media Type: Audio • Time: 79 Minutes and 41 Secs
Topics: New Hampshire Secession, New Hampshire Independence



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1 - State Representative Mike Sylvia (New Hampshire) and Alu Axelman (Defiance Press; NH Independence) on New Hampshire Secession; Declaring Independence from D.C.


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Mike Sylvia and Elliot 'Alu' Axelman

TOPIC: New Hampshire Secession


Mike Sylvia has been re-elected to his fifth term as State Representative for the Town of Belmont in the New Hampshire legislature.  He is chairman of the Belknap County Delegation, which serves as the legislative branch of the county.  His focus at the State House is government transparency, including the Right To Know law and civil asset forfeiture reform.  His voting record has earned him several awards from both non-partisan and conservative organizations.  The New Hampshire House Republican Alliance ranks his voting on Constitutional and Party platform votes, where he consistently scores in the upper 90 percent of votes, and is now serving as a chairman.  In 2018 he received an award from the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance for legislator of the year.

He recently retired from a 34 year career at FedEx, where he was known for his dedication to customer service and leadership in his work group.  While working with FedEx he earn a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Rhode Island.  Away from work his drive to run lead him thrice to the summit in the Mt. Washington Road Race.  He enjoys gardening and taunting Mother Nature by putting out his tomatoes and corn plants much earlier than She approves. He participates in volunteer activities with several organizations, including Cayuga Dog Rescue, and Lakes Region Porcupines.

He continues his work toward a smaller and more accountable government which uses less coercion and is more reliant on voluntary interactions.  You can reach him by email at

Elliot "Alu" Axelman lives with his wonderful wife, Kate in southern New Hampshire. Though raised as a conservative, Alu became increasingly libertarian as he learned more about how government operates. As he became more involved in political analysis via his writing, podcasts, videos, and activism, Alu evolved into a voluntaryist – which means that he totally rejects the use of force against peaceful people, even by government agents. Outside of his full-time job (emergency medicine) and his full-time labor of love (supporting freedom), Alu enjoys power-lifting, boxing, BJJ, traveling, teaching, and recently began trying his hand at piano and saxophone.

Professionally, Alu is a critical-care and flight certified paramedic, which is the highest level of certification that a pre-hospital medical provider could attain. He has worked in emergency medical services since 2011 and is a Field Training Officer and adjunct instructor for all levels of EMS students. Alu's experience includes service to a multitude of municipalities as the primary 911 ALS response ambulance, and service to a multitude of hospital systems as an inter-facility specialty care paramedic, often utilizing ventilators, IV pumps, advanced airways, and managing cardiac arrests.

Books By Alu Axelman

Corona-Fascism: How Politicians Used A Virus to Eliminate Privacy, Enrich Themselves, and Put the Final Nail In Liberty's Coffin


1. Breaking: NH Legislator Submits Legislation To Divorce DC; Declare Independence

Published by Elliot Axelman on September 14, 2021

On Monday afternoon, New Hampshire Representative Mike Sylvia officially submitted language to the Office Of Legislative Services for a constitutional amendment concurrent resolution (CACR). If the amendment passes the House and Senate with 60% of the vote in each chamber, it would be placed on the ballot in the November 2022 statewide election. If 66% of the voters choose to accept the amendment into the NH Constitution, it would immediately be added to our state's governing document, and the Live Free or Die State would officially sever all ties with Washington DC, becoming a self-governing nation-state. 

On September 1st, The Liberty Block published an article listing over 70 powerful reasons why Granite Staters should support state independence from the federal government. And then, Dictator Biden announced that he would bypass Congress and mandate that American workers submit to his power and accept the COVID vaccine, regardless of whether they already had immunity to the virus. When Republican Governors voiced their concerns about executive/federal overreach, Biden threatened to "run over" the delinquent Governors using his power as the President. 

The language submitted today asks that a bill be filed to ask the legislature whether the following language should be placed on the ballot for the people to vote on:

"[Art.] 7-a. [Independent Nation.] New Hampshire peaceably declares

independence from the United States and immediately proceeds as a

sovereign nation. All other references to the United States in this

constitution, state statutes, and regulations are nullified."

If the legislation passes the House and the Senate (the governor does not need to sign a CACR) it would give the people of New Hampshire an opportunity to vote on their future relationship with Washington DC.

The voters of this great state have not had an opportunity to reevaluate their relationship with our Lords in DC ever in their lifetimes; their ancestors made the decision to join the union 240 years ago, in a different world, one in which the federal government did not violate our every right, and did not steal half of our money to fund their tyranny. 

If you believe that it's time to give voters a choice – all this legislation does is give voters a voice – then please tell your state representatives and senators to support this constitutional amendment. 

In an interview with, Mike Sylvia said: The people of America have forgotten their history, if we take the time to look at our roots we can see that our constitutions have received 'lip service' for far too long. While I can not change the direction of the federal government, I can hold up the New Hampshire constitution and demand that we honor its clear directives. Article 10 reads in part, "whenever the ends of government are perverted, and public liberty manifestly endangered, and all other means of redress are ineffectual, the people may, and of right ought to reform the old, or establish a new government."

To find out more about New Hampshire independence, visit The Foundation For NH Independence, NH Exit, Americans United For Peaceful Separation, and read our many articles on independence and self-governance.

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