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2021-09-30 -- Ernest talks with Foster Gamble (Thrive II: This is What it Takes) (MP3 & MP4 LOADED)

Foster Gamble (Thrive Movement) on Thrive II: This is What it Takes; breakthrough innovations, future sustainability, community, solutions, etc...
Media Type: Audio • Time: 83 Minutes and 17 Secs
Guests: Foster Gamble, ,

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Media Type: Audio • Time: 83 Minutes and 17 Secs
Guests: Foster Gamble, ,


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1 - Foster Gamble (Thrive Movement) on Thrive II: This is What it Takes; breakthrough innovations, future sustainability, community, solutions, etc...


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Foster Gamble

Researcher, Co-Writer, Visual Designer

Foster Gamble is the Researcher, Co-Writer and Visual Designer of the documentary THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take? and THRIVE II: This Is What It Takes. Previously, Foster was CEO of MindCenter Corporation and an instructor in the non-violent martial art of Aikido. He was the on-screen host for the PBS documentary Aikido - The Way of Harmony and created three consulting services — Interaction Dynamics (communication/conflict resolution), LifeBalance and Zonesport — which he has delivered throughout the country.

(Official Trailer) THRIVE II: This Is What It Takes

THRIVE II: This Is What It Takes explores breakthrough innovations from around the world, unpacks the principles they have in common and offers insights, tools and strategies for reclaiming our lives and our future

THRIVE II: This Is What It Takes brings viewers behind the scenes with the people and inventions that have the power to transform life for everyone. Unpacking the strategies, the science, and the principles that underlie the most potent solutions in energy, health, consciousness, and non-coercive self-organizing, THRIVE II brings compelling evidence that illustrates a new paradigm of science that Einstein was seeking, unveiling for the layperson an emerging coherent theory of the "Unified Field" and all that it implies.

Inspiring trans-political, grass roots, decentralized solutions, THRIVE II offers practical tools for reclaiming authority over our lives. From new sources of energy to breakthrough health cures, THRIVE II provides the insights and resources needed for viewers to take next steps in accessing and supporting the solutions that can truly create a world that works for everyone.

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The THRIVE Solutions Hub is a free, open source web app to facilitate coordinated activism. As Martin Luther King, Jr said, ""Those who love peace must learn to organize as effectively as those who love war." This is our offering toward that end.

The Hub will provide the infrastructure and tools for self-organizing groups to collaborate effectively from all over the world. Within the Solutions Hub, you can create or join a group by issue and/or region in any of 40 languages. You can message others, download documents and videos, share what works and what doesn't.

Those who choose freedom do not have time to duplicate efforts, and with the attempted global totalitarian takeover in full swing, it is an especially important time to leverage each other's progress and insights. You will be able to use the THRIVE Solutions Hub to share legal data from successful lawsuits so that others can adapt it to their cause and region without having to replicate the legal fees or research. Use it to share effective strategies, latest updates, and to organize meetings for group action and protection.

A Guide for Self-Organizing in Communities
This toolkit is designed to empower groups to self-organize around effective solutions and to link with other communities to benefit from each other's experience and progress. You can use it to get ideas for effective group meetings, to match needs with resources, and to get suggestions for taking leveraged action


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Letters of Marque Paperback – September 25, 2018

by Marque dePlume (Author)

"The Crown calls it 'piracy' to explore frontiers beyond its grasp. So the time has come to define the conduct among pirates." Captain Marque

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