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2021-11-12 -- Ernest interviews Kristie Harper on Sustainable Subdivision Design (MP3 loaded)

Kristie Harper (RegeneratioNation) on Empowering People to Create Community and Restore Agriculture
Media Type: Audio • Time: 118 Minutes and 3 Secs
Guests: Kristie Harper, ,

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Media Type: Audio • Time: 118 Minutes and 3 Secs
Guests: Kristie Harper, ,

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1 - Kristie Harper (RegeneratioNation) on Empowering People to Create  Community and Restore Agriculture


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Kristie Harper -

Fund The Next Generation of Micro-Farmers

Create Food Security in sustainable, rural Subdivision Communities with Sponsored Micro-Farmers, Artisans & Entrepreneurs, Healthy Food Systems, Education Centers, Community Recreation & Private Ownership- Regenerate America.

Hi friends, it's time to Honor God, Empower the People, Restore Agriculture & Establish Community- through Sustainable Subdivision Design centered around dedicated, Community Sponsored Micro-Farmers creating Produce/ Profit Shares for Lot Owners, creating abundant Food Security for the local community. Farms operate as private businesses that give back half of their production to Community Shares. The Design also incorporates Sustainable Artisans, Entrepreneurs, Education Centers and Community Recreation.

Join us in reaching 1 Million People with an Agricultural and Community Restoration that is "By The People, For The People!"


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