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2021-12-23 -- Ernest talks with 'Aircrete Harry' (MP3&MP4)

'Aircrete Harry' comes on to talk about building and construction with Aircrete, what he has learned over the years, equipment, materials, etc...
Media Type: Audio • Time: 316 Minutes and 0 Secs
Guests: Aircrete Harry, ,

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Media Type: Audio • Time: 316 Minutes and 0 Secs
Guests: Aircrete Harry, ,


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1 - 'Aircrete Harry' comes on to talk about building and construction with Aircrete, what he has learned over the years, equipment, materials, etc...(see pics in HOUR 2 of our last visit with Harry in Trinidad, CO)


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'Aircrete Harry' - AircreteHarry

I'm Harry, I have a YouTube Channel named: AircreteHarry which platform I use to introduce people to Aircrete that I came across years ago after looking into a productive, safe, affordable, stable way of building. After many testings, experimenting & striving to achieve that goal of different beneficial way of building (which are all captured on video, raw, step by step with unexpected results sometimes that led to better way of learning how to approach & do), I am beyond happy to show each step of the way and its success. I always appreciate hearing from people across the world who cherish & appreciate it. I must add many times it's good to hear a heartfelt Thank You in an email/ via phone call/ YouTube comment or even in person that watching my videos actually saved someone money and time, expressing they learned from the mistakes in the raw footage videos. We all are very capable of learning from each other. It's all about Energy, Persistence and putting Your Time & Your All. 100% whenever possible! After living most of my life in NY and moving to CO with My Beautiful Wife, I am even more invested in introducing people all over the globe to the safer, more affordable way of building system. Besides using Aircrete, Domes is the way I strive to build. I also have developed & proven a way of making airforms that are lightweight and functional. Domes is the way I choose to build for many great reasons. They have been proven to have the stability in hurricane weather, they are fireproof, termite proof.  We made the happy choice to live off-grid. We are located in the hills and loving it. Yes, everything is about adjustment, nothing comes easy. Having each other and being on the same page can help open that vision. We are very Grateful for each other, the rest is all up to how much we want it. Never give up, never surrender is my favorite way to approach life. You can not control everything nor anyone, but you can control your Strive. Diana sent Today at 12:14 AM I Sincerely want to share this method with as many people as possible, to provide a possibility that is another way of building, a much more secure and affordable way!!! We all deserve to have that chance of Knowledge and Possibilities! Harry's recent videos HERE


1. Aircrete Harry domes, equipment, techniques, etc...

Mixing Aircrete in Mortar Mixer:

AIRCRETE HARRY™ Foam Generator • 120 Volt • US Outlet • Ready to Use with Wand + Convenient Footswitch / Foot Pedal • Hands-Free!

230 Volt European Outlet AIRCRETE HARRY™ Foam Generator • Ready to Use with Wand + Convenient Footswitch / Foot Pedal • Hands-Free!

Pumping Aircrete with DYI Aircrete Pump:

Aircrete Foam Generator:

Screw Pull Test:

EPIC FOAM SHREDDER (next two pictures):

2. Graphene in concrete is already changing the rules of the game in construction

Engineers have long dreamed of creating a wonderful material that can revolutionize construction. In 2004, their dream came true. British scientists first created Graphene—one of the forms of nanocarbon that is only 0.3 nanometers thick—a million times thinner than a human hair, but it can withstand colossal loads! Many immediately predicted a great future for it, and a little later, scientists were given the Nobel Prize. However, mass adoption did not happen. And only now, after 15 years, the first real opportunities have appeared to use the material of the future in commercial projects. Super-substance is made from ordinary graphite, which consists only of carbon. Nevertheless, due to its special crystal lattice in the form of hexagons, graphene gains many unusual properties. For instance, it can be both a conductor and a semiconductor, which makes it sought after when creating chips with higher characteristics. But the substance gained great popularity in another area - construction. Scientists have found that graphene is 200 times stronger than steel!


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4. Pictures from our visit with Aircrete Harry in Trinidad, CO in early March of this year...


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