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2022-01-14 -- Ernest interviews Brandon Smith ( (MP3&4)

Brandon Smith ( comes on the show to talk about de-coupling from the 'system' and becoming more self-reliant, barter markets, educating yourself, etc...
Media Type: Audio • Time: 83 Minutes and 31 Secs
Guests: Brandon Smith, ,
Guests: , ,

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Media Type: Audio • Time: 83 Minutes and 31 Secs
Guests: Brandon Smith, ,


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1 - Brandon Smith ( comes on the show to talk about de-coupling from the 'system' and becoming more self-reliant, barter markets, educating yourself, etc...


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Brandon Smith, Founder of Alt-Market

The Alternative Market Project was initially launched in 2010-2011 after I wrote for 4-5 years at This website (, is the sister website to, which I am keeping up as an archive site for people that would like to read all of my older articles.

The goal of this site has always been to educate the public on facts, evidence and philosophies that the mainstream establishment refuses to discuss in an honest way. But beyond that, Alt-Market focuses on SOLUTIONS, not just threat analysis.

My goal is to encourage people around the world (and Americans in particular) to start decoupling from the existing system; we must become more independent and self reliant as individuals, and communities must adopt localized economic networks including barter markets in order to insulate themselves from the ongoing decline of the corrupt financial structure. In other words, if centralization is the problem, then decentralization is the answer.

Alt-Market is about freedom, in the purest sense, and we stand against those that are working relentlessly to undermine our most fundamental values.

Parler: @AltMarket

Gettr:  @Altmarket1

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What Is The Wild Bunch Dispatch?

The Wild Bunch Dispatch is a newsletter with exclusive content from, and to be sure, I realize there are hundreds of newsletters out there in the Liberty Movement. You would think though that with so many in circulation there would be at least one that teaches legitimate strategies for fighting against the globalist agenda, the root problem that has motivated people to participate in liberty activism for decades now. Unfortunately, there are none.

Consider this frightening prospect for a moment – Globalists control central banks and money creation, therefore they have almost infinite funding at their disposal. They have puppet politicians in every major government on the planet. They have tentacles in every facet of the mainstream media and are seeking ways to undermine the alternative media today. And, they have dozens of think tank institutions which are constantly war-gaming faster and better ways of hijacking even more power and eroding your individual rights until there is nothing left.

But that's not the frightening part…

The thing that should worry you the most is that while establishment elites use these resources and think tanks to plot against the public everyday, we have not a single think tank of our own. We have no counter-strategy. No group of top minds developing ways to beat the globalists at their own game. It is up to us to create that "guerrilla" think tank.

There are at least a handful of liberty movement writers and thinkers that have offered potential solutions over the years. But, for each solution presented there are thousands of other people who bicker about them or criticize those trying to help while never actually planning to do anything about the problem. They muddy the waters and disrupt clarity. This newsletter is not for those people.

This is the Wild Bunch; a place for practical solutions and preparations for dealing with the globalist agenda. This newsletter is for people who are not just talkers, but doers. This newsletter is for quiet professionals, for serious and driven preppers and activists.

I have been writing for the liberty movement for over 12 years now on my website and then on to Alt-Market. And, in that time I have found it very valuable to fight the information war with as much effort as possible. Talking about the problem is always important, but solving the problem needs to be addressed eventually as well. Solving problems is not for everyone. Some people are good at contemplating, and other people are good at taking action.

The Wild Bunch Dispatch is written for the people who accept the hard fact that destructive globalism exists; people who know what is coming and do not plan to hide passively while the world burns down around them. If you are interested in discussions on concrete tactics and solutions no matter the struggle, then this newsletter is for you.

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The SIX MONTH package is $24.

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1. Is There A Way To Prevent Psychopaths From Getting Into Positions Of Power?

By Brandon Smith

Despite a growing resurgence of interest in the science and psychology of narcissistic sociopaths and psychopaths it seems as though society today has lost track of how these people can sabotage the core fabric of a civilization or nation. It is very easy to hyper-focus on collectivist ideologies as the source of our problems and forget that these ideologies do not function in a vacuum; they cannot wreak havoc by themselves, they need psychopathic people directing them to do real damage.

There is something about collectivism that lends itself to projection and hypocrisy (collectivism is organization by FORCE instead of being voluntary). I suppose when your political ideology becomes your religion it's easy to turn into a zealot. And while zealots find power in their single-mindedness and their cultism they also tend to lack any self-awareness. They literally go insane with devotion to their cause to the point that they lose track of whether or not their cause is fair and just. Their behavior becomes increasingly erratic and disjointed and every person they run into that does not share their views is immediately seen as a heretical enemy that needs to be exposed or destroyed.

To outsiders looking in, zealots are an endless source of comedy. You can't help but laugh because their ticks and cricks and outbursts are nonsensical and absurd (just check out "Libs Of Tik Tok" for a mountain of examples). As long as they don't have any real power these people act as a reminder of what happens when human beings abandon reason for madness. They can be frightening but they serve the purposes of entertainment as well as keeping the rest of us grounded. When they do gain power, however, that's when things stop being funny.

Civilizations throughout history have consistently dealt with the problem of zealots, but the greater threat is the existence of narcissists and psychopaths sneaking into positions of authority and encouraging zealotry among the masses. Generally, psychopaths are seen as an anomaly which is quickly identified and shunned in order to prevent them from climbing too high up the ladder of social influence. The problem is they are not as rare as one might hope and many of them have the ability to hide among the herd.



Letters of Marque Paperback


Letters of Marque Paperback – September 25, 2018

by Marque dePlume (Author)

"The Crown calls it 'piracy' to explore frontiers beyond its grasp. So the time has come to define the conduct among pirates." Captain Marque

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