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2021-01-24 -- Ernest interviews Adam Kokesh, Mike Nimitz (MP3)

Adam Kokesh (FREEDOM!; and Mike Nimitz (Agorapulco) come on the show. Adam pays tribute to the Ron Paul Revolution movement of 2007-12; Mike Nimitz talks about Agorapulco ("Respirar Acapulco"), Anarchapulco
Media Type: Audio • Time: 116 Minutes and 0 Secs

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Media Type: Audio • Time: 116 Minutes and 0 Secs


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1 - Adam Kokesh (FREEDOM!; and Mike Nimitz (Agorapulco) come on the show. Adam pays tribute to the Ron Paul Revolution movement of 2007-12; Mike Nimitz talks about Agorapulco ("Respirar Acapulco"), Anarchapulco


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Adam Kokesh and Mike Nimitz

Adam Kokesh - Chair - Homefront Battle Buddies -

Adam Kokesh is a Marine Corps combat veteran who first became a national figure as a member of Iraq Veterans Against the War. He has since dedicated his life to the cause of FREEDOM! as a civil disobedience activist, author, and candidate. He is the self-published author of FREEDOM!, a libertarian primer with over a quarter million copies in print, a former Congressional candidate endorsed by Ron Paul, a former radio host, TV host, and now online with over 80 million views on his YouTube channel and countless millions on other channels, you probably know him as ADAM VS THE MAN.

A tribute to the Ron Paul Revolution movement of 2007-12, the victories, the defeats, and how it was divided and conquered. A repeat of what happened to the Free Silver movement of the 1890's?


Michael Nimetz is a longtime supporter of just causes. From being the host of Liberty Radio show with his brother, to participating in the Ron Paul movement and finally becoming a core fixture in the yearly Anarchapulco event - Michael continues to support the movement towards freedom of humanity. 

Community Recruiter for an Enlightened Community based in Acapulco

Michael lives his life inspired by the meaning of his name: "Michael" means …bringer and guardian of the light; warrior for peace. 

He is a Project Manager and advocate for ethical projects that bring about a robust quality of life for those involved. This includes: 

    BCTC - Beyond Concept Trust Company -Hemp, The Kingdom of Shambhala, and more

    Harmony Enhancement

    Restore Humanity Retreat and Sanctuary

    Wellness Empowered

    PM Consulting Services via Autonomy Unlimited

    Respirar Acapulco

(Always open to listen to ethical ideas, concepts, and projects)

    Here are some other movements and projects through which Michael continues to support the growth of humanity:

Avivador - Opportunity Ambassador - Ethical Emergence Course Instructor and Advisor 

Department Head of Excellence in Proj Mgmt Dept of University of Reason

Advisor / Counselor - Doctoral program at University of Reason   

Founder of  The Joseph and Matthew Nimetz Foundation for Peace and Prosperity through Collaboration

Proponent for the Podolsky Advanced Learning Institute in Acapulco

Participant, Graduate and Supporter of Autonomy, Autonomy Unlimited, Autonomy Agora Marketplace

Podcast Contributor - "Raising Excellence";? "Leadership, Ethics and Organization"

Author - several books in progress. "Ethical Emergence: Progress toward Adulthood"- working title

Recruiter - Networker - Video Rockstarz

Lifelong Learner and Listener, Advocate for recognition of Exceptional Qualities in People

Michael Nimetz lives in Acapulco with his anarchist/ voluntaryist buddies and continues to expand his mind every year. Born in Gary in the 1960's, Michael saw the decline of the city after the powerful money pulled out. (The Gary Plan is the American model of the Prussian Education system) Experienced trauma.

Michael raced motocross as a child and joined the US Army at 17. Witnessed the black and gray markets beneath the surface of the military ("street wisdom"). Exited after 9 years of indentured servitude. Focused on Construction Mgmt. Top in Class at Purdue University - Multiple degrees

Exceptional career in the Construction field. Clients included Fortune 100 and government entities. Multi-billion dollar projects. Retired early due to ethics.

Ron Paul Revolution 2007-08 - Radio Show on Ron Paul Radio - The Fireteam for Freedom "The Mike and Jake Show"
Anarchapulco community devotee - Lived in Acapulco since first event in 2015







Mike Nimetz, of the Agorapulco community, is spearheading the plans for a 2-day Agorapulco event Feb 12-13 (the weekend before Anarchapulco) called, "Respirar Acapulco" (which translates to, "breathe, Acapulco").

Respirar Acapulco will feature roundtable discussions, presentations, ceremonies, celebrations, solutions, and networking.

One of these events will focus on the question of, "what happened to the Ron Paul Revolution?"

What is Respirar Acapulco? Agorapulco?

Agorapulco is a grassroots effort of the local freedom and voluntaryist community residing in Acapulco part or full-time. It goes on around the annual Anarchapulco event for a time period that stretches into weeks before and after. It is open to any creative soul who has an important message or idea that benefits humanity.

Respirar Acapulco is a 2 day Expo/Community Event that will happen on Feb 12-13th as part of the Agorapulco experience. Hosted in a downtown hotel banquet hall, it will feature presentations by experts and knowledgeable individuals from our greater community, panel discussions, an Agora-marketplace, and a number of unique events that uplift, inform, and introduce the community to each other in a fun and interesting way. It also introduces visitors to the many benefits of Acapulco and what the locals can provide. It will also serve as a group awakening/healing experiment/experience.

Respirar Acapulco is a collaborative grassroots event. We will aim to be as inclusive and interactive as possible. This is going to be a short term test as well as a long term planned event because although the 2022 event is a quick assembly, 2023 will be an example of much more.

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Some of the possible activities and categories for the two days of Respirar Acapulco:

Big Talks - Similar to the TED talk format (15-20 min) presentations from people concerned with ethics.

Topic Roundtables - 60-90 minute panel discussions with the most knowledgeable and experienced people available

Canary in the Coal Mine - First hand stories from refugees of the advance of tyranny in Australia

A tribute to the Ron Paul Revolution movement of 2007-12, the victories, the defeats, and how it was divided and conquered. A repeat of what happened to the Free Silver movement of the 1890's?

Psychological Warfare in the Modern World - the work of Milton Erickson. Mass Formation Psychosis. Externalization of the Individual's Nervous System. Is Modern Society Schizophrenic? - Socrates to the Metaverse. Quiet Weapons for Silent Wars - Attention/Economy as a power source. Risk Mgmt and Assessment. Healing the damage.

The Dolphin Idea Release - An alternative approach to small business in the 21st century. It's like Shark Tank or Dragon's Den… only the great idea isn't soaked up and exploited by multinationals, it's fostered to new heights by the aid and expertise of individuals within the group.

A tribute to Nathan Freeman - Chief Cat Herder for Anarchapulco 2016-18

A Beauty and Talent Contest and Collaboration with a Gong Show flair… Demonstrating the beautiful things we can identify in each other. 

The Benefits and Detriments of Psychedelics

Developing a Parallel Society - Practices, Rituals, Standards, Expectations, Visions, Culture, Common Sense, Craftsmanship and Excellence. Egregore. From Disenchanted to Determined - Living in the insane asylum called "Modern Society" can be disturbing, finding your tribe can be life altering. Scarcity to Abundance mindset. A Voluntaryist Creative Offensive.

Supply Chain Disruptions/ Inflation - Red flags for small businesses. Planks of the Communist Manifesto. A hostile environment. Solutions and Choices to be made.

Understanding Public Relations and Marketing - How to navigate the environment, the publicity stunts, attention as a electric current and how it is utilized

What does Excellence look like in Homeschooling?

Germ Theory, Terrain Theory and its implications

Strategic Thinking and Long-Term Planning and its Benefits


            BCTC - How do we create an alternative parallel society dedicated to enlightenment?
            Mesh networks for communications and more - A cost effective approach to bolstering communication and network infrastructure
            Wellness Empowered - Alternative Health organizations and communities

            Rooftop gardening in Acapulco

            Acapulco has many advantages - There is a long list why Acapulco may become the capital of the free world (Talking to God)

            Autonomy - The University of Reason - Deprogram yourself of learned helplessness
            Autonomy Unlimited - A Ethical Marketing and Consulting company to emulate

            Ethical Emergence - Practice turning potential into reality everyday. Life Accelerator!

            Harmony Enhancement - Turn disharmony into harmony in all human interactions

            Restore Humanity - Retreat and Sanctuary

            Dealing with and Overcoming Trauma

Creating a Cooperative with Local Businesses and Local People (Mutual Aid Society) -"Eyesores to Awesome", Crypto-currencies, and much more

Sponsorship Opportunities

Video Documentary Production

Health Retreats



VIP Breakfasts, Lunches, and Dinners

Community Share Economy Library Additions


Cruises and Boat Outings

Animal Rescue

Crisis Hotline

Skydiving and other adventure events

Topics / Speakers
Agora Marketplace

Volunteer Opportunities - We welcome all innovative and creative ideas. We welcome passionate ethical people. 

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Autonomy -

Respirar Acapulco -



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