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2021-01-26 -- Julie Wentz on Freedom Healthcare in AZ (MP3) - Can't STOP the Signal!

Julie Wentz (Freedom Healthcare; Arizona Stands Up!) comes on to talk about the Private Healthcare Association being set up in Arizona in response to the deliberate destruction of our current healthcare systems - Note from Host...
Media Type: Audio • Time: 40 Minutes and 46 Secs
Guests: Julie Wentz, ,
Guests: , ,

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Media Type: Audio • Time: 40 Minutes and 46 Secs
Guests: Julie Wentz, ,

(NOTE from Ernest: This is more of a private conversation with Julie as an introduction to our community and the resources we are going to make available to her, her supporters and the Private Membership Association she is creating for Private Healthcare. This Friday the 28th of January 2022 we will record a REAL Show with Julie to overlap with Dr Judy Mikovits. We may also add in some other local Doctors to help spread awareness of this solution.

Private Membership Associations may be a large part of many solutions to government overreach and why this issue was the top story in our recent FreedomsPhoenixNewspaper -
 Private Membership Associations. 

Today's trouble with Computer UPDATES, Software and sound system integration was... interesting :) We eventually had to patch in a Zoom recorded show via 3 computers to get an MP3 file for those of you that were really looking forward to this conversation and hoping to be informed and help... so here you go. It isn't pretty but you'll see that we made a ShipTon of lemonade when a trailer load of lemons get dumped on us. ENJOY!)


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1 - Julie Wentz (Freedom Healthcare; Arizona Stands Up!) comes on to talk about the Private Healthcare Association being set up in Arizona in response to the deliberate destruction of our current healthcare systems


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Julie Wentz

Julie Wentz is the Founding Trustee/Minister of Freedom Healthcare in Arizona and a co-founder of Arizona Stands Up!

She is an advocate for Arizona in regards to standing up against the unconstitutional state lock down and mask mandates. She launched Arizona Stands Up to advocate for life, liberty, and freedom, educate on constitutional and natural rights and initiate action to maintain our constitutional republic. People have the personal right to decide their healthcare directives and manage their own lives and livelihoods.  The government overreach has gone too far, and it will take action to stop the state and local government leaders from infringing further on our constitutional rights.  It is time to give Arizonans back their lives, livelihoods and "right to breathe free".

She also has launched Freedom Healthcare in response to the deliberate destruction of our current healthcare systems. Helping the medical professionals in the three largest health systems in Arizona hold their ground with a document process that went along with their religious exemptions, she realized everything she was doing was "reactive".  The work needed to be "proactive" and get ahead of the issue, which was the fall of the current health systems and the lack of focus on real "health" care.  The idea behind Freedom Healthcare was born.

Julie has an extensive background in marketing and management in big box retail management, senior living communities and technology start-ups, along with decades of event management. She received her bachelor's at Oregon State University and spent six months in Vienna Austria at the University of Vienna obtaining her International Business degree. She is also respite Foster Parent for the west valley in Arizona

Freedom Healthcare is a:


Freedom Healthcare is Arizona's  new, alternative healthcare system, launching for personal freedom in healthcare! Our diverse medical teams will be from all genres and have a proactive focus on health in all aspects of life; body, mind and spirit.  Private health association membership with direct primary care  and concierge options.

Our Health Ministry Mission

We believe our Creator endowed us with a perfect immune system and everything in nature we need to take care of our bodies. We focus on proactive healthcare, natural alternative medicine, wellness, exercise and a healthy lifestyle.  We also incorporate state of the art medical advances and options for individuals to explore in their healthcare journey. We believe in personal choices for you on your journey to your best health.

Our Mission:

To provide proactive, sound and nature-focused healthcare to individuals, providing value and making a difference in individuals lives through body, mind and spirit.

Our Vision:

To empower individuals to find true health, incorporating body, mind and spirit, grounded in God's nature.

Experience and Professionalism

With decades of experience, our diverse medical team will assess your healthcare needs and give you options for healing. We understand the importance of educating you on the most effective ways to naturally take care of your body, so that you can feel better quickly.

Practitioners Who Care

Not only will our medical teams treat your existing conditions, but we also work to maximize healthy living strategies. We strive to help you improve your quality of life, achieve your wellness goals, and support you living your best possible life.

Practitioner Based Clinics Around Arizona

We will be launching clinics and micro-hospitals around Arizona with healthcare professionals in every genre of practice. As a Member of our Private Health Association, you can choose to see any practitioner at your clinic. Find the medical practitioner that best fits your personal health needs and help you balance body, mind, and spirit.

Wellness Support

Freedom Healthcare focuses on overall wellness, through attention to mind -body-spirit.  We want to help you gain and maintain the best possible healthy life, so with exercise programs, wellness clinics, nutrition & cooking information, as well as a strong Faith in our Creator for sustaining our lives. Find where you can connect that will be a benefit to your life and others.

A Healthy Community

When you choose Freedom Healthcare, you join a true community. We work with all our members of our community to build a network of people working together for a healthier community and world.


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