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Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock 1480 KPHX 05-04-2008

The r3VOLution continues across the country -- Nevada GOP's actions - State legislator comes out against 'official 9/11 story - Libertarian Party National Convention and local campaigns - The John McCain and Hillary Clinton Team - Joe Arpaio

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"Declare Your Independence" Radio Archive -
March 19th 2008 Sunday at 10am MST - Listen live    

  The Revolution will not be televised,...
but it will be YouTubed!
  2008 - The Year That The People Saved America,...
or at least pointed out that it needed saving.
Sunday, May 4, 2008
Ernest Hancock is back from a month long cross country tour that included a speech given on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. -
Ernest shares his experiences and opinions on the Race for POTUS. 'John Mccain and Hillary Clinton are a team' - The Ron Paul Revolution is not even close to being done - The Libertarian National Party is invited to join the r3VOLution.




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