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2022-11-09 -- Ernest Hancock interview Eric Shine (Administrative State Corruption Issues) MP3

Eric Shine (former Lieutenant and merchant marine officer) comes back on the show to talk about corruption in the administrative state and an update on his appeal
Media Type: Audio • Time: 80 Minutes and 10 Secs
Guests: Eric Shine, ,

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Media Type: Audio • Time: 80 Minutes and 10 Secs
Guests: Eric Shine, ,


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1 -  Eric Shine (former Lieutenant and merchant marine officer) comes back on the show to talk about corruption in the administrative state; New Radio Program, Maritime Matters, Broadcast Live on WGSO AM Radio 990 out of New Orleans, Louisiana (Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 7 pm CST)

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Eric Shine

[UPDATED BIO]: Eric is a Veteran Cable TV, Radio, and Podcast Host having carried on hundreds and hundreds of Guest Interviews as well and bringing his knowledge and take on what is going on in American today, and around the world.  Eric is a U.S. Veteran and former Naval Officer, and a graduate of the United States Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point.  Eric as a former Naval Officer was trained and Commissioned by the Navy and embedded in the American Flag United States Merchant Marine. An important civil defense and National Security Program that has been under attack for decades now. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt who dedicated Kings Point on September 30, 1943, noted that, "the Academy serves the Merchant Marine as West Point serves the Army and Annapolis the Navy." The Department of the Navy, or Naval Sciences runs the Academy.  [ ] and [].

Eric brings a wealth of hard earned knowledge about all Maritime Matters [hence the name of the show] to your ears every Wednesday as Broadcast Live on WGSO AM Radio 990 out of New Orleans, Louisiana, and the video capture can be streamed off the internet. Eric talks about the importance of our Nation as a Maritime Power including American Shipyards, American Flag Shipping, the U.S. Merchant Marine, our Ports and waterways, the U.S. Navy, the U.S. Coast Guard, the Uniform Code of Military Justice or UCMJ and its "Uniform" nature, and other topics from the Separation of Powers Doctrine, Plato's "The Republic", the Allegory of the Cave, Montesquieu and his tome named "Spirit of the Law",  our "Founder's" and Jefferson's Democratic - Republican party [when the two were one in the same], and much, much more.  Listen in and support the show and Eric's efforts to get to you the truth on many things you may not have thought enough about but need to.  One of Eric's former programs known as "In The Zone" was heard on Genessis Communications Network, or GCN, and on Republic Broadcasting Network, or RBN, and seen on Time Warner on Cable TV.  If you can still find these show on You Tube they are worth a listen to and date back to the turn of the century.

Eric's previous interviews HERE


ERIC SHINE V. USA, No. 11-72740 (9th Cir. 2014) PDF


Here is my appeal to 9th Circuit.  This was from 2014.  It was recently revealed to me just who Raymond J. Dearie actually is, because of what happened with the Trump's Mar-a-lago Presidential Documents case, where Dearie was named as the Special Master, and they started having issues with him and the way he was handling it.  He was not on the up and up.  

This is involved 2 warrants for surveilling Carter Page.  This involves the Steele dossier, and falsification of information provided to the Court. And a whole lot more.  Turned out to be illegal and they covered it all up.

My appeal is in strong contrast to Admiralty, & General Maritime Law.  Matson was used against me, even though they rescinded their firing of me?

Let alone the facts of the case is in strong contrast to the law.  Anything I've done is supposed to be in the Captain's long, and written on the back of the Shipping Articles, neither were done.

You need to read it closely. Very, very closely.  At least a couple times.

It has the name Judge Raymond J. Dearie, U.S. District Court Judge from New York on the appeal, and several footnotes to boot, who, turns out, was a F.I.S.A. Court Judge from 2012 - 2019. 

My appeal was heard [but not heard] in 2014.

Judge Dearie intentionally buried my appeal after fighting my back way to 9th Circuit, again in 2014, as an Appellant now under Administrative Law - in an Article II - Police Court, after being there in 2003/ 2004 in the 9th Circuit, as an Appellant on 3 Appeals from - Article III District Court cases, that the Coast Guard stepped on intentionally, on the same cases I was originally a Plaintiff, but now, in 2014, I was turned into a, Defendant in an Article II - Police Court. 

When I had first filed my Federal District Court cases it was prior to 9-11 in 2000, but transgressed time period of 9-11, when I had to go into Court in the midst of the election between two Bones Men, John Kerry and George W. Bush, who were actually both Members of the Brotherhood of Death, or Lodge 322, or Skull and Bones.  I actually went across the street from the Federal District Court in Los Angeles to see people at John Kerry's campaign that was running across the street.

Everything was cordoned off, and at one point I was actually escorted from the court by Private Security, and my car was taken away from me.

There's so much more.

The 3 Federal District Court cases were stopped by the Coast Guard filing what was effectively a Counter-Complaint against me, for the filing of the Civil Court cases against the Shipping Companies, and the Union.  This brought me into the Article II Courts, which were not supposed to have - per the Supreme Court, in Reid vs. Covert, 1957.  So, the Coast Guard protected a foreign owned, and controlled Shipping Company, namely American President Lines.

Hamburg Amerika Lines was married into American President Lines, it was one of the Companies shut down for trading with the enemy, that the Bush family owned.  Roosevelt had a big hand in this.

All three are controlled by, or even run by one form of the Mafia.

Of one type or another, Jewish, French, German, British, Swiss, Italian, Irish, etc.  That's who has control of the United States right now - Biden might as well be Whitey Bulger.

The lower "Court" is in the Executive Branch and is nothing more, nothing less than a Police Court, or a Police Commission, or a Mafia run fake Court, where they went as far as to falsify medical records. 

They turned me into a Defendant from a Plaintiff in the Coast Guard case, against me. that hey filed in 2003 and wasn't finished until 2014, but goes back before 2003, at least 2 years before if not longer.

The used the wrong Social Security #, for the wrong Medical Records, they even tried to put forward that I said " that evil spirits possess me at times", even though I never said this.  To get to the 9th Circuit after they switched from an Article III Court to an Article II Court, I had to file multiple appeals to the Commandant, then to Appeal his final appeal to the NTSB [which was all German named individuals who are also all FAA Arbitrators], then file the Appeal with the 9th Circuit.

He ruled on my Appeal in 2014, out here in California [?? a NY District Judge and a FISA Court Judge], as a FISA Court Judge, he also ruled on 2 Warrants issued against Carter Page, from within the FISA Court, who later disproved the need for the issuance of these warrants.

One of the Companies, importantly, was American President Lines.  The Afloat Personnel Manager Archie Morgan, IV, the heir to the Morgan family name and trust, known as the Money Trust, worked for ASM/ APL/ Patriot Holdings, wrote a letter to the Coast Guard telling them to investigate me through the hearing process.   Lieutenant Tribolet was the one who fielded their call.  There's a whole story to it.

They filed charges on March 06, 2003, three days after moving the Coast Guard into the Department of Homeland Security from the Department of Transportation, where we do not hide Branches of the Military in, and a couple of weeks before launching the war in Iraq.  The Coast Guard is saying that it is a Branch of Military.  It is not.  They try and pull this every time we have a war, and to further the interests of the Crown.  One that does not conform to Title 10 and the UCMJ, that it has its own version of those laws, and that it can involve itself with Civilian Affairs.  After 10 to 11 years.  They did all this with Administrative Law. After 10 to 11 years. 

Here is a list of the Largest Shipping Companies in the World. 

I'll explain it to you as it needs some explaining. 

Look at the #3 Largest Shipping Companies, or - CGA - CGM. 

It now owns and controls American President Lines, or APL.

So, American President Lines flies the American FLAG, but it is now FOREIGN owned.

Take a look at the flags that I'll get into a lot on the show.

I sued the Shipping Companies that are now foreign owned Companies, and were controlled by one form of the Mafia, or another.  American President Lines, or APL, is now French through the #3 Largest Shipping Company in the World.  All of this to move several Companies overseas that they can run rackets off of once again

Think of the War[s] and what it means to have a U.S. Flag Ship, but under foreign ownership, think what they can do, with a criminal like Biden in the white house, they can run ships back at us under the American Flag and make a killing in War Time, on transporting the equipment of war.  Food, munitions, gear, vehicles, this what builds Shipping Companies is Federal Contracting.

They want to use this war to end the United States and are building it up in Switzerland, the Dutch, the French, Italy, and more.  P2 is involved, Berlusconi,and a whole lot more.


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