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2023-01-20 -- Ernest Hancock interviews Philip Lee (; MP3&4

Philip Lee (; is a decentralization maximalist who seeks to strengthen local economies through the use of peer 2 peer marketplaces; Declaration of Decentralization;
Media Type: Audio • Time: 132 Minutes and 0 Secs
Guests: Philip Lee, ,

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Media Type: Audio • Time: 132 Minutes and 0 Secs
Guests: Philip Lee, ,


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Philip Lee (; is a decentralization maximalist who seeks to strengthen local economies through the use of peer 2 peer marketplaces; Declaration of Decentralization; 



Phillip Lee

Based in the U.S., Philip Lee volunteers as an Ambassador for He is an attorney and registered nurse, as well as a permaculture and blockchain enthusiast. Being a decentralization maximalist, he seeks to strengthen local economies through the use of peer 2 peer marketplaces.

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A Declaration of Independence 2.0



The world today looks very different from when the original Declaration of Independence was written, one large distinction being the rise of both globalization and globalism. Globalization is a term to describe how the world has become a more connected and interdependent place. While globalization is a natural result of increased trade and technology, globalism is not.

Globalism is an ideology based on the belief that the whole world should be treated as a proper sphere for political influence. Globalism is the ultimate form of centralization and if left unchallenged, will allow all nations to eventually come under the control of a single power. We can already see the results of globalism today by examining the influence that global corporations have on our governments.

These multinational corporations have successfully lobbied for unrestricted trade across borders in order to use economic disparities between rich and poor countries to gain an advantage in local markets. Put another way, they produce goods using cheap labor in third world countries and sell to consumers in first world countries. This is why certain goods like phones and televisions remain relatively cheap, while things that cannot be sourced externally, such as healthcare and housing, have become increasingly expensive.

Over time, people in both first and third world countries become impoverished due to the imbalanced nature of this system. In third world countries, workers suffer from exploitation and poor labor conditions, and in first world countries, the number of available jobs decrease, since all the production is being done in foreign countries. The only ones that benefit from this structure are the global corporations and the politicians that are paid to enforce these policies. In order to stop this exploitation, the majority of the population needs to understand what is happening and focus on supporting their local economy.

What is the purpose of this document?

Modeled after the original Declaration of Independence, this document lists the many grievances that our governments have chosen to ignore. While the original Declaration showed an intent by the original thirteen states of America to secede from the British Crown, the current state of the world calls for a different type of solution: economic secession. Behind every politician are lobbyists of corporate interests. These are the people that really control the laws, so these are the people we should be separating from.

The purpose of this document is to make a formal declaration to the world of an intent to repudiate all policies that promote globalism and the centralization of power. A person who signs the declaration would be publicly acknowledging the harmful effects of globalism, with the aim to push for the decentralization of all industries.

The point of signing this document is not to be "legally binding". Its purpose is not to establish a law, but a norm. We cannot penalize someone for not signing it, but we can refuse to vote for someone that doesn't.

Who can sign it?

Unlike the original Declaration which could only be signed by a few politicians in a room, this digital document can be signed by everyone in the world. We can insist that anyone seeking to have a leadership position in their community signs this document. Blockchain technology will be used to verify that this person did indeed sign the document, and when. The effect that it has will depend on the number of people that sign it. The more people that sign, the more powerful this document becomes.

Is your brother a policeman? Get him to sign it. Is your son an IRS agent? Get him to sign it. Is your aunt a judge? Get her to sign it. The more people in the government that sign, the more likely the government will acknowledge how multinational corporations exploit the people. Most importantly, share this document with our children, so that they understand the reality of what has happened to the world, how we got to this point, and how to prevent it from happening again.

How does it work?

The legitimacy of this document will depend on a technology called a signature chain, which will record each signature as a transaction on a public blockchain. This will allow anyone to verify the authenticity of each digital signature. Signing of this document will also be required to join an association whose purpose is to protect our civil liberties through the advancement of decentralization. 

These signature chains can also be used for blockchain voting, and it should one day be demanded by the people to be used for every election. Speculation of election fraud is rising throughout the world, and it will become necessary to utilize blockchain voting in order to restore faith in any government. An immutable record of signatures will show the world that it is possible to have fair and transparent elections. 

Since something like this has never been attempted before, this is essentially a social experiment. Anyone who wants to add to this very rough draft is welcome to participate by joining our community through the social media links at the bottom of the site. Just remember that the purpose of this document is not to impose our own ideals on others, but to liberate ourselves from people that do.

Declaration of Decentralization

When in the course of history, it becomes necessary for humanity to secede from the system that binds them, a decent respect to the opinions of humankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation. We hold these truths to be self-evident, that we are born with certain inalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. When our governments no longer respect these rights, it becomes our duty to speak out and identify the wrongs that have been committed. When governments refuse to hear our petitions for redress of grievances, we are left with no choice but to boycott the system entirely. It has become apparent that the governments of this earth are no longer protecting the interests of its citizens and it is necessary to identify its numerous failures in order to prevent them from occurring again. Let us agree with our digital signatures, that the following injuries have occurred:

-The governments allow themselves to be manipulated into conflict by warmongering profiteers resulting in perpetual war.

-The two-party political system is a means of creating division so that inaction by governments is excused by giving one side the ability to blame the other.

-The governments implement greenwashing policies that provide no real solutions to pollution or the destruction of our environment.

-The governments have failed to prevent rampant election fraud.

-The governments have failed to prevent deforestation rates that if continued, will lead to irreparable soil destruction and erosion, water shortages, food shortages, and the eventual extinction of our species.

-The governments have done nothing to reduce the use of plastics which has led to the ingestion of microplastics and the contamination of our land and oceans.

-Global corporations bribe government officials to pass legislation that benefits the corporations. Thus, it is necessary to list the ways that these industries exploit humanity.

-The use of resources in poorer nations to produce goods to be sold in richer nations is an exploitation of both land and people and is synonymous to modern day slavery.

-The banking industry makes predatory loans that have indebted entire nations, in order to control their leaders and influence their policies.

-The financial industry has practically unlimited access to funds from the banking industry allowing them to manipulate markets and economies.

-With the help of government regulations, the agricultural industry has created near monopolies that are causing the extinction of small farms.

-The agricultural industry's use of monocrops, synthetic fertilizers and biocides is unsustainable and is destroying the biodiversity of the earth's soil.

-The agricultural industry's use of biocides has caused widespread disease, which increases the use of pharmaceuticals.

-The food industry's use of substances in highly processed food that are unfit to be eaten have led to a rise in obesity, diabetes, and other disease, which increases the use of pharmaceuticals.

-The food industry's use of excessive packaging generates unreasonable amounts of waste.

-The pharmaceutical industry is focused on treating symptoms rather than curing disease, using drugs that cause side effects which are treated with more pharmaceuticals, resulting in an endless cycle of needing more drugs. This non-holistic approach to healthcare has caused an overall increase in healthcare spending, as well as a rise in mortality and morbidity across the world's population.

-The pharmaceutical industry continues to legally produce and distribute addictive opioids and amphetamines leading to death, suicide and depression.

-The healthcare industry is paid by the pharmaceutical industry to demonize natural, low-cost treatments in favor of more profitable, patented pharmaceuticals.

-The education industry encourages students to take classes that provide little practical knowledge while causing them to accumulate massive amounts of debt in the form of student loans.

-The education industry makes inconsequential changes to textbooks yearly forcing students to purchase expensive new books instead of reusing old textbooks, increasing their debt.

-The education industry hides certain events by changing or omitting history in order to manipulate the public.

-The media industry is a tool for the government and corporations to push propaganda, with an intention to profit from fear.

-The television and film industry manipulates the minds of watchers to push political agendas.

-The technology industry controls the flow of information through censorship and manipulated search results.

-The technology industry collects data about people without their permission, with the goal of manipulating their actions.

For these reasons, we the people of Earth declare our governments unfit to rule, for they no longer serve the interests of the people and have become pawns to the global corporations. If left unchecked, these corporations will propel the creation of a one world government, enabling their corruption to spread across the entire planet, their aim to benefit the few, at the expense of the many.
In order to prevent this centralization of power, it is our intention to transition to a parallel economy, one that supports the needs of local people and the land. Just as there is no better person to decide what to do with a body than the one living inside it, there are no better people to decide what to do with land than those living on that land.

The earth provides all the resources that we depend on. If a community cannot sustain itself from the land that it lives on, then it consequently becomes a burden on others that do. By ensuring that land use is prioritized to support its local inhabitants, they become its natural stewards, and will seek to preserve it for their own benefit. A healthy relationship between the land and the people will lead to a self-sustaining community, creating abundance on a local level. Replicate this process worldwide and we can achieve abundance globally.

This argument for decentralization applies to all industries. By decentralizing the food industry, we can promote the consumption of locally grown organic foods without the need for preservatives, which will benefit the overall health of the people, and reduce the need for pharmaceuticals. By decentralizing healthcare, we can shift the responsibility of health to the individual, which will incentivize healthy behaviors while reducing healthcare costs and dependence on pharmaceuticals. By decentralizing education, we ensure that the minds of our children are not controlled by a single entity, instead fostering diversity in thought and culture. By decentralizing the internet, we can prevent censorship and ensure the free flow of information. By decentralizing currency, we can remove the banking industry and prevent the manipulation of markets and economies.

We the people of Earth, therefore, declare our intention to decentralize every aspect of our society, in order to end the exploitation of both land and people, so that we may restore our freedom from those that seek to manipulate us, and regenerate our planet so that it may be enjoyed by many future generations to come.

"Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's needs, but not every man's greed."

- Mahatma Gandhi


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