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Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock 1480 KPHX 06-08-2008

Ernest Hancock and Barry Hess share their knowledge of the future. You'll want to archive this show for future reference to see just how accurate their predictions are.

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"Declare Your Independence" Radio Archive -
March 19th 2008 Sunday at 10am MST - Listen live    

  The Revolution will not be televised,...
but it will be YouTubed!
  2008 - The Year That The People Saved America,...
or at least pointed out that it needed saving.
Ernest Hancock article today - "The r3VOLution,... and Ron Paul's role in it"

Sunday, June 8 2008
Barry Hess' speech to the Libertarian National Convention just before the nomination voting to select the LPUS Presidential Candidate 

Sunday, June 8, 2008
Barry Hess joins Ernest Hancock in studio to discuss a lot of issues.
Ron Paul - Will he drop his presidential camapign for the Republican nomination?
Bob Barr and his role in the libertarian movement.
The Economy - What will happen with the energy market and America's standard of living. (An old technology getting new attention - Breaking water down into HHO to increase mileage)
Arizona's Elections - How much impact are libertarians going to have this election and in the future.
Targeting Races - Maricopa County will get a lot of attention this year.
The Libertarian Party National Convention - We were there!


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Comment by Ducati Jeanne
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Excellent program today, we were happy to hear it. One hour is HARDLY enough time for you to be on the air. You were just getting going and bam the show was over!

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