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2023-08-09 -- Ernest Hancock interviews Jim Cantrell (Phantom Space) MP3&4

Jim Cantrell (Phantom Space) comes on the show to discuss his new/recent book: Breaking All The Rules: The Inside Story of the New Race to Space, provides an update on the private space race/industry, technology, communications, etc...
Media Type: Audio • Time: 34 Minutes and 57 Secs
Guests: Jim Cantrell, ,

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Media Type: Audio • Time: 34 Minutes and 57 Secs
Guests: Jim Cantrell, ,


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1 - Jim Cantrell (Phantom Space) comes on the show to discuss his new/recent book: Breaking All The Rules: The Inside Story of the New Race to Space, provides an update on the private space race/industry, technology, communications, etc...

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Jim is the founder of several entrepreneurial start-ups, including Phantom Space, Vector, StratSpace and Vintage Exotics Competition Engineering and is a Founder and Managing Partner at Wolverine Capital.  He was on the founding team of Moon Express, a private company attempting to land on the lunar surface, and on the founding team at SpaceX where he was the first VP of Business Development. Jim also served early roles with successful startups including Iceye, Skybox Imaging, York Space Systems and PlanetIQ.  StratSpace has a long history in pivotal technical, financing and M&A roles in the aerospace industry's most influential and innovative players until it was acquired in 2020. 

Jim's career also includes assignments at the French Space Agency CNES, the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab and has resulted in experience in over 46 satellite flight missions including the Iridium Next space telephone system, the Lightsail solar sail mission and Osiris-Rex which will return asteroid samples to the Earth. Cantrell is a world recognized technical innovator and has received numerous professional awards, is the author of twenty technical papers and has pioneered the concepts of software defined satellites, micro launch vehicles and space situational awareness sensors. 

A mechanical engineer by profession, Cantrell also actively participates in road racing and has participated numerous times in the 25 Hours of Thunderhill, the 24 Hours of Daytona Classic, SCCA championships in GT-1 and the World Racing League endurance racing championships. In 2005, he founded Vintage Exotics Competition Engineering, which designs and restores race cars.  Vintage Exotics continues to field an endurance race team and competes in amateur and professional race series.  He is also a known expert and author on the Maserati automotive marquee.

Jim speaks four languages and spent several years each working in France and in Russia on joint US/Russian defense programs.  Jim has held positions with NASA, the French Space Agency CNES, CEO of Vector Space, CEO of StratSpace, CTO at Moon Express, President of United Start Launch, President of Vintage Exotics and CEO of IDair, a bio-metrics software company.

Jim serves on corporate boards for aerospace, manufacturing companies, and the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA), Infinite Composites and Iceye.  He holds board of advisor positions at The Planetary Society, ATLAS Space, Morf3D, York Space Systems and several investment funds.  He has also served on 35 major government source selection boards.    He currently resides in Tucson with his wife Angela and his many children.



Book 1

Breaking All The Rules: The Inside Story of the New Race to Space traces the origins of the fast moving 'Newspace' industry back to the end of the first Space Race in the 1960's between the US and the Soviet Union and profiles the unique people and unlikely events that formed this exciting new trillion dollar industry. Morgan Stanley recently predicted that Space Commerce will become the 'next internet' with total revenues exceeding 2 trillion dollars by 2040 making space the new internet poised for commercial exploitation and innovation. This new space race will transform the terrestrial economy and change the way the world conducts business for decades to come in much the same way the internet has changed our daily lives. This once government dominated industry is being rapidly transformed by modern technology, financial forces and a cadre of fascinating individuals with a determined vision to make humanity a spacefaring species. Breaking All The Rules tells the story of how today's NewSpace companies and its leaders have revolutionized space commerce and paving the path to humanity's first space colonies.

Breaking All The Rules is told through the eyes and life of Author Jim Cantrell who had a front row seat to the new space race and remains an active participant in it. Jim was a first-hand witness to the last days of the Soviet space program, the dissolution of the Soviet Union, and the post-cold-war pilfering of its space assets. His story begins with the original Planetary Society 'citizen space efforts', includes helping Elon Musk launch SpaceX, and then later co-founding numerous other NewSpace companies. Many authors have written about these early days1 2 of this new space race but to date this story has remained untold by insiders. Breaking All The Rules targets a cross over audience and tells this story for the first time in a first person narrative including the many amusing and anecdotes as only an insider can do. Using his life as a narrative for the larger story, Jim traces the roots of the early 'citizen space' efforts acting outside of NASA and other governmental space agencies to the modern combination of high net worth personalities and entrepreneurs fueled by massive venture capital funds. This fast moving industry has an equally fast moving story behind it. Jim's personal story is a natural vehicle to tell this story and combines with his 30 years of perspective to offer a vision of humanity's future in space.


Letters of Marque Paperback


Letters of Marque Paperback – September 25, 2018

by Marque dePlume (Author)

"The Crown calls it 'piracy' to explore frontiers beyond its grasp. So the time has come to define the conduct among pirates." Captain Marque

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