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2023-09-11 -- Ernest Hancock interviews Mike Swatek MP3&4

Mike Swatek (Ozark Aircrete Domestead/Oklahoma Domes) on MidFest 7, October 18-23, at Camp Copperhead in Spavinaw, OK (An unorganized gathering for fellowship with kindred spirits seeking a stateless society); building and construction techniques/mat
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Media Type: Audio • Time: 107 Minutes and 0 Secs
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Front page of Freedom's Phoenix (player only active when we are live, and it's located under Roberts & Roberts Banner ad)


1: Mike Swatek (Ozark Aircrete Domestead/Oklahoma Domes) on MidFest 7, October 18-23, at Camp Copperhead in Spavinaw, OK (An unorganized gathering for fellowship with kindred spirits seeking a stateless society); building and construction techniques/materials

Mike's Previous interviews with Ernest HERE



Mike Swatek (Ozark Aircrete Domestead, Midfest, PPM Silver Cosmetics)

Mike Swatek - This is the story of our small family business.

As such stories go, it begins with a small family. Leslie and I have been married since 1985. We have a grown daughter and son whom we're very proud of. We make a great team.

Leslie was first a bookkeeper. After our first child was born in 1992, she learned how to manage our personal website and post photos of our kids for the family. When local businesses discovered there was a web designer in town—the first in Claremore, Oklahoma—her web design business was born. It was a perfect situation for a stay-at-home mom. She did this for 20 years, until the technology outpaced her interest in keeping up. Since her retirement, she's been very involved in volunteer activities in the community and looking after her parents.

I'm a semi-retired mechanical engineer. I've helped design storm drainage systems, offshore drilling rigs, industrial manipulator arms, rocket engines, and most recently electric submersible pumps for deep oil/water wells. Throughout my career, I've been heavily involved with quality functions and system design/troubleshooting.

In late 2014, when the deadly Ebola virus was killing thousands in Africa, I became concerned after learning some infected patients were being treated in nearby Dallas, Texas. I happened across an article about Sierra Leone approving colloidal silver as an official treatment after surprising success . That led to some research about colloidal silver. I learned about many non-monetary uses for silver going back thousands of years. Also, colloidal silver was discovered about a century ago and was the most widely used antimicrobial until the 1930's.

Further investigation found that very few "colloidal silver" products are the genuine article, having a significant concentration of silver nanoparticles suspended in pure water alone. Most are water with dissolved ionic silver, which usually reacts and becomes deactivated upon contact and thus has little or no persistent microbe killing ability. Other products use protein or polymers to accelerate the process and suspend more particles. This results in larger, less effective nanoparticles which are also largely isolated from their surroundings by the protein or polymer. The few good colloidal silver products I found were quite expensive, at least from my frugal perspective.

To become well-informed consumers of this product, I dug deeper. I learned about a questionable technology called "colloidal silver generators," which often seemed to do little more than produce silver ions with few (if any) of the far more desirable silver nanoparticles. I determined that if we wanted to produce real colloidal silver, first we'd have to develop a better manufacturing method.

In late 2014, we began creating the process and apparatus to make real colloidal silver we could use around our northeast Oklahoma homestead. Our manufacturing process soon advanced beyond anything else we knew of. I partially retired in mid-2016, limiting my work to part-time consulting, so I could allow more time to further improve our colloidal silver manufacturing method. We continued to refine the process over the next two years, ultimately producing over a hundred test lots. The resulting colloidal silver was as good or better than anything else available, in terms of quality—smaller in particle size and higher in concentration.

During the development, family and friends found additional uses for our colloidal silver, and they began encouraging us to sell it. In mid-2018, we decided to scale up the manufacturing process to support sales for household and cosmetic uses. Smart Colloidal Silver was born.

About that time, we developed processes to include silver in other cosmetic products at concentrations far exceeding anything else available. It was a natural fit. Our 150ppm Silver Lip Balms and 500ppm Silver Cream, joined the product line under our new company name, PPM Silver Cosmetics LLC.

Nearing the end of 2018, we launched our website and several sales channels. Friends are helping find new retail outlets. We're developing another unique, high ppm silver cosmetic product for release soon. It's all quite exciting for this retired couple as we write a new chapter in or lives and keep that young feeling alive. We hope you'll do your own research to learn about the many personal uses of silver and join us on this journey through the later years of our youth.

Leslie and Mike
PPM Silver Cosmetics LLC
near Salina, Oklahoma

Previous interviews with Ernest HERE


1. Midfest -

MidFest 7 will be 18-23 October 2023 at Camp Copperhead in Spavinaw, OK
You're welcome to stay from earlier until whenever...

Mid-Continent Liberty Festival - MidFest

An unorganized gathering for fellowship with kindred spirits seeking a stateless society
Every April and October

Short tour of Camp Copperhead (29Mb mp4 download) 28 March 2023

MidFest may be the liberty festival for you, if the following are too far away: (Texas May), and * (New Hampshire June-July), Midwest Peace and Liberty Fest at (Michigan July), !!! (Arizona July-August), * (Virginia August) and VonuFest at (Illinois September)
[* indicates nobody in charge, like MidFest].
[!!! indicates extremely loud raves every night, all night]
Contact MidFest about any other similar campout liberty festivals to be listed here.

Nobody is in charge with spontaneous order established between free individuals. Please consider this dispute resolution process for voluntaryist gatherings to resolve conflicts ourselves.

PLEASE SHARE or Qortal mirror with all your liberty loving friends. Promotion is a totally decentralized effort. The flier to post everywhere is HERE.

Stay as long as you like. No reservations for RV spots and borderless primitive campsites. Cabin reservations are made directly with the camp owners. Enjoy Camp Copperhead ( and the scenic area around starting from whenever until whenever...

Moral Code: The non-aggression principal. This includes pets which, if prone to aggression against others or their pets, are not welcome. Some consider photos and recordings to be a potential threat. So, permission should be asked beforehand.

See the camp owner's rules and pet policy form, mirrored HERE. Any suggestions or concerns should be politely raised with the campground owner at

Participate in the Agorist Market at sellers' campsites with no selling fees or permissions. People trade whatever with their choice of barter, crypto, silver, goldbacks, cash, gifting and other non-bank system payments.

Speakers are welcome. Speaking and discussing at the various campfires is most effective. A schedule may be posted onsite. Someone might bring a sound system.

Musicians bring your acoustic instruments to play at the many campfires. This is NOT a music festival.

Bring what you'll need for overnight temperatures possibly dipping to near freezing.
Most things you might need are 5-minutes away in Langley or the T General Store 1/3 mile away.

No admission cost beyond the campground fees paid to Camp Copperhead.
     Nightly $10 Per person. Children 5 and under free.
     Cabins: Reserve early for $65/night. Call Copperhead campground for limited availability 918-399-5234
     Day passes $5, if being collected at gate. 10 and under are free.
     Pool use $10 for everyone not already paying to camp.
     See the additional pet fee in the campground's pet policy form , mirrored HERE.
     Contact MidFest if any of this needs updating.

Join the Midfest Discussion Groups on Qortal and Telegram to connect with other participants. Please be respectful of others.

Camp details are at

Onsite Amenities:
*Inground Saltwater pool
*poolside Lounging and tables
*Large Covered Pavilion & Bar Area
*Restrooms and Showerhouse
*woodfired Brick Oven & kitchen
*coin op laundry
*stage area
*Mature trees & shaded camping
*spring fed catch & release pond
*utv riding trails
*hiking trails
*water from rural water district

Campground Rules
*do not litter - pickup after yourself
*use a fire ring (or rocks are great!) -no fires during burn ban
*Please check in at front ticket office by calling 918-599-5234
*pets are allowed in the campground with pet pass - not in Pool or Bar area - Please read pet policy
*no glass containers in campground
*Good vibes only = no attitudes + no fighting + no weapons
*Pool is subject to close if booked for special events
*Children must be accompanied by parent in pool and bar area


Letters of Marque Paperback


Letters of Marque Paperback – September 25, 2018

by Marque dePlume (Author)

"The Crown calls it 'piracy' to explore frontiers beyond its grasp. So the time has come to define the conduct among pirates." Captain Marque

Join us 'Above the Grid'

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