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Catholic church gets a big Christmas F.U.!

• Associated Press
At least 1,500 people attended Christmas Eve Mass presided by an excommunicated Roman Catholic priest, despite warnings from the archbishop that participating would be a mortal sin.

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Comment by M. Burgin (2309)
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You can ask any Christian,
anyone on the Earth
What December 25th is and
they'll say, "Christ Jesus' birth".
Was Jesus really born in December?
According to the Bible, he wasn't.
Does Christmas come from true Christians?
No, it surely doesn't.

The Jewish month of Chislev
or our November/December,
was not pleasant in Bethlehem .
It had cold and rainy weather.
The Bible writer Ezra confirmed
that whe n cold Chislev came,
people were "shivering on account
of the showers of rain". (Ezra 10:9, 13)
Jeremiah also wrote
that when this month arrived,
people said it was so cold
you couldn't "stand outside"! (Jeremiah 36:22)
So if he was born in December
and conditions were so poor,
why would shepherds on this night
be "living out of doors"? (Luke 2:8-12)

Well where does Christmas come from?
I surely have to tell 'ya.
It's from an ancient festival
whose name was Saturnalia.
During this pagan party,
people exchanged gifts.
Its date was very familiar.
December 25th.

This date was someone's birthday:
Tammuz was his name.
It was a festival that would
give all of us great shame.
They used the tall green Christmas tree
and wreaths were all around
to represent phallus
as researchers have found.
The mistletoe had powers
they put it into use
it was to promote fertility,
the first step to reproduce!
The ornaments you've come to know
they made their use of these
Except for round glass globes they used
human heads on trees!

If this were Christ's true birthday
and he was really for it
wouldn't he tell us to do it?
Wouldn't he support it?
So think about this info
and read the Bible through
then take a moment and ask yourself:
"What would Jesus do?"

"Glory in the highest unto God! And on earth peace, among men of good-will."