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TV's Boston Legal - Anti-War Closing Arguments (AUDIO Download)

• Boston Legal
This decade is going to make the 60's look like the 50's!
First Posted 03-19-2006
Audio download that we saved years ago here on FreedomsPhoenix ('cause we knew it would be scrubbed from the Internet - this link is from CrooksandLiars)

Google: stick it season 2 episode 19 Boston Legal

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Comment by jane sissy
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I loved this show and this is just one of the reasons...his closing arguments were insightful  thanks for reminding a tv sitcom could be incredibly inciteful!!

Comment by Anonymous
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 To win back the freedom our great-grandfathers knew there must be blood.   Don't like that but it is the bottom line.

Comment by David McElroy
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 Yes, Shore was a liberal attorney, but he was dead on target with his closing argument here defending the anti-war protester. The American people have been conditioned to accept anything, totally domesticated like cattle. They are now ready to be loaded onto boxcars for "processing" like certain people in Nazi Germany were. God help us find the courage to fight and live free or die!