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TSA mugs 83 year old handicapped woman at airport

• Rocky Mountain News
Anyone could see that Bernice Bogart, 83, was a fragile woman. So when Bogart, who was in a wheelchair, was required by airport security to stand against doctor's orders and undergo a rigorous screening by a testy female screener, [her daughter]

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Comment by Eugene Dibala
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About 4 years ago, 2007, my parents visited me here in Orlando, Florida from Reedsport, Oregon. Mom has two titanium knees and was 78 at the time. She used a wheel chair because she is rather slow when walking. My father was 82 at the time. He has health issues and an extremely bad knees and hips. He's in constant pain. He can't walk with out a cane and then it is very difficult for him to get around. He's a veteran of WWII. The TSA agent, and I'm biting my tongue so as not to use a more accurate description of this female agent, when told by my mother that she had two titanium knees and would prefer a wanding scan the **** TSA agent told her I didn't matter she was going to walk through the Scanner anyway. After she went through the scanner, of course the alarm went off, duh, the **** TSA agent told her to stand on the foot prints on the floor. The **** TSA agent made her line her feet up with the illustrated feet on the floor. The **** TSA agent told Mom to hold her arms out perpendicular to the floor and rudely told her to point her palms up. Mom missed that instruction the **** TSA agent puked out of her face in a nasty manner, " I said palms UP". She circled her head, top and bottom of her arms, up and down her sides then front and back, outside and inside her legs up to her crotch. She then patted her down and when it came to her knees the **** TSA agent roughly slapped the inside and outside of each leg visibly moving my mothers legs as she was assaulted. The gentleman TSA agent handling my father protested the **** female TSA agent assault on my mother. The **** female TSA agent told the gentleman TSA agent to have Dad stand up and walk through the scanner. My Dad has had hip replacement surgery and the alarm will go off. The gentleman TSA agent point the wheelchair towards the scanner and swerved at the last second and bypassed it while the **** female TSA agent scowled. He then took the wand and pointed it at Dad and said "He passed." The **** female TSA agent protested but the gentleman TSA agent ignored the *****. I was livid. My friend with me kept me from going to jail as I intended to protect my Mom from this assault. After it was over I waved bye and we walked away. I decided to make a complaint so I went back to get names and badge numbers. The agents were gone and every body there acted ignorant of where the agents went. I was convinced by my friend to let it go. The physical and sexual assaults by the TSA is absurd. We don't live in a totalitarian society. My parents pose no threat to the airport, aircraft or any of the passengers or pedestrians security in the whole world. I am disgusted by the molestation of the children I see on TV. Those people need to go to jail for child abuse. I'm a Viet Nam veteran and am ashamed of my countries treatment of her citizens. The lack of respect is disgusting and offensive.