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Bob Barr invited to join the LP national committee??? by Claire Wolfe

• Claire Wolfe
His vote for the UnPatriot Act was only the culmination of a dishonorable congressional career. He voted for every one of the federal ID and surveillance programs that oozed out of the ultra-statism of the 104th congress.

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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Bob Barr is one of several CONgresscritters whom, upon retiring or losing their seat at the trough, later announce how much they regret not leading the charge agaisnt the loss of liberty or property or voting for various pieces of legislation thatfurthered our subjugation.

"I very much regret my part in forging the chains of your enslavement" Oh, thank you ever so much for the apology.

Glad to see you have turned your regret into a think tank meal ticket whereby you assure the mob of your sorrow and promise your undivided fealty in assisting us in lobbying your former collegues for a return of our freedom. Of course we understand you have expenses....