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Limbaugh Humbug!

• by L. Neil Smith

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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I was fortunate to live in Tucson, AZ when Rush Limbaugh went national. Tucson was one of his 57 initial markets (incidently Phoenix was one of his last). One the third day of his broadcast I was talkning with a roomate, who always had the radio running. Not paying any attention until I heard the now familair voce say, now it**Q**s time for a condom update, and the theame music **QQ**Up, up and away in my beautiful ballon started playing. I was hooked.

I can tell y9u the specific day that el Rushbo betrayed everything he claimed to stand for and became the Republcian Party**Q**s bitch. It was a Monday. Rush had just returned from a weekend in the Lincoln bedroom courtesy of Daddy Bush. Up until then, Rush was a frequent crtic of Bush**Q**s plans. Literally, from that day forward, NO Republican plan was too excessive.

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