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College football playoff? Underdog threw us a bone

• By Clay Travis for CBS Sportsline
We're all Boise State fans now. At least everyone who stayed up until after 1 a.m. on the East Coast to watch the Broncos' remarkable come-from-ahead-then-behind victory over Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl.

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I was bummed when Florida was selected to be in the national championship game. I wanted the SEC to get screwed again so maybe they would pull out of the BCS and we would finally have a palyoff like every other football division from the lowliest High School division to the pros.

Then Boise State, Cinderella, plays a incredible game, against a very, very good Oklahoma team who came to play [Oklahoma got screwed twice by the PAC-10 refs in an Oregon game earlier in the year, where they should have won, and had claim to being national champ material.] Boise had a wall for defense. They didn't flinch! They had heart, took the lead, lost the lead, tied it up for overtime, and went for it on a 2-point conversion winner take all trick play to take the prize in one of the most incredible gambles and games played! If you missed it, life sucks.

Big kudos to the Oklahoma team and fans too. They had CLASS.