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US kills dozens of goatherders

• The Independent
The herdsmen had gathered with their animals around large fires at night to ward off mosquitoes. But lit up by the flames, they became latest victims of America's war on terror. It was their tragedy to be misidentified in a secret operation by

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So lets see.

The U.S announces that they killed a top al-Qiada operative responsible for the US embassy bombings in Africa, after targeting 3 al-Qiada leaders in Somalia during an nightime air strike.

Next day: No leaders killed in air strike. But numerous al-Qiada terorists dead in air strike. Used ground forces to coordinate strikes on targets. No civilians killed.

Next day: Targets inadvertantly identified as al-Qiada terror groups were goat herders huddled around camp fires when bombs detonated ripping them to pieces. Helicopter straffing using infrared heat targeting took care of any survivors. So sorry, but they shouldn't have been hanging out in an area we had intel that terrorists were hanging out in.