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FBI arrests former NETELLER executives

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Two former NETELLER executives were detained while traveling separeately through the US yesterday (Jan. 15) in "connection with the creation and operation of an Internet payment services company that facilitated the transfer

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Comment by Hawkeye
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Jesse the Mexican! I hope he get`s his citizenship,he deserves it.

Mexicans arn`t causing America any problems,are they?I guess Jesse prefers Mexico because they are so nice,and have only killed more Americans than we have lost in all current wars combined,and he thinks he can be the VP to the most Constitutional man in America....I doubt it!!!

I think the American,Wrestling,Seal better make a choice,soon! as to which Country he wants to be part of,and carry ONE FLAG,or! shut up.

Comment by Fascist Nation
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Well, I guess that the US government is going to get you, even if what you were doing at the time was neither done on US or US territory or possessions, nor a US crime at the time.

malum prohibitum post factum

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