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FL. man sues over unreasonable use of taser gun

The case highlights the ongoing national debate over when police should use Tasers to shock people into submission, especially when a person is not suspected in a crime and has not physically resisted an officer.

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Comment by schnokelbop
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This poor guy should seek full legal action and if possible not settle for anything else than full compensation that the law can give him. and then if possible, have officer dumbass overall record posted on a website so if he has incompetence to be seen by all. To bad so sad it sucks to be this cop because of his screw up !

Comment by Fascist Nation
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The Taser has quickly gone from being a non-lethal means to immediately stop and incapacitate a suspect in situations where a firearm or baton would have been used (its intended function)... to a weapon of compliance ... to a method of torturous extraction of confession or exacting punishment and revenge for bad behavior and refusing to respect authority.