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Unwashed hands soon to be a crime in Illinois

• Daily Southtown
The Illinois House approved a proposal by state Rep. Mary Flowers (D-Chicago) that would require CPS students to wash their hands with antiseptic before meals at school.

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Comment by David Jackson
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    What would anyone expect?

     Fortunately, the woman seems to be no worse off for the experience. This is government as usual. There will be no isn't what the Washington freak show does - ever.

     This is just a hint of what's to come: Ineptitude and abuse by a cadre of incompetent and useless functionaries. Nothing else is possible when phony programs are implemented to service phony threats. As for the "agents" they are as worthless and specious as their so-called bosses...Who, by the way, are total incompetents and, obviously, not do "any" job.

     The minions who pretend to be "security personnel" are of no value to anyone but their pretend bosses: You can't be a department head without a department.

     I'd suggest that everyone start planning their travels around some train bus, or automobile substitute. If you must fly, fly a charter; those people will appreciate your business and treat you like something other than a farm animal.

     As for this crap being "caused" by 9/11, --- --- -- ---- -- ---- ---- --- ------ ------ -----!!!!! 9/11 "caused" a bunch of useless and pretensious afirmative hires, choosing to cop a feel or otherwise bully or abuse folks under color of authority instead of chancing the more public venue of a bar or club, about as much as "women cause rape", "cars cause accidents", or "flies cause garbage"!


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