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Court rules CIA immune from torture law suits

• AFP (Raw Story)
A US federal appeals court on Friday upheld a refusal to hear the case of a Lebanese-born German man who says he was tortured by the CIA, citing national security reasons.

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Comment by Ed Price
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Of course, the court will rule that the CIA is immune from torture law suits. The CIA is an artificial entity, and the most you can do against an artificial entity is shut it down. And if you try to get at CIA agents by law suit, well, the courts won't let you so attack them. Instead, the courts make sure you are attacking a fiction entity – not the human being that deserves punishment. In the same way, find out that you are never attacked by the courts, except when you agree to their attack by expressing that you are the one so named in their attack against an artificial entity with a name and address that looks exactly like yours.

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