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Fatherland Security offers details on Real ID

Hundreds of millions of Americans will have until 2013 to be outfitted with new digital ID cards, the Bush administration said on Thursday in a long-awaited announcement that reveals details of how the new identification plan will work.

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Comment by Philly Dave
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I am happy the states are pushing back. Unfortunately I tend to think it is primarily a budgetary matter for them though. Nonetheless, this is still good. I disagree with the Statists and ACLU (surprise). Rather than repealing th eunderlying bill now, I hope more states pile on. A little assertion of state's rights on this issue would be refreshing whatever the motivation.

The "extension" is an attempt to get states to relax. This Real ID thing got shoved through congress. We have a second chance here to oppose the implementation of police state measures and we can do it at the state level.