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How I live on just $12,000 a year

• W4resistance
"How can one possibly live on just $12,000/year, unless you live on the streets?" one might ask. Well it is possible, I've been doing it for the past three years, ever since the Iraq war started and I wanted no part of it. I also had

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Comment by KarlaElisa
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These are great ideas. I also live on 12 k or less a year, but I do still subscribe to basic cable with a 2nd TV, BOTH with the Tivo type feature remotes, high speed internet with a 2nd wireless line and land line telephone with unlimited long distance, caller ID, call waiting and voice mail. Because I receive all 3 of these services from the same provider I am given a monthly discount. My monthly bill is always the same and includes all extra features plus tax. It is 100.19 per month. About once a year I experience an increase which is promptly removed when I call and tell them I am going to switch to another company if they do not extend my 'special rate'. It takes less than 10 minutes to resolve and being a long term customer seems to have counted for something. There is rabid competition in these areas so it is easy to tell your current provider if they wish to keep you they will have to meet the competitors price.
These communication perks and my cat are the only luxuries I allow myself so I am unwilling to part with them.
I also learned this winter to check outlets for drafts. Sometimes cold air can 'drift thru' and it is good to use outlet plugs for unused outlets to elimate this.
All in all a great article, thanks.