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Police dog left in patrol vehicle dies from heat stroke

It's not clear whether there was an air-conditioning malfunction or Green simply didn't turn it on. But Top was in distress when Green returned about an hour and 45 minutes later. Top has been cremated and his ashes given to Green.

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Comment by Checkpoint USA
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Not only that but I think the going rate for a bare-bones (no pun intended) police dog with minimal training is on the order of $10,000. Over the lifetime of a police dog, the costs associated with its care, training and the training of its handler is on the order of $100,000. This particular dog sounds like it was very experienced....

A Tohono O'odham Police Department (TOPD) canine handler did the exact same thing to a police dog named Yari several years ago. Another TOPD canine handler "lost" his dog last year when it mysteriously escaped from his backyard. I never learned whether or not the dog was ever found....

Comment by Fascist Nation
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Now in Arizona, if this was you or me, it would be clear if the A/C was on or not, and we would be rotting in jail over negligent death of an animal. Bt if you are cop you get the ashes and sympathy.