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People I’m Sick Of (Part IV): David Sirota

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Aren’t you sick of “antiwar” activists who are nothing but shills for the Democratic party? Because I sure as hell am. I’ve written about the Democratic “antiwar” legislation that recently passed the House, slated for a quick veto by the White House,

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Comment by Anonymous
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Perhaps maybe because a certain group of Russian so-called self-styled 'Jews' (read Revelation 2:9 and 3:9) infiltrated our government and are controlling our wealth from within?  The AshkeNAZI Jew, in general is a Nazi perpetrator whose allegiance is to the Vatican and to their model for caste systems and apartheid, the Queen.  Again, research Myer Lansky connection to 60 years controlling the global mafia.  Their influence and ownership over Hollywood keeps you lost from seeing the true enemy that you see overrepresented in Ivy League schools and positions of authority, control and power:  The poor, poor Zionist (counterfeit) 'Jew.'

Comment by James17
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I thought that Russia said they would take all spent unranium away from Iran so that no nuclear weapons could be made.... Are we now to believe that what was said by Russia was a lie? Please, if someone from Russia reads this, then would you please make that statement again so that those fools in Washington and that nasty little state of Israel will butt out of Iran's business. Why does Isreal need 200 + nuclear weapons and why are some of them pointed at Western countries?