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US automakers want Bush to give them your earnings for ethanol

The chiefs of the Big Three US automakers pressed President Bush to create more government incentives for the development of ethanol and other biofuels. [I'm $ure he'll fork it over. He can alway$ get more.]

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It is great that Subsidies are pointed out that are not needed. Ethanol producers are tired of getting scapegoated for the splash blending Big Oil gets, since it is Big Oil that pockets the 51 cent subsidy.

On top of that, Big oil gets an estimated $5.60 a gallon in subsidies to start with on their petroleum products, which is why gasoline seems so cheap by comparison to what the rest of the world pays.
Corporations love this deal since it is income tax payers who make up the difference. the price we pay at the pump is only a down payment.

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