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67,204-page code confounds taxpayers, yet Congress sits by

• USA Today
The 4 experts chosen to analyze the Baileys' fairly typical circumstances are very real. The fact that they couldn't agree is testament to how impossibly complex the tax code has become. It also illustrates the utter contempt Congress has for

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Comment by Fascist Nation
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They have the guns and the will to use them. They have the courts and the pretense of law, and rule of law which is really the rule BY law.

You can make all the legal claims you want, but it is THEIR laws and rules, and they interpret and enforce them in whatever manner is convenient FOR THEM. In whatever manner is most profitable for them.

Play their game, in their theater and you will always lose. As long as you know that going in, and are willing to face the price, fine.

Expect justice, however, and you will eventually have a stunned look of surprise on your face, as those who deliver it go home after a days work and sleep well that night having done their job ... on you.

Comment by Ed Price
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The IRS is the collections agency for the Social Security system.

Social Security is voluntary, but you didn't know that - or all kinds of other things you were agreeing to when you signed the SS application.

Standard commercial law says that you can declare an agreement null and void from its inception if you didn't understand all the points of the agreement.

If you don't like the IRS tax, find out what you didn't know about SS when you joined, and then void the application for lack of full disclosure on the part of the SS Administration.

No SSN = no IRS tax. See .