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FL police hijack tents using box-cutters

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St. Petersburg police terrorize homeless people by destroying their homes with box cutters. CAN ANYONE SEE WE LIVE IN A POLICE STATE. This is a new low. This makes me sick to my stomach.

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Comment by Morpheus
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Dear Mayor Rick Baker, Phone 727-893-7111
You and your goons make me sick! I just got done watching the fox news video about how you heartlessly destroyed these peoples HOMES on I almost threw up I was so upset. You and your police officers should have your homes burned to the ground. I am dismayed that you are so heartless and malevolent. Surely GOD will have a fitting place for you to wail and gnash your teeth for an eternity. May GOD have mercy on your soul.

Comment by Alice Lillie
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Outrageous. But not unusual any more. Why are we pretending to be a free country when the government can steal from the have nots and give to the haves? It is even worse than the other way around, a lot worse. I would like to go down there and personally give each of them a tent.