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NYC's latest health craze: Mandatory circumcisions

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Just one, single experimental study done recently in Africa, where a small group of men who were circumsized suffered lower rates of HIV infection than normal groups. Frieden was jumping out of his desk chair with cleavers in hand, ready to slice up

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Comment by Philly Dave
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As if Trans Fats were not enough, NY turns it attention to the War on foreskins.

Comment by Fascist Nation
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I meant to add that in addition to Judaism, there are some African tribes that practice circumcision at adolescence as a ceremonial right of passage into manhood. And this might have been studied.

Comment by Fascist Nation
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I did not read the single study done of African men who were and were not circumcised and their incidence of HIV infection. But I was aware of the study.

I suspect few Africans are circumcised unless they are Jewish. And I suspect being Jewish, as opposed to being circumcised, may have more to do with a difference in HIV infection. At least it must be eliminated as causation of a correlation.

Either way, His Honor continues to delight me with more and more loopiness from NY City. I guess if you are a billionaire, you can be certifiable AND electable.

Comment by Xocxoc
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According to a new British study, circumcision removes some of the most sensitive parts of the penis. In other words, when it comes to sex, circumcised men are missing out. Funny that this isn't getting reported, but the AIDS study is.

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