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Repeated DUI test has police chief's daughter under limit

• Arizona Republic
[Justice] A second test following the arrest of Cody Nicole Rodbell, daughter of the Scottsdale police chief, showed her blood-alcohol content was 0.072 percent, just below Arizona's 0.080 percent presumed level of intoxication. The initial Br

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Comment by Fascist Nation
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Actually, I had a few questions. One was the above on length of time. But, how many arrests were made that night for DUI?

How many were transported to a Scottsdale ER where blood was drawn by a doctor who can be forbidden by the patient from revealing the results, as opposed to transported to a police van, where they can be forcibly strapped into a chair and a policeman "trained" as a phlebotomist (person who draws blood) will jab a needle into their arm, neck or other source of veins and take their blood without warrant or permission of the driver?

Now in fairness, I wouldn't be prosecuting this girl or any others in similar circumstances in the first place. But, King's men (or their families) indeed.

Comment by Ernest Hancock
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Remember a few years ago when the City Manager for Glendale, Az. was stopped and charged for DUI after attending the Phoenix Open? He never served any time and that was _after_ he was convicted. All The King's Men indeed.

Comment by Morpheus
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Awe, isn't that convenient for the poor little daddy's girl. Of course she didn't get ANY special treatment by her daddy's officers. And then waiting to just long enough for her to be under the legal limit. I am sure that her father wasn't even notified that his little angel was in the hands of those big bad officers. Give me a break.

Comment by Jefferson Paine
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This story omits the most important fact of all: the amount of time elapsed between the two tests. If they waited long enough, the lower second reading would be simply because she had burned off some of the alcohol in her blood.

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