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Virginia Tech shooting probe focuses on Cho's online activities

• USA Today
Computer forensics are playing a key role in the probe of the Virginia Tech gunman, with investigators revealing he bought ammunition clips on eBay designed for one of two handguns used to kill 32 people and himself.

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Comment by Fascist Nation
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This story is the first to detail a breaking AP story in which much is made over Cho purchasing magazine (incorrectly, reported as clips by MSM) over the Internet from eBay in ONE of the guns used.

I held off, because I thought it odd that reference to one of the guns was made, but not to which gun the spare magazines were for. Cho had a 9mm and a .22 cal handguns. He only fired the 9mm. Sure enough, the magazines were for the .22. But you can bet this will be used to try to ban online purchases of gun parts, and the purchase of hi-capacity magazines. MSM is not your friend.... don't be theirs.