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The Inner Life of a Cell - (Very Cool Video)

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The Inner Life of the Cell - Full Version

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Comment by Ed Price
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You would have to be highly intelligent and extremely capable to design and build a car all by yourself, from scratch.

How much more intelligent and capable would you need to be, to be able to simply toss the raw materials into a pile in such a way that the car would come out of the mass all by itself?

The creationist looks at the marvels of the universe, sees that it was created by an extremely intelligent and capable God, and says, "Wow! God is great!"

The evolutionist looks God in the eye, because he can see that the Intelligence behind the universe is so great that It was able to put the universe together by random happenstance. This is why the evolutionist doesn't believe in God, or have to. One doesn't need to have faith in what one knows for a certainty.

The most profound question of all is, how can the evolutionist be so retarded that he is able deny the existence of the God he knows by sight and mind? That's pretty capable of him, but not very intelligent.