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Senators who weakened drug bill got millions from industry

• USA Today
Senators who raised millions of dollars in campaign donations from pharmaceutical interests secured industry-friendly changes to a landmark drug-safety bill, according to public records and interviews.

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Comment by Hawkeye
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So what?
Americans are so ignorant,selfish and greedy,the don`t care what Burr does as long as it dosn`t bother them.
I challenge you to gather over 100 Americans in one place to demand a change in our Government...You can`t do it.Unless! the government is planning to cancel NASCAR or American Idol.....or Beer.
How long do you think "bush" would last in a country where the people care about their country? Not 8 yrs,you can bet you ass on that.
Americans are a pathetic people destined for failure.
Take the American Parents for instance.They say they love their children...Bull Shit! If they did,they would not allow bush to send them into a hellish future in the NAU.
Do your hear the parents protesting the NAU..Hell No.
All you hear from Americans Parents is;Hurry up or you`ll be late for you ball game.OR; Who`s on American idol tonight?
Americans parents are ignorant and stupid.
I challenge any American Parent to prove me wrong.What are you doing about the "NAU"?..NOTHING AT ALL IS WHAT YOU ARE DOING,AND YOU CHILDREN WILL PAY THE PRICE FOR YOUR STUPIDITY AND GREED.