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Senators who weakened drug bill got millions from industry

• USA Today

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Comment by Jerry Alexander
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So what?
Americans are so ignorant,selfish and greedy,the don`t care what Burr does as long as it dosn`t bother them.
I challenge you to gather over 100 Americans in one place to demand a change in our Government...You can`t do it.Unless! the government is planning to cancel NASCAR or American Idol.....or Beer.
How long do you think **QQ**bush**QQ** would last in a country where the people care about their country? Not 8 yrs,you can bet you ass on that.
Americans are a pathetic people destined for failure.
Take the American Parents for instance.They say they love their children...Bull Shit! If they did,they would not allow bush to send them into a hellish future in the NAU.
Do your hear the parents protesting the NAU..Hell No.
All you hear from Americans Parents is;Hurry up or you`ll be late for you ball game.OR; Who`s on American idol tonight?
Americans parents are ignorant and stupid.
I challenge any American Parent to prove me wrong.What are you doing about the **QQ**NAU**QQ**?..NOTHING AT ALL IS WHAT YOU ARE DOING,AND YOU CHILDREN WILL PAY THE PRICE FOR YOUR STUPIDITY AND GREED.

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