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Is Ron Paul Being Sabotaged by the Establishment? DUH!

Well of course he is, don’t be ridiculous. And he will continue to be. Ever wonder why Ron Paul doesn’t do well in the ‘mainstream establishment’ polls such as Gallup? Ever wonder how in the world Dr. Paul could have so much support on the internet

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Comment by Ernest Hancock
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The Media (formerly known as Main Stream) for at least as long as I’ve been alive (born 1961) have not bothered with trying to convince us that bad is good as much as they bombard us with this trash enough so that we are left believing that it is possible that everyone else is stupid enough to buy into their agendas (granted; many do,… and they are the ones you see interviewed on the street and as a talking head on the propaganda newscasts). But all of my adult life I have been of the opinion that humans just aren’t that stupid (or we would have perished long ago). The avenues of Propaganda are being routed around with new technologies (as have happened in past eras) and the bad guys will not be able to adapt fast enough without clearly exposing themselves to the vast majority of the Earth’s population. The only real question for me is,… then what?

And I’ll bet the bad guys are also asking that very question.

The exciting thing about the 2008 election cycle is not the vote totals (less and less relivant IMO) but that we’ll know the answer to the question.