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Ron Paul in the Land of Oz

The background is that Ron Paul has returned to the Pajamas Media Poll because the Presidential candidate got one percent of the vote in the most recent Gallup Poll. He immediately shot into the lead with ... at this moment ... an amazing 52%. And th

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Comment by Morpheus
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my comment to the bad guys: Now how are you going to explain that Ron Paul supporters are spamming your site now that you have anti spam on your voting widget and Ron Paul is STILL winning. Are you ever going to report this or are you going to continue to talk about Fred Thompson when he still hasn't officially declared he is going to run?

Looks like an apology is in order. Embarrassing isn't it?

Comment by Fascist Nation
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I loved this comment and exchange with his own editor:

When Paul fell below one percent for a couple of weeks, they [Ron Paul's supporters] wrote PJM tons of obscene email. I could quote a bit of it here, but this is a family blog. [I didn't know that.-ed. Neither did I, but their emails are too boring to quote and most of them were deleted immediately anyway.]

Nothing more needs be said;-D

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